When does Gay not equal homosexual?

We are all well aware that the religious right is a favourite topic of mine, but a story I came across this weekend really made me giggle.

I first came across this article in the TO Star and was able to find a screenshot on Bejing Olympics Fan’s site. Turns out that the religious-right Christian news site OneNewsNow has a nifty little piece of automatic software built into their site that automatically alters “offensive” words like, oh, turning “gay” into “homosexual”.

So what happens when the site posts an article on Olympic sprinter Tyson Gay, you ask? Well, you get the screen shot below:

[insert wah-wah trombone sound here]


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5 responses to “When does Gay not equal homosexual?”

  1. jimsey says :

    so what does “Jimsey Fucktard of Cleveland, OH” turn into?

    James Happyface of Happyland?

  2. Meg says :

    Glad you liked my post! The whole story is just too perfect!

    I do feel bad for poor Gay, though… like he hasn’t been teased enough in grade school!

  3. OneNewsNow says :

    Ben Co. please make Ed Note to above response, to read “I do feel bad for poor Homosexual, though…”

    Response is too offensive.

  4. Lachlan says :

    If you feel bad for Gay, then you must feel horrible for Peter Faggot. Peter BundleofSticks is never given any respect.

  5. PeterSW says :

    I need a news feed that turns the word Christian into reactionary-retards for me as I am too lazy to do it myself…
    I loved this post and I think it VERY funny that they even bother.
    Do they realise how stupid they appear to sane people?

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