Cleveland from the 41st!

For a brief period last Thursday, I had access to the 41st Floor of 200 Public Square (née: BP Building). Seen here in the center of this Image

The weather wasn’t necessarily Ideal, it was hazy, overcast and windy. But when you have access to the 41st floor and might I add there was outdoor access, you have to seize the opportunity to get snappin‘!

Looking Southwesterly-ish

200PS 034


The one, the only, Euclid Avenue (Cleveland’s Main Street)

200PS 021

Stone Bridge Development Area

200PS 030

And triangular Shaped Buildings!

200PS 016

Peep the Whole set (32 Images) at my Flick Account


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8 responses to “Cleveland from the 41st!”

  1. Ben says :

    I, for one, will not be “peeping” your “flick account,” whatever that may mean. Good day, sir. Harrumph.

  2. Mark says :

    Nice photos, Jimsey. Looks EXACTLY like Edmonton. ;)

  3. jimsey says :

    I knew the Steel Plant would remind you of Edmonton’s Verdant Refineries..

  4. Mark says :

    I think, in addition to the one shown on this blog, I saw two photos of angled buildings. Those are so cool. We have one here that was restored about 10 years ago.

  5. kristiane says :

    No offense, but I have always thought of Ohio as an ugly place. (Much like those would think of MN, where I live) But that is stunning.

  6. Ben says :

    Don’t worry, Kristiane, EVERYBODY thinks Ohio is an ugly place…Jimsey just happens to bring the best out of it. And don’t rag on your home state, all my family is from Minnesota! Two best things to come out of Minnesota? The Ellings and Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  7. kristiane says :

    Oh, I love MN, it’s just what people assume. Sir, you forgot the Replacements came from here as well.

  8. jimsey says :

    One thing that is often overlooked about Ohio is its diversity from across the state. From the rolling foothills from the Appalachians in the SW to the plains in the NW. Add in a three major cities all spread across the state and there’s a lot to be discovered.

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