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Silly Searches, Vol. 2

Continuing Ben Co.’s fluff theme from yesterday, I’m pleased to unveil a continuation of our series on whacked out searches that brought people here.  Without further ado, I give you Silly Searches, Vol. 2

  1. “calvin and hobbes” – If you want guaranteed hits on your blog, post about Calvin and Hobbes.  Doesn’t seem to matter what you post, anything will do.  Since we posted this comic we’ve had 4,357 searches for this…not including all the variations (“Kelvin and Hobbes”…c’mon)
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I hate Family Circus

Just putting it out there. Yes, I’m talking about that annoyingly saccharin, blatantly white bread, annoying-as-hell Family Circus. Even more infuriating is the 1950s values which continue to permeate the strip. Really, an update would be a huge improvement, such as Mom finding birth control pills in Dolly’s pants pocket or catch Billy trying to get Barfy high by hot-boxing in the doghouse.

Most are just bad, though.

I mean, look at the racist undertones in this one:

Is Billy the Grand Wizard?

Or this gem, belittling women who choose not to keep popping out little Jeffys:

Barefoot and pregnant

Am I totally off base here? Is there anyone out there who actually enjoys this? I’ve never read one of these comics and laughed. In fact, I think Bil Keane is just lazy…he never has to draw a full square, always just that stupid oval. And he doesn’t have to continue a story from one day to the next. Garbage.

I do know there are plenty who hate it, like here and here.

Give me Calvin and Hobbes or The Far Side any day.

Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs, anyone?

I am still saddened by the fact that I can’t read a new Calvin and Hobbes everyday. For whatever reason, Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs popped into my head this morning as I was eating my decidedly not Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bomb-y oatmeal.

Which lead to this:

This, of course, lead me to the Futuristic Cereal Name Generator.


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