Take Me out to the……Cemetery?

Last weekend I went out to the spooky old cemetery on the southern fringe of Cleveland’s downtown. Its old. Some headstones predating the Civil War, or the Antebellum era for all you english majors. Not sure how it got in such bad shape. Vandals, smog, soot and marmots have clearly taken their toll on the area.

Its famous gates. These are actually made from the remains of the old Superior Viaduct, which I snapped a few pics of in a previous post.

eriestreet 038

See, Colours!

eriestreet 063

The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History gives a pretty good description (then again, its definitely better than my description, “its old and like…”):

ERIE ST. CEMETERY, preserving E. 9th St.’s original name, has been a municipal cemetery of controversy since 1826. Cleveland village trustees, desperate to replace the informal community burial ground south of Public Square with a permanent site, purchased the location for $1 from Leonard Case, Sr. So remote and spacious was the land that the council permitted a gunpowder magazine (1836) and a poorhouse-hospital on the unused portion.

To Read the rest of the ECH Entry, click here

In case you missed the earlier link, Find the Whole Set here


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3 responses to “Take Me out to the……Cemetery?”

  1. neath says :

    Nice set! Graveyards are cool!

  2. Ben says :

    I think you get bonus points for getting the squirrel AND the robin in the same picture.

    You make old death look purdy.

  3. jimsey says :

    Thanks for the compliments.

    Ben, I’d be lying if I said i didn’t try and wait for like two minutes for those two buggers to be near each other.

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