The re-birth of Toronto’s waterfront?

Some more details are emerging on Toronto’s waterfront revitalization efforts.  Christopher Hume has a nice write up in the Star today on the proposed “Parkside” development at Sherbourne and Queens Quay, calling the development “the best thing to have been proposed for Toronto’s long-neglected harbour lands in decades.”  If you think that’s a lofty claim, you haven’t seen Toronto’s waterfront.

Having a striking new development is exciting and it’s always great to have architecture that takes risks.  I’m not in love with the cubist look, necessarily, but you never can really get a feel for these things from the renderings.  I do like the attempt to break up the typical glass block in the sky look of Toronto condos.  And if promises are followed up on, I will be happy with the amount of mixed use development involved.  And the promise of 3-bedroom apartments is important in terms of giving families options outside of the typical semi-attached home.

Check out some images from the article below, click to see full size and find the full gallery here.

All photos courtesy of

The development will tie in to the in-progress Sherbourne Park

I question if those planters will make the final cut on each balcony

Also exciting is that this development could bring a much needed boost in terms of people on the street and amenities (stores, etc.) that this area is lacking.  And could be a nice complement to the Regent Park redevelopment to the north.


UPDATE: Spacing has a nice tidbit in their piece on this development.  Apparently the design includes flow-through on the ground floor that would allow pedestrians, residents and shoppers to pass underneath the building at ground level, rather than having to circumnavigate.  Nice touch.


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2 responses to “The re-birth of Toronto’s waterfront?”

  1. Mark State says :

    Link didn’t copy correctly.
    …I’ll try to post the link here one more time…'s+Current+Waterfront+Plan

    If that doesn’t work for you, go to and click on the link in the top left corner of the home page that will take you to my article on Toronto’s Current Waterfront Plan.

    I think Dave hit the nail on the head when he said “If you think that’s a lofty claim, you haven’t seen Toronto’s waterfront.”

    However, he missed the point that wonders what else could be done there by way of ‘development’. And that’s an interesting question.

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