Remember Fall?

Jimsey Made This!

In lieu of our timbit freezing temperatures, we’re going to roll some filler footage. Hearken back to the worry and glove free days of Fall! Just a short 40-some days ago I took a trip up to Bohemian National Cemetery. Situated on the north side of Chicago, in an area that was previously in the boonies some 100+ years ago, the BNC provides a resting place for many of the early Eastern European immigrants. Apparently a big meanie head catholic priest was denying some of the Bohemians for whatever reason. So some Bohemians got together and started their own non-religious cemetery. Yes, that is my summary of two websites apparently designed by someone with Geopages and FrontPage (Friends of the BNC).

Anyway, I like these older cemeteries for two reasons 1) The lost art of stonecutting, marble cutting or whatever you call it. Gravestones, let alone anything, just aren’t made with this level of skill and care anymore. I like to think of many of these as outdoor musuems or sculpture gardens, which brings me to my second point 2) Many of the older (late 19th Century) cemeteries that I’ve met in my life are intentionally designed as a park like setting. Its a beautiful park that just happens to be full of dead people.

Anyway, here’s the link to the full set. And here’s a few snippets.


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