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Cross-Canada Shenanigans – Regina to Kenora

Well, sorry for the blackout. Who woulda thought it would be hard to get wi-fi north of Superior. I apologize for the double post, but I gotta catch up.

So, last we left our intrepid travelers, they were waking up after a fitful nights sleep on the worst pillows in Regina. To be honest, most of today is rather unexciting…I mean, there’s only so much of the Canadian praries as we can handle.

However, to Saskatchewan’s credit, they did have some kick ass grain elevators:


Outside of that, not much was happening. And then…in the distance…my arch enemy, Manitoba!

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Fox Presents: “When Animals Rumpus!”

And now something from the “I Don’t Have Time for an In-depth Post” files.

Okay, okay, I know this is a little schmaltzy, but I still think these are some pretty striking images.  As far as I can tell these are authentic, but someone let me know if I’ve been duped.

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