About TRR

  1. Cities are cool: This blog works on the assumptions that cities are inherently cool.  From Toronto to Chicago, London to Cleveland, Detroit to Vancouver, cities reflect a society’s culture.  Cities serve as incubators of cool, whether through art, architecture, culture or music.  Through their demographic makeup cities also serve as indicators of social change.
  2. Mass Transit is mas terrific: World class cities have world class transit.  A comprehensive transit system is the life blood of any great city, and we love mass transit in all it’s forms (especially dirigibles).  As far as we are concerned, the more smart mass transit in a city the better.  Mass transit also ties in nicely with random environmental concerns we have.
  3. Alliteration is awesome: Well, that’s all on that, really.
  4. Mocking is magnificent: We will not abandon our principle of mocking where mocking is called for, but we will seek to do it in a manner that supports the preceding principles.  After all, what good is a blog if you can’t mock somebody/thing?
  5. Indulging in immaturity: Sometimes its still fun to play on a see-saw. Sometimes chicken fingers and French fries are the greatest single meal ever. Poop jokes are funny and girls are gross. We revel in our ability to act like a 5 year olds with impunity towards the consequences.

10 responses to “About TRR”

  1. Annette says :

    Doesn’t Gwen have any position in this Ben Co. thing? What about the cats, where do they fit in?

  2. jimsey says :

    does this mean I’m a shareholder?

  3. Ben says :

    Yes, now you own 49% of the company…no hostile takeovers!

  4. jimsey says :

    I’m having concerns about my ROI with this investment. What is the pay of the CEO? I feel like he is keeping this website down.

  5. Ben says :

    If you let this issue drop I will pay you twice what I make.

  6. jimsey says :

    golden parachutes for everyone!

  7. Sandy says :

    Since I am the one “who birthed” you I certainly should be a major stockholder or at least on the Board of Directors with all the privileges that go with the position!

  8. Ben says :

    My goodness, running this company has been more of a headache than I bargained for! Fine, mom, you and Jimmy get to split a 48% share, and Indy gets 1%.

  9. Lachlan says :

    If you don’t want those photos released to the public, you’ll kick a little percentage back my way.

  10. Ben says :

    You can’t prove that was me with that donkey, my…I mean, whoever that was, the face is blurry. Yeah.

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