A Weekend of Canadian Music

I had a full plate of Canadian music this weekend in Toronto.  Friday night I was lucky enough to check out my second Rural Alberta Advantage show, and Saturday I was able to see Gordon Lightfoot in concert for the first time.

It was nice seeing both bands within 24 hours of each other.  Despite over 50 years of seperation between RAA and Gordie, the common themes of Canadian place and identity were present in both concerts:  “Alberta Bound” and  “Canadian Railroad Trilogy” for Gordie and “The Ballad of the RAA” and “Frank, AB” for RAA.

I’m no music critic, but I can tell you that I enjoyed both shows.  The RAA show Friday was at Lee’s Palace and was jammed.  The band seemed a little surprised at the crowd and people were lining up out the door to listen.  It was a hot, sweaty mess and I enjoyed it all.  But the best part of the evening came after the show.  As you can see below, I totally scored a photo op with Amy Cole (vocals, keys, percussion).  However, if it was up to me I would have just stared wistfully as she walked by.  Luckily, my good friend RB chased her down and forced her to stand next to a overly geeked and sweaty me.

Amy Cole

The single greatest moment in my life (next to meeting my wife)


Sorry for the crappy crop, there was a cowboy hat in every freakin' shot

Saturday night brought me, my wife and family to Massey Hall.  This was the first time I’d been there.  Knee breaking small seats notwithstanding, it’s a beautiful venue and a perfect space to check a Canadian music legend.  I’d been warned that his voice was really starting to show its age, and in a couple spots I could tell, especially during “If You Could Read My Mind.”  That said, it IS Gordon Lightfoot, after all, so he still brought it.  “Sundown” was especially strong and my personal favourite from the night.  Well, that and his kick-ass red velvet jacket he wore for the first set.  I would totally rock that if I could.


I need that jacket.

2nd act and still going strong.

So a terrific weekend for music, and just one more reason I love living where I do.  Now if I could just get Amy Cole and my wife onto polygamy…


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5 responses to “A Weekend of Canadian Music”

  1. jimsey says :

    I’ll Gitche Gumee you!

  2. Lachlan says :

    Gordon Lightfoot without the perm and ‘stache is a national tragedy. I am hereby beginning a fundraiser, to get Gordy back the facial hair that is his goddamn birthright. If you want to conrtibute, let me know.

  3. pomelo says :

    Wow..! I’d love to see Gordon Lightfoot live…am definitely envious, Ben…

  4. Rb says :

    I’m so happy I made you so happy. Thanks for the shout-out.

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