Public Service Announcement #3

Attention new parents: Nobody wants to hear about how tough it is having a baby around.

I’ve been surrounded by new parents lately and everyone one of them just loves to tell me how little sleep they’ve had, how little Timmy’s rash is doing, or all about Susie’s diarrhea.

The cold, hard truth is that every non-parent couldn’t care less. What do we think while you’re telling us this? We think: “Why is this person complaining about their child with the same emotion as a Barack Obama speech? If they are so tired, why are they still talking about diapers? Maybe if I stick my pen in my eye they’ll leave me alone…”

New parents will get absolutely no sympathy from me.

Nobody forced you to procreate – and unless Junior was a “mistake,” you planned on having this sprog. So please, if you want to commiserate about how tough your life is as a direct result of a decision you consciously made, please do it out of earshot of me.


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7 responses to “Public Service Announcement #3”

  1. jimsey says :

    If I’ve learned one sad thing in my business world, is that its an unfortunate point of discussion that has to come up. It used to be when bs-ing with a client, prospect, coworker whatever the safe subjects were always the weather, sports and current non-political events. Nowadays if you can’t sympathize over parenting woes, sing songs from Blues Clues and go gaga and pretend like you give a shit about some baby photos you’re viewed as some social pariah.

  2. Mom says :

    Until you are parent you cannot understand. And once you are a parent you could very well find yourself doing the very same thing you are complaining about. You may want to keep your thoughts to yourself until you have had the experience and see what it entails.

    Parenting is an honor, a complex responsibility and ends up being, in most cases, a joy. Having had two great sons our experience has been very positive.

  3. jimsey says :

    Ben’s Mom,

    and by “two great sons”, you mean “whiskers” and “BC” right?

  4. Mark says :

    Ben’s mom is, as we speak, telling her coffee buddies what a pain in the butt Ben is to raise. ;-)

  5. Annette says :

    I like Ben’s mom!

  6. kristiane says :

    You have sympathy from me. I have a six year old. His easiest days were when he was siting in that bassinet, not moving, and sleeping 20 hours a day. I never got the “tough” part of being a new parent. Maybe I was lucky.

  7. Mark says :


    Yes, you were lucky. ;)

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