Seen Reading

by Ben

Just wanted to point you all towards a fun little project (now on hiatus) that a friend put me on to.  In the authors own words, Seen Reading goes something like this:

  1. I see you reading.
  2. I remember what page you’re on in the book.
  3. I head to the bookstore, and make a note of the text.
  4. I let my imagination rip.
  5. Readers become celebrities.
  6. People get giddy and buy more books.

I’ve read the first few entries from the beginning of the blog and it is engaging stuff.  For those who are frequent users of mass transit, who hasn’t made up a story to go along with someone you see on the subway/streetcar/bus?  It helps pass the time and is more amusing than any of the crap in the free dailies.

I especially like extra step the author takes of noting the page and pulling a quote from it.  Sometimes they are non-sequiturs, but other times they fit remarkably well.  In either case, have a look.


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One response to “Seen Reading”

  1. jimsey says :

    I make up back stories for the people I see around my office building. Oh yes, good ol Reginald, I hope his law firm isn’t working him too hard, and he’ll make it home in time for Timmy’s baseball game.

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