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Rational thought on climate change? Unacceptable!

This is a great video for several reasons:

1) It’s nice to see some logic and basic, detached reasoning applied to the decision making process for how to approach climate change. We really need to move beyond the “is it happening” and get to the “what the hell are we going to do about it” stage.

2) As johnq5 says, it is very hard to come up with a rational argument against what he is proposing. I tried and failed. If you can come up with an argument refuting this, post it below!

3) If he can explain this so that even I can get it, good for him. ( I get it, by the way)

4) It just makes sense, damn it, so let’s quit posturing, bickering, and wasting time, energy, money, and resources on things that have no impact on climate change (I’m looking at you, Canada).

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of climate change…giggle.


Not your average college football player

USA Today is reporting on Duke football center Matt Rumsey’s research with the Cool Cities program, which looks at ways for cities to cut greenhouse gas emissions.  Working as through an internship with the Sierra Club, Rumsey spent 11 weeks researching and writing, as well as eventually convincing the city of Raleigh to sign on with the program.

View the article and get a link to the report here.

See, who says I’m all sarcasm and cynicism?

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