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Strange news afoot


From today’s Edmonton Journal:

Police scratch heads over feet washing up in Gulf Islands 

‘It is unusual,’ says RCMP spokeswoman

Three severed feet have washed ashore on B.C.’s Gulf Islands in the past six months — all right feet, all in sneakers — in an increasingly bizarre mystery for police.

The latest foot was found Friday on Valdes Island, a small community between Vancouver Island and the mainland.

RCMP say they’re not sure if foul play is involved and are trying to match any missing-person cases to the severed extremity. Two other right feet, both in size 12 men’s sneakers, washed ashore on nearby Gabriola and Jedidiah islands last August.

RCMP collected DNA from the grisly remains but could not match them to anyone in police databases

It is unusual,” said RCMP spokeswoman Const. Annie Linteau. “We are in the preliminary stages of this particular investigation, and of course we will not enter into speculation.”

The Vancouver Island Major Crime Unit has sent detectives to investigate the cases, she said.

The latest foot has been turned over to the B.C. Coroners Service for forensic testing.
I think good old fashioned leg work will solve this, with police combing the island inch by inch…foot by foot.



Criminal charges possible in Taser death

Well, well, well…perhaps the Conservative government of Canada is figuring it out. 

It appears that in a move to both calm public outrage over the recent tasering death of Robert Dziekanski as well as send a notice that the government is watching the RCMP, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day has said that an investigation of the actions of RCMP officers in the death of Dziekanski would include criminal charges if necessary.

What remains to be seen is if this will truly be a meaningful and transparent, or if the RCMP will call the shots.

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TASER UPDATE – Video of Robert Dziekanski Being Tasered at Vancouver Airport Released

Here’s an update to my previous post on taser deaths in Canada.

In the video we see a clearly distraught Robert Dizekanski moving furniture, throwing a computer, and apparently having a panic attack.  This goes on for a several minutes until the RCMP arrive.

Upon their arrival Dizekanski appears to calm down and seems to cooperate with their instructions.  When moved with his back against the counter we can not see Dizekanski’s hands, but there appears to be no movement on his part.

It is at this time that he is tasered for the first time.  This is quickly followed by two more shots from tasers.  At this point Dizekanski is screaming and convulsion on the ground.

You can view the video here.

CBC’s take is here.

The interesting thing is that the RCMP originally claimed to have tasered Dizekanski only twice.  In the video you can clearly hear three distinct cracks as each taser is fired, and possibly a fourth. 

So you have four large, armed RCMP members, once suspect who is not physically threatening the officers, and you’re telling me there is not a peaceful way to resolve this situation?

Here’s what I think happened.  It’s late, these RCMP officers would rather be someplace else, and they get a call about “some crazy foreign guy” at the airport.  They show up, this guy doesn’t speak any English (or French, because as federal employees I’m sure they’re bilingual, right?) and they think “Aw, another stupid immigrant invading our country – let’s waste him rather than take the time to solve this.”

Or maybe the four RCMP are technophiles and were so distraught at seeing a $100 monitor destroyed that they decided to balance the score-sheet with this guys life?

Basically, anyway you cut it the RCMP ends up looking like trigger happy sadists who were all too eager to try out their toys.

I mean, how much meaningful dialogue took place (even hand gestures would have helped!) in the 30 seconds it took the RCMP to pull their tasers?  Exactly – none.  So, after watching this video, I’d like to hear from all the defenders of the RCMP and tasers now.

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