Public Service Announcement #4

To the young woman crossing Broadway Ave. just east of Yonge St.:

Please note that if I ever come across you using the letters “O – M – G” in a sentence in the place of “oh my god” or even “oh my gawd” I will be forced to report you to the province, which will then perform a court ordered hysterectomy on you in order to ensure that your obviously flawed DNA will not be passed on to future generations.

To all others who might consider using texting shorthand in your speech, this serves as a general warning.  These abbreviations shouldn’t have a place in text, let alone speech.  If I catch you saying “L – O – L” instead of actually, well, laughing, the same sterilization awaits you.

End PSA.



7 responses to “Public Service Announcement #4”

  1. Ben says :

    Your appointment has been scheduled for 4:35 p.m. today, authorities will stop by your workplace.

  2. LACHLAN says :


  3. Ben says :

    That’s it! Castrations all around!

  4. Micky says :

    A little late….but I often ask myself out loud, prior to Sodomy, WWJD???

  5. jimsey says :

    Micky, What Would Jimsey Do?

  6. Micky says :

    I think he’d go for it!

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