Michigan Playing Ping-Pong with Public Health

It’s been roughy a decade since the effort to ban smoking in Michigan’s places of business has begun. Now, it seems that the state’s Senators and Representatives have finally been given the cash vision to see that banning smoking will not harm businesses and could actually be good for the economy in both he short and long term. In fact, both branches of government have already passed bills to ban smoking and Governor Granholm seems poised to sign a smoking ban into effect.

So…….what’s the hold up?

Apparently, the Senate and the House can’t seem to agree on some of the finer details of the bill. While the Senate passed a straight ban across the board, the House feels that a gentler, semi-ban would be more appropriate. Their version includes exempions for casinos, tobacco shops, casinos, cigar bars, casinos, bingo halls, casinos, horse tracks, and casinos. It’s fairly obvious that the states bingo halls have gained enough wealth and influence to lobby the House into stalemating this bill for as long as possible.

And so the match continues. The Senate passes one version and sends it over to the House. The House changes it, passes it and sends it back to the Senate. In the meantime, Michigan is at risk of losing her chance to show her progressive nature by becoming only the 35th state to pass a full/partial ban on smoking.

Thanks a lot checks and balances.


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7 responses to “Michigan Playing Ping-Pong with Public Health”

  1. jimsey says :

    Am I still allowed to sneak cigarettes in my parent’s backyard when they are asleep?

  2. Ben says :

    Yeah…I can’t say that I enjoy going to the bar in Michigan all that much, smell like ass after. The push back on smoking in Michigan always reminds me that the vast majority of the state is kind of a backwater, don’t let Fabulous Ferndale fool you.

    But why do you have to bring bingo halls into it, that’s my favourite hobby!

  3. Mikhail says :

    Can I still smoke cloves???

  4. rsulli03 says :

    Mikhail: Only as a preemptive measure to immediate vomiting.

    Ben: Sorry, but the bingo halls are standing in the way of progress.

    Jimsey: No.

  5. Humberto says :

    Thanks for stopping by SOG.

    My guess is that the Hollywood media would over dramatize it and edit out any applicable meaning from the story.

    On the up side, we’d probably get to see some new starlet’s boobies in return.

  6. Ben says :

    I hope I get to play Joe Camel!

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