Where is Ben Co.?

It’s painfully obvious I haven’t posted in a long time.  This was by choice.  I found I was lacking the mojo and producing forced posts about stupid stuff (see, well, the last few).  I haven’t given up the ghost, but I’m still evaluating the merits of continuing the site.

In any case, my real reason for posting was to let you know that sometime Ben Co. contributer Humberto has undertaken his long-awaited cross-country roadtrip.  I urge you to follow his progress at Modern Odyssey, while I stay in wet, cold Toronto.  Crying.


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4 responses to “Where is Ben Co.?”

  1. Lachlan says :

    You lazy bastard. Actually I know exactly where you’re coming from….it’s the exact same reason why my abortion of a blog has not been updated in quite some time. Eventually you just run out of lengthy stupid things to say…just shorts.

  2. Sarah says :

    (Inspirational speech to follow – cue Beethoven)

    Listen Ben,
    Spare us… Your lame post will only guarantee you a spot on the hockey hall of flunk. You’re joining the ranks of the weak with those excuses. I say: We don’t need another complain-adian… we need a man! So stand up, grab your junk (like you mean it), and blog.

    In closing:
    Be a man… sarcasm needs you.

    (end of speech)

  3. Mark says :

    and where have you been?

  4. Phillippi says :

    Thank you for this information?I really cant stop reading from your blog.

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