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Mayoral Machinations Mayhap?

by Ben

That’s right folks, it’s that time of year again – municipal election speculation time!  It’s my most favourite time of year, when a young man’s thoughts turn to campaigns, leafleting and fundraising.  Today marks the first day candidates can officially register to run.  The City of Toronto has a nice little page listing everyone running, with such heavy hitters as Stephen Feek and Mark State.

This municipal election is doubly exciting for me as it will be the first time I can actually vote in Canada.  Needless to say, I am stoked.  So stoked, in fact, that I called to confirm that I am on the voters list.  I mean, it’s only NINE months until I get to cast a ballot!

All joking aside, a municipal election for a city the size of Toronto does generate a fair bit more excitement than one for, say, Leamington (sorry Mayor John Adams – no, not that one, this one).  A lot is at stake for Toronto; Here are some of the big ticket items in my book: Read More…


Edmonton Municipal Election Wrap-Up

Well, Edmonton had one of the lowest voter turnouts in years – 26.8%.  Despite the lack of significant challenges to the incumbent mayor, however, this elections still served up some surprises.

Overall Edmonton city council experiences a fairly significant shift to the left last night, perhaps registering some of the underlying dissatisfaction of newer Albertans who are unable to impact politics at the provincial level.

While all incumbents (with the exception of one, see below) were re-elected, the retirement of some council members has allowed for a partial rejuvenation of council.  What changes this will bring will, as always, remain to be seen.

Some highlights:

– 28 year old first timer Don Iveson sticks it to incumbent Mike Nichols.  Nichols was well known for his opposition to a range of important projects in the city, sometimes on the grounds of fiscal conservatism, others because he seemed (ha, past tense!) to enjoy being difficult.  Iveson brings in some good ideas and fresh thinking on transit and controlling urban sprawl, so he will be one to watch.

– Ben Henderson, another social activist in the same vein as Iveson, finally broke through in Ward 4.  Henderson should bring some meaningful debate regarding issues of affordable housing and homelessness as he represents the downtown core and surrounding areas.  Alas, incumbent Jane Batty was also re-elected, despite her failure to actually take a position on anything during her campaign.  Chalk it up to name recognition and voter laziness.

– Stephen Mandel is re-elected with 65.8% of the 26.8% of voters choosing him over a field of un-heard-ofs and crack-pots. (If my calculations are correct – a big if, mind you, approx. 123,432 Edmontonians, out of 730,372, voted for Mandel – not sure if that counts as a resounding victory, but a victory nonetheless.)

– And finally, I am deeply saddened to see that the hyper-conservative, hyper-homophobic, hyper-idiotic Bill Whatcott only received 1.11% of the vote.  A sad day for discriminatory idiots across Edmonton, but a validation for everyone else that we haven’t slipped into lunacy here yet.

Full results here.

Get off your butt – City of Edmonton municipal elections – October 15

This is a Ben Co. public service announcement:


As some of you know (and a painful amount of you don’t), there is an upcoming municipal election in Edmonton on October 15th.  Being only a lowly permanent resident I am unable to vote (sniff!), but that doesn’t mean I can’t get you all to!

What follows is a brief voting primer for Edmontonians.

Where do I vote?

You can find out where your polling station is by using the City of Edmonton’s online search tool.

If you are having trouble finding your polling station contact

Election & Census Services
16304 – 114 Avenue
Edmonton, AB  T5M 3R8
Phone: (780) 496-8008
Fax: (780) 498-7058
email:   Elections@edmonton.ca

What should I bring?

You must present identification at the polls.  The ID, such as an Alberta Driver’s Licence, Alberta Health Care Card or a Canadian passport, must confirm your age and identity. Click here for more ID options.

Also, don’t forget your civic pride. Or pants.

Who should I vote for?

While I certainly can’t tell you how to vote, I can show you all the options.

See the list of all candidates who are running here.

Want to contact a candidate? Daveberta.ca has pulled together a great list of candidates with their contact information here.

What ward am I in?

Check out a clickable ward map here to locate which ward you are in.

Oh, and in case you were as confused as I was, public school trustees are listed by wards according to letter, not by ward number like municipal candidates.  This map should explain it for you.

But I live in Sherwood Park or St. Albert, what do I do?

I’m sorry to hear that.  Despite your living in Sherwood Park or St. Albert I’ll still help you out, though.  Here’s a link to Strathcona County’s election information and St. Albert’s.

 But Ben, who would would you vote for if you could?

Ah, I’m glad you asked.  Here’s who I’m backing: Mandel for Mayor  Ben Hendersen


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