2012 – The Year of No Posts

Well, 2012 has come and gone, and waiting in my inbox was the rather amusing Annual Report for Third Rail Repository.

Despite being totally ineffectual in terms of generating new content, the blog still managed to draw 69,000 pairs of eyeballs. Some highlights:

  • The same sex marriage debate in the US continues to drive a lot of people to “10 Reasons Gay Marriage Should be Illegal“. Not everyone got that it was satire.
  • At least once a week or so I’d get comments on the “Top 10 Things I Hated About Edmonton“, almost evenly split between “I hate you you’re stupid die” and “Totally agree” comments. What’s frustrating is that the “I hate you” people never seemed to click through to the “Top 10 Things I Liked About Edmonton“.
  • If you really want to get users to come to your blog, just do one random post on Calvin and Hobbes. Since it’s launched, 33,108 people have gotten here by searching for the best comic of all time.

So, to everyone who’s read the blog this year and to everyone who took the time to comment (even if you are a giant jerk), thanks! And what will 2013 have in store for the blog?

  • Post, post, post – I’ve had a lot of really cool things going on that need discussing. I hope to get better about this. I’ll aim for one a month to start.
  • Update, update, update – A lot of my older posts have dead links and images. I’ll clean all this up.

Welcome to 2013 and see you on the blog.

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3 responses to “2012 – The Year of No Posts”

  1. Rob says :

    About frickin’ time!

  2. Mark says :

    Some of us keep the good stuff.

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