Silly Searches, Vol. 2

Continuing Ben Co.’s fluff theme from yesterday, I’m pleased to unveil a continuation of our series on whacked out searches that brought people here.  Without further ado, I give you Silly Searches, Vol. 2

  1. “calvin and hobbes” – If you want guaranteed hits on your blog, post about Calvin and Hobbes.  Doesn’t seem to matter what you post, anything will do.  Since we posted this comic we’ve had 4,357 searches for this…not including all the variations (“Kelvin and Hobbes”…c’mon)
  2. “funny birth control comic” – Are there any birth control comics that aren’t funny? Look, it’s Diaphragm Man!
  3. “banana hammock” – This was one of my favorite tags.  I’m glad I’m not the only one who has done this search, as well.
  4. “bloody vagina” – Really? You really searched this?  The hell is wrong with you?
  5. “happy vagina” – There, that’s better.
  6. “oatmeal creme pies” – Anytime someone watches this video all I can think of is how I can really never run for office.
  7. “dragon penis” – Dork porn?
  8. “mukmuk” – Another solid contributor, people clearly can’t get enough of this cute little guy.
  9. “tickle the monkey”You know you want to
  10. “ben 10 tickle gwen” – Oh, I will!
  11. “gold pennis” – And where would I buy said “pennis”?

That’s all for now.  We’ll have another volume when I feel like it.


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