Cross-Canada Shenanigans – Kenora to Rossport

Right, so we wake up in Kenora, after blowing off Manitoba, to this view from our hotel window:


Alas, we must move on, so after loading up on Starbucks we head east. Destination: Rossport, ON.

I’ve been around the north shore of Lake Superior a few times now, but there are two things I am constantly struck by:

1) The sheer number of small motels. I mean, can these places really survive? How much money can these places really make? And is space at such a premium that desperate families will stay at some of these dumps?

2) People traveling around here must go nuts for amethyst. I mean, there are amethyst shops, amethyst mines, amethyst themed hotels…everywhere! Is amethyst even a rare mineral?

Anyway, the north shore of Superior is super-pretty:

After trucking along for a few hours we arrive in Rossport. Population estimates range from 80 to 113. From our experience there, I’d say it’s closer to 15, cause that’s about all the people we saw. Total. The whole time.

We stayed at a cool little inn that was built in the late 1800s when the Canadian Pacific line went through. It was bought in the early 80s by a former Air Force member from Pennsylvania who saw it was for sale and snapped it up. It has been lovingly restored and is a treat to stay at, even with its close proximity to the train tracks. Here’s our room:

Now, close the door, I’m going to sleep!

Trivia Time! Who is this?


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4 responses to “Cross-Canada Shenanigans – Kenora to Rossport”

  1. jimsey says :

    I know the answer! But I’ll let other people play.

  2. Humberto says :

    Ah, yes. The infamous Terry Fox monument.

  3. Ben says :

    Way to go, Humberto! Your prize will be delivered to Detroit the next time I’m there.

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