Jazzin’ on Jefferson

Just wanted to give a little blog love for an upcoming event in downtown Detroit this weekend: Jazzin’ on Jefferson.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the event (you poor souls, you), Jazzin’ on Jefferson is a two-day musical extravaganza that takes place on Detroit’s east side along Jefferson Ave. The event is produced by the Jefferson East Business Association and draws big jazz acts and a wide range of artists every year. Jazzin’ provides a chance for the community to celebrate its rich heritage and show all it has to offer to visitors.

This years acts include the Rayse Biggs Band, Jesse Palter Quartet, and the The Scott Gwinell Jazz Orchestra. New to Jazzin’ this year is the Artist Gallery tent, which will bring the works of local artists and crafts-persons together to exhibit and sell their creations.

If you’re in the Detroit metro area this weekend be sure to stop by Jazzin’ on Jefferson. If you’re really lucky you’ll get to meet me…and honestly that’s worth visiting all by itself.

If you can’t make it, check out JEBA and all the great work they do in the area. If you are Uncle Moneybags, look at supporting them.

Oh yeah, in the interest of full disclosure, my brother, Josh Elling, is the Executive Director of JEBA, but I was neither coerced nor bribed into doing this. If someone were to offer me an icy cold beer, however, I would not decline.

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5 responses to “Jazzin’ on Jefferson”

  1. Mikhail says :

    I’m going, and that should be enough in itself to get people to go. Oh and thanks to a certain blog host for allowing me this great opportunity to partake in such a wonderful festivity. There, I did my part!

  2. jimsey says :

    Sorry, I’ll be at “Bluesin’ on Beaubien”.

  3. rsulli03 says :

    Don’t forget about Wassoulouin’ on Woodward

  4. Mikhail says :

    Or Orchardin’ on Orchard???

  5. jimsey says :

    Eucharizing on Euclid?

    Eulogizing on Euclid?


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