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Daily Fluff

Believe it or not, I don’t have anything that is infuriating me today (outside of my works network, which I won’t get into…grr).  So, how about a little harmless fluff courtesy of Gizmodo?

It seems that Panasonic has developed a lil’ robot (under 7″) that just climbed part of the Grand Canyon in 7 hours and on two AA batteries.  Called the EVOLTA (like revolt? like I, Robot? eep!), it’s a cute little devil.  Coming to a crawlspace near you…equipped with a camera…hooked up to the Feds.

Image courtesty of Gizmodo

Hillary Clinton: Human or Cyborg?

Now I know there has a been a lot of speculation about just how personable Hillary Clinton really is.  The Daily Show examines her recent attempt at appearing…umm…softer?

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