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Previously I blogged about the Chicago Police Department’s CLEARmap website. Now I want to give a shout-out to a website that ties in a few more sources.

Today’s topic is EveryBlock. Currently available in 15 US cities (sorry Canada).

While the Chicago PD site incorporated crime and reporting data wonderfully, EveryBlock attempts to pull quite a few more sources together. EveryBlock themselves divides this information primarily into four sections: Civic, News & Blogs, Fun from the Web (Craig’s, Yelp, Flickr, etc.) & Announcements.

Information is gathered and grouped on the usual suspect levels: Address (radius based), Zip or Neighborhood.  If you’ll observe the attached screenshot of the drop down, you’ll see quite a few areas that information can appear in. You can mainly view the information in a day-by-day log, or click “overview” to fetch the latest tidbits for all the categories. Personally this guy with two thumbs prefers the overview.

I’m not going to delve into every subject here possible, but I’m going to highlight a few more of the fun/useful ones:

Restaurant Inspections: Important for obvious reasons. For example, I will not be eating at Eat First Restaurant

Property Transfers: Want to see how much that condo next door went for? Yes I know there are a gagillion sites that have this information, its just nice to have it tied together.

and finally, my favorite Filmings: Well not much of note has been filmed in my neighborhood recently and it goes without saying that there probably wont be any more episodes of The Beast filmed anytime soon…what, too soon?

Its a fun website to play with every now and then. Searching by address and radius and the map view make this an enjoyable stop on the interweb. Slicing and dicing of types of information to granular levels if you’re only looking for certain thing allow for some powerful ways to dive into a lot of the scattered public information out there, that might not easily be found.


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