42 Kilometers Yonge

Post by Ben

I came across this incredible photo series by Fixinmytie via Urban Toronto earlier today and wanted to share it.  A few weeks ago two friends decided to walk follow Yonge Street from Aurora, ON south for 42 kilometers until they hit the lake.  Cool enough in itself, but to make it even more mind blowing they photographed virtually every step of the way, creating a beautiful stop motion capture of their 14 hour trek.

Some fun things to watch for:

  • On the north facing shot, the hat spin (I didn’t notice it until the second time around)
  • My street (you have to have a really sharp eye, it sort of blends in with a couple of pictures around the 1:05 mark)
  • The shift in density from suburban to urban, and the corresponding increase in foot traffic
  • The fun sun dial effect on the south facing shots
  • Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

So kudos to the photographers, a terrific piece of work!  Check out the video below (and you really should watch it full screen):


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2 responses to “42 Kilometers Yonge”

  1. Mark says :

    Cool. And 42 kilometers is the distance for a marathon. Just sayin’.

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