Public Service Announcement #2

Attention: Anyone. Remember zip-off cargo pants? I do. There was a short while where they were all the rave with dorks, nerds and awkward folks for use in their everyday wardrobe.


I can see the benefit of these lightweight puppies for the outdoorsy folks. Sometimes hiking and camping, its necessary to pack light, so why not have a pair of pants that goes both ways (tee hee, both ways). When I’ve seen them in public, it was usually around campus. Typically I’d groan, but some guys had that outdoor, modern day Grizzly Adams look going on, except with Tevas and Nalgenes instead of moccasins and an ol’ timey water bladder. In those cases, I’d let it slide.

Today, downtown I came across something horrendous. Zip-off cargo pants and a neatly pressed oxford (tucked in, sleeves fully buttoned, etc) with a pair of loafers. Honestly I wanted to go up and slap this “gentlemen”. Was it a gift from his 3-year-old and he felt obligated to wear it? Was he going for a hike along the Erie Towpath Canal after work? Is he that out of touch?

So this is for you, crazy, hiking, lamer-than-FDR’s-legs, businessmen: Zip-off cargo pants is not acceptable business wear.


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6 responses to “Public Service Announcement #2”

  1. Ben says :

    Note to self: get rid of zip off cargo pants before Jimsey visits.

  2. Mark says :

    I was just considering this look. Thank goodness this place exists. Thanks Jimsey!

  3. jimsey says :

    No problem mark. But if you do want to go with the Grizzly Adams look to work, that’s perfectly okay.

  4. kristiane says :

    My son has several pairs of these types of pants. They are all now only shorts being as the legs have been lost.

  5. dohopoki says :

    I used to have a couple of these, in my defense, they were well out of style by the time I got them so it wasn’t at all an attempt to look cool. I’d still wear them but they fall apart pretty quick.

  6. jimsey says :


    As long as you don’t try to wear them in a business casual environment, I’ll let you slide.

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