Cold Morning Ride to Tommy Thompson Park

by Ben

For reasons still unknown to me, I decided to drag my butt out of bed and go for a ride down to Tommy Thompson Park (aka, Leslie Spit or Outer Harbor East Headland).  It was cold, and I’d neglected my bike, so it took a bit for the cables and chain to loosen up.

Nevertheless, I was soon chugging along the point, enjoying the exercise and the unique view of the city (first time for me here).  Plenty of ducks were to be seen, along with an (apparently) feral cat.

On my way back out, pedaling into a nasty headwind, I felt like I was going even slower than usual.  Turns out my rear tire had gone flat.  A 1 km walk and a call to Beck Taxi later and I was taking the lazy way out.  Success? You bet!

Anyway, some pics for your enjoyment (from my thoroughly crappy phone camera).

Skyline from the east side of the spit

Full skyline from further along Spit

Chilly wind coming in

Rochester says hello

My up-til-now trusty steed

A perfect end to a perfect morning


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4 responses to “Cold Morning Ride to Tommy Thompson Park”

  1. Mark State says :

    1.If that phone camera is thoroughly crappy, I can’t imagine the incredible quality a good one might deliver. Or were you joking about the crappy part?

    2.What exceptional programs did Tommy Thompson undertake as Toronto Parks commissioner (other than creating a tremendous and since unparalleled power base out of a mainly bureaucratic position at city hall) to earn a park named after him?

    Anybody know?

    • Ben says :

      Hey Mark, no, not joking, you’ll notice some granulation in the image, esp. in the sky, and when the zoom is used.

      Oh, and Tommy Thompson is best known for his “Please Walk on the Grass” phrase, which I love:

  2. Lin says :

    Hey Ben, it’s Lin, SS’s friend! :) I agree with Mark, those are great pictures! And this is why I always carry a bike pump, spare inner tube and tire levers (if your wheels are not quick-release then you need – typically – a 15 cm wrench) – I think taking the TTC home would’ve been cheaper. ;)

    • Ben says :

      Hey Lin, thanks for stopping by!

      Yeah, TTC would’ve definitely been cheaper, but I was so frozen that I couldn’t have stood any more time outdoors!

      At least now I get to teach myself how to repair a flat – but no way I would have tried it in the wind and cold!

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