Introducing When We Was Young

by Ben

Slightly off topic for TRR, but I wanted to engage in a little shameless self-promotion.  For the past few months my friend Chris and I have been making like overgrown adolescents by forming a band, appropriately named When We Was Young.  It’s been incredible fun and I’ve surprised myself with some limited ability to play bass, thanks to Chris’ efforts.

In any case, we’ve recently started doing some songwriting and recording, with result being the release of our first single, “Out of Place”.  The song writing process is terrific fun, and we’ve had great help from our partners/band managers.

Anyway, check the single on our MySpace Music page here and let me know what you think.  Input is always welcome, and we’ll be working to get a slightly more polished version up (I just couldn’t wait).


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5 responses to “Introducing When We Was Young”

  1. Mark says :

    Hey, pretty good guys!

  2. Lachlan says :

    Hey, I’m more than happy to help you guys with some lyrics if you need them. I have a song you can have called, “Your Mom” if you want it. It’s a bit folksy, but all songs about maternal fornication are though, aren’t they?

    • Ben says :

      Very true, I remeber the Peter, Paul and Mary classic “Your Mom Called”.

      Thanks for the offer of assistance, I’ll be sure let you know if we are looking to take things in a different direction!

  3. Caroline says :

    Dude, I didn’t know you played the goat claw!

    But seriously, I LOVED the song!! Totally amazing!! Very sweet lyrics.

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