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This was passed on to me by my friend and current condo-mate.  Just a warning:  the freaking song will get stuck in your head all night.

Check it out here.

And not a bad likeness of a young Barack.


Obama Winning the Internets


According to the Washington Post, Obama has managed to raise $3.35 million over January and February in Internet contributions from supporters.  That is in comparison to $368,112 for Clinton for that same span.

So what’s the secret?  Obama has spent time and money on creating an on-line connection with anyone who comes into contact with his virtual campaign.  Searches are harvested and redirected brilliantly, emails to supporters and other interested parties are relevant and engaging and, perhaps most importantly, the pleas for cash are not as blatant or desperate as the Clinton campaign.

Check out the article for the full scoop.


Sometimes it better not to even try, Hillary…


So most of you already saw the Obama video, “Yes, We Can.”

A friend just tipped me off to Hillary’s attempt to counter: Hillary4UandMe

I think viewing them back to back says a lot of the demographic that each candidate is attracting. 

Chances are someone over 40 won’t know most of the people in the Obama video. 

And chances are most people under 50 will wonder why those “dancers” in the Clinton video look like they have lost all control over their muscles and are flailing about wildly.

If this is Hillary’s attempt to appear hip, she might of missed the mark.  Although the thinly veiled rip off of the Jackson 5’s “abc” is nice.  And that flautist totally rocks.

Seriously, though, I’m not saying you can’t manufacture these sort of supporter videos.  I’m just saying that it should at least appear that some passion went in to it from someone other than a direct Hillary for Prez campaigner.

And, in the end, it’s just a terrible, terrible song.

As a friend said in reference to the theme of the Hillary video: “But I’m black on the inside!”

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