Pray At the Pump


Let me start by saying that I’m very smug. My daily commute is a 2 minute walk door to door. I use my car out of convenience. Now another Ben Co. member has already abandoned his car and is joining the smug parade. When I read articles about gas prices, I feel even smugger (smugier?)

Now I’m not an economist, but I know supply and demand. Supply is stagnant, and demand is up, up, up.

I also know that when you look at an oil companies net profit as a percentage of total revenue, its no more different than that of any other business. Its just the sheer magnitude of an oil companies revenue that makes those XX Billion dollar profit seem so large. For example, BP’s net revenue was 150 Billion Pounds, net income (aka: profit) was 11 Billion, or 7.3% of revenue. By Contrast, McDonald’s revenue was 23 Billion, while net income was 3.5 billion or 15% of revenue.

I see people, clamoring to tax the oil companies more, ask for gas tax holidays (otherwise known as voter pandering, yes that’s right McCain, you’re an asshat), trade in their cars for more fuel efficient ones, try public transportation, etc. etc.

However, this one just baffles me. When all logic and reason fails, where do people turn? But of course, why not ask God? Now this isn’t a criticism of religion, or those that ask for help. But instead of asking a higher power for help, how about you change something in your life? Give up that McMansion 45 miles from the office or demand better public transportation funding from public officials and put down the Big Mac.

I’m also starting a petition to have Congress give us a Big Mac Tax Holiday, and I want Kucinich to go after the fast food industries ridiculous profit margins.

(Both companies, BP and McDonald’s were selected completely at random)

(I’m not the best writer either, but I was trying loosely to tie together the absurdity of praying at the pump, and the shenaniganery of taxing oil companies more)


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2 responses to “Pray At the Pump”

  1. Ben says :

    ‘I believe this is the way God is telling us to stop depending on ourselves and trust in him,’

    Yes, that is just the right way to deal with life’s problems. Can’t walk to the corner store instead of driving? Stop depending on yourself and trust God. Can’t stop beating your wife? Stop depending on yourself and trust God. Can’t cure cancer? Stop depending on yourself and trust God.

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