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Americans Driving At Historic Lows

The U.S. Department of Transportation is reportingthat Americans are continuing their downward trend in driving, with estimated vehicle miles traveled on all U.S. roads in March 2008 falling 4.3 percent compared to March 2007.

Hand in hand with these posts (here and here), there was a nice op ed piece I wanted to share from the NY Times.

Basically, the author, Thomas Friedman, says that whomever becomes president (he seems to be leaning towards Obama) needs to have enough will to actually tell the American people what they apparently don’t want to hear: High gas prices are not going away and the country needs to change its habits.

A couple of points really jumped out at me.  Most of us have probably seen the Dodge ads where they are offering cheap gas for 3 years – Friedman compares this to tobacco companies offering cheap smokes to kids.  Essentially Dodge is acting as a drug dealer, pushing big old SUVs down the throats of addicts.

I’ll leave you with this bit from the article:

I can’t say it better than my friend Tim Shriver, the chairman of Special Olympics, did in a Memorial Day essay in The Washington Post: “So Dodge wants to sell you a car you don’t really want to buy, that is not fuel-efficient, will further damage our environment, and will further subsidize oil states, some of which are on the other side of the wars we’re currently fighting. … The planet be damned, the troops be forgotten, the economy be ignored: buy a Dodge.”

He’s right, too…Obama did have the guts to point out that the McCain/Clinton gas tax holiday proposal was worthless pandering.  Let’s just hope he has the guts to do a big time intervention to get us off our car addictions, as well.

Thanks to Jimsey for the tip on this one.

Hail to the Chief!

Those of you who know me already know this, but for you newbies, I am a HUGE fan of our 43rd President of the United States. HUGE. So much so that I wanted to bring an important movement in San Francisco, California to your attention.

I know what you’re thinking: how could a city full of dirty hippies be spearheading something to celebrate the administration of George W. Bush? Well, it’s simple. A group of like minded individuals have gotten together and formed the Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco with the goal of commemorating Bush’s tenure in the White House by naming an important Californian landmark after our fair president:

The Presidential Memorial Commission is proposing an ordinance initiative for the November 2008 San Francisco ballot, to rename the Oceanside Wastewater Treatment Facility the George W Bush Sewage Plant. We believe this is a appropriate and enduring legacy, for no other president in modern American history has accomplished so much in such a short time.

So head on over here and lend your support to this worthy by joining the movement! And then sit, meditate on the Bush presidency and deliver a gift to W.

Somebody is upset I didn’t reference him on this. I’m not going to say who. But if you’re astute you can figure it out. His name starts with “J” and ends with “imsey.”

Obama Winning the Internets


According to the Washington Post, Obama has managed to raise $3.35 million over January and February in Internet contributions from supporters.  That is in comparison to $368,112 for Clinton for that same span.

So what’s the secret?  Obama has spent time and money on creating an on-line connection with anyone who comes into contact with his virtual campaign.  Searches are harvested and redirected brilliantly, emails to supporters and other interested parties are relevant and engaging and, perhaps most importantly, the pleas for cash are not as blatant or desperate as the Clinton campaign.

Check out the article for the full scoop.


New U.S. Coins


It has just been announced that the United States will be issuing new coins with the goal of highlighting significant achievements over the last few years.  More details can be found in the video.

You Tube yanked the video, but you can now find it here.

Uncommitted! Uncommitted!

So the Michigan Primary was last night. Hardly any democrats participated because of a spat of controversy when Michigan tried to move up its primary to compete with Iowa and New Hampshire. (A completely idiotic post I’m too lazy to write about)

So basically only five names were on the ballot. One you know, one you should know, and three scrubs.

The Results were

  • Person A: 55%
  • Person B: 40%
  • Person C: 4%
  • Person D: 1%
  • Person E: 0%

Now, match the following names to the results: Hillary Clinton, Chris Dodd, Mike Gravel, Denis Kucinich and Uncommitted.

Any guesses?

  • Clinton: 55%
  • Uncommitted: 40%
  • Kucinich: 4%
  • Dodd: 1%
  • Gravel: 0%

That’s right, Hillary really laid a whooping on an imaginary person. I don’t know if this says more for Hillary, less for Kucinich, or boatloads about the Michigan Voter. You decide!

Don’t Pay Your Taxes!


Smell that?

Yeah, it’s a fresh new year! The resolutions have been made, the fresh starts have begun, and the auld acquaintances have been forgot. (I should really look into the meaning of those lyrics one of these years…)

Not to mention we’ve got the war on terror, the caucusing, and the piggy-bank burglars to keep us distracted. (I’ll let someone else report on that last one.)

But I’m not here to talk about any of that.

Very shortly, we Americans should begin to get our W-2s in the mail. Now, I sincerely hope that each and every one of you has a big fat refund on the way, but if not, fret not. I have a solution for you.


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Politicians fear fallout from U.S. viewers denied TV

Let me set the scene for you:  It is Feburary 17, 2009.  Over 20 million U.S. residents gather around their television sets which are hooked up to antennas which are designed to receive free analog television broadcasts.

They turn them on, ready to bask in the warm glow of Fear Factor or Survivor 29: Wamsutter, Wyoming.  And they see nothing but static.  Panic ensues.  Rioting.  Nationwide protests.  The President is impeached and the U.S. descends into anarchy.

Yes, this is the future according to Senator Claire McCaskill (D – Missouri).  Apparently the U.S. will stop broadcasting analog signals in 2009 and only those with digital or satellite receivers will be able to watch television.  Senator McCaskill states that “There is no anger that comes close to the anger of an American that cannot get television,” and with that sentence sums up everything that is wrong with the United States.

Now, imagine a headline along these lines: “Politicians fear fallout from U.S. citizens: angered over Darfur; angered over war in Iraq; angered over removal of freedoms in the name of ‘war on terror’; angered over failure to take steps to address climate change.”  But no, instead we have a Senator who is concerned that politicians will suffer a backlash from constituents who can’t watch Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader or Dancing With the Stars.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no doubts at all that Americans will be upset.  I would in fact be disappointed if U.S. citizens did not rally around this very important issue.  I mean, what is an unjust war, world genocide, or catastrophic climate change in comparison to this disaster!  Think of what this means:  for some people, those poor souls without a digital receiver, they might be forced to converse with their family, take a walk, or read a (gasp!) newspaper.  This, in turn, means that a whole segment of the population might become dimly aware that all is not rosy in the U.S., and might even question the political direction of the country.

 But who am I kidding…the current U.S. government would never allow the possibility of this revival of consciousness to occur.  Fear not, subsidies are on the way.  Yes, the government has earmarked a $1.5-billion dollar subsidy (yeah, billion, you saw that right) to provide up to 2 $40 vouchers per household to help defray the cost of getting a new converter box.

Why sink that $1.5-billion into something worthless like education, methods to combat poverty, or something as silly as sustainable resource development when you could continue to placate the masses.

Now I must run, my shows almost on…what was I upset about again?

Check out the full article after the split.

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