Printing Custom Google Maps

If you are anything like me (and for your mothers sake I hope not) then you love making maps with Google (like here). I am still very much a neophyte compared to what some can do with Google Maps, but I’ve often found myself wanting to print some of my creations to take with me.

Anyone who has tried to print a custom map will find that it leaves something to be desired. For example, I make a lot of maps that flag places of interest in cities (bars, restaurants, points of interest) and want to be able to print the map with corresponding labels. Google just doesn’t do a solid enough job for me.

How do I take my custom Google map get in an easy to print format, you ask?

Well, I use the Google mymaps converter. This delightful piece of code uses the the KML code in your google map (right-click on the little KML guy  ( ) and copy the link location.  Then you paste that into the mymaps converter and, boom, you get a printer friendly little map complete with a legend.

I love people who are smarter than me and can make stuff like this.


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19 responses to “Printing Custom Google Maps”

  1. lachlan says :

    So, you love everyone then?

  2. Ben says :


    No wedding present for you!

  3. lachlan says :

    It’s only right that you hate me….I can’t make that stuff either.

  4. jimsey says :

    you could make lachlan a custom map for a wedding present.

  5. Itay says :

    Great tool! Thanks for the tip!

  6. Ben says :

    Hey Itay, glad you can get some use out of it, thanks for stopping by.

  7. david says :

    Yay! My wife and I are about to go on honeymoon and were annoyed that we couldn’t get a simple printout from Googlemaps of the things we wanted to see. THANKS!

  8. derkenuke says :

    Thanks, there is also

  9. Emily says :

    Yep, this made my day! thanks.

  10. Zach says :

    Thank you for this post and the link. Saved me.

  11. signora maria says :

    thankyou! this is really helpful, you saved my life!

  12. audie says :

    this rocks… you are a gentleman and a scholar…

  13. mountaineer says :

    Works great, thanks!

  14. Alvis says :

    How to Capture Google Maps for Printing and Poster Design: Go here n get it in simple steps

  15. The Tumbleweed Farm says :

    A somewhat low-tech solution is using the Print Screen / Screen Capture feature of your operating system’s window manager to save the entire screen or a section of it into a PNG file, and then printing that file, by itself or as a part of an HTMl / LaTeX / MS Word / PDF document. One issue is that maps generated by Google Maps (and, really, many other similar providers) usually have very poor contrast, and are hardly legible as a hard copy. However, it is not difficult to adjust the contrast using your image manipulation software, e.g. ImageMagick.

  16. Fred Martin says :

    Maps used to print just like the on-screen image. Now, for the last month, they print without the blue highlighted route and the green location flags. That makes them useless to me. Why was this changed? Can I get back to the old way of printing the complete picture?

  17. greg gibson says : is designed for printing maps. It has maps like google streets, aerials, and additional maps including: topo, hybrid, terrain, and others.

    The cool factor is that the website can print “panel maps” that can cover an entire wall! I had my MapAndPrint map images printed at walmart in under an hour…… Cool, if your impatient like me

  18. Kiki says :

    Ben, thank you from the bottom of my stressed-out soul ♥

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