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From the “Dumbshit” File

Just a little absurdity to lighten your day. It seems some residents of Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood are up in arms because a city work crew began tearing up grass yesterday at a local park to build…

Here are some options to choose from. Which are the protesters upset over?

A) A nuclear waste storage facility

B) Cap’n ‘Splosion’s Terrorist Training Camp

C) A Wal Mart

D) Krazy Bob’s Handgun n’ Rocket Launcher Emporium

E) A swing set

So, clearly, A – D are worth raising a stink over, but if you guessed E you’d be correct!

A handful of residents organized a flash protest when a city crew peeled back some grass to begin installing a swing set at the park. A SWING SET. According to local residents Robert Arnold and Peter Manek, swing sets equal crime magnets:

The swings would take up the last bit of open green space, said Arnold and Manek, who argued it would offer criminals an excuse to hang around the area and engage in drug deals.

Yes, I can see it now:

Thug 1: “Hey, can you give me a push on this swing before I go sling my crack?”

Thug 2: “Okay, but be careful, I don’t want you going too high!”

What do you do with something like this but mock? Anyway, check out the full story here.


Police go on shooting spree across Boston

Okay, okay, maybe I’m using sensationalist headlines to grab attention.  In any case, it appears that Boston Police have installed and are calibrating an acoustic gunshot detection system, dubbed “Shotspotter“.  Apparently the system can detect the exact time and location of gunfire and relay it to police within seconds.

Two thoughts: 1) I see the safety and crime deterrence benefits, and 2) does this really creep anyone else out?

I mean, I’ve slowly gotten used to CCTV cameras everywhere, which I guess is even more invasive than this, but it doesn’t seem like a huge leap to go from acoustic gunshout detection to acoustic detection in general.

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