Toronto Jimfoolery

So, like….I took some pictures of the de facto capital of Canada. This is a follow up to my pictures of People I’m still not sure what to make of the city. Don’t get me wrong, its a good city (sit Ubu sit). I’m having a hard time comparing it to any of the cities I’ve been to. I can say though, with a very high level of confidence that its better than Edmonton.

Well anyway, here’s the link to my flickr photo set, and as usual here’s a few snippets:

From somewhere on Toronto Island

GTA 178

Wispy, like my hair.

GTA 164

One day, I’ll get to join the League of Superheroes…

GTA 041

I wish my city had cranes….

GTA 195

Again, if you missed that link


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3 responses to “Toronto Jimfoolery”

  1. Ben says :

    You could use some volumizer on those clouds…

    Purdy pictures.

  2. Ben says :

    Oh yeah, and I still don’t like the Van der Rohe building. So there. I said it.

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