Cross-Canada Shenanigans – Rossport to Blind River

While Rossport was nice and all, I was looking forward to this leg of the trip more than any. This stretch of the Trans-Canada has some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere in Canada. Last time Gwen and I made this trip we were driving a 26 foot Uhaul towing our car, so we couldn’t stop as much as we wanted.

This time we took our time along the way, including lunch in Lake Superior Provincial Park. As you can see, Gwen ate an entire loaf of bread:

We also saw an amazing amount of wildlife, including this rare sighting of a panther. Normally, you don’t see these this far north:


Anyway, I heart Lake Superior.

We had to keep moving, however, and eventually hit Sault St. Marie. This town got a lot uglier since the last time I was here, including a new Wal Mart and Future Shop on the outskirts. Boo.

Leaving Superior behind, we get to look forward to the north shore of Lake Huron in all it’s Georgian Bay-y goodness. But for now we are holed up in the Old Mill Motel, which wasn’t nearly as bad as it looks, especially once we got the heat going.

And to top off a great day, I just got done watching the Pistons blow out Philly. Huzzah!

Next stop, Toronto. See you there!

Oh, FYI, these posts haven’t been as funny as I usually require…being in a car all day tends limit my creative juices. One thing: after 8 hours of driving, the sign for the White Birch Motel I drove by looked an awful lot like a less nice sounding motel at first glance.

BONUS GAME: What famous Canadian is from Sault St. Marie, On?


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4 responses to “Cross-Canada Shenanigans – Rossport to Blind River”

  1. Christina says :

    Roberta Lynn Bondar
    – First Canadian woman in space
    – Travelled on the space shuttle Discovery in 1992

    Or not

  2. jimsey says :

    Actually wasn’t that a lynx ben?

  3. Ben says :

    Ding, ding, ding…Christina wins! Your prize is on the way, too!

  4. Mark says :

    Any Segways there?

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