Transit Tats

by Ben
I’ve often said that I’ve never really been able to think of anything I liked enough to want to get it permanently tattooed to my skin.   At least I didn’t until I saw this:

Props to Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space for the tip

That’s right, a transit map.  On a foot. Chicago’s, no less.

If I were single I’d date this person right now, funky toenails and all.


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6 responses to “Transit Tats”

  1. Lachlan says :

    If by “date” , you mean “beat heartily with a stick”, then yes, I’d date them too.

  2. jimsey says :

    Something to consider, notice the Blue and Pink lines running in tandem in on the western end of the map (aka the Douglas Branch)? This presents two scenarios

    1) The tattoo is before June 2006 when the Pink Line was started and the foot updated the map to include it
    2) The tattoo is from the interim period when both the Pink line and the Blue line served the Douglas Branch (June 2006 through December 2008)

    Will the foot get more ink when and if the Red or Orange lines are extended or when and if the Circle Line is built?

    I’m thinking way to much about someone’s foot.

    • Ben says :

      Either calls for some serious devotion. Thinking about this more, certain transit maps lend themselves to this – Moscow springs to mind. Tokyo…ouch.

  3. jimsey says :

    And Toronto’s wouldn’t hurt at all! Zing!

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