Cross-Canada Shenanigans – Edmonton to Regina

As Edmonton recedes in the rear view mirror of our fully loaded Ford Escape (luggage, not leather and sunroof) I can’t help but smell a whiff of regret.  No…wait…that’s the cat litter from the litterbox at the back of the car.  Never mind.  No regret.

Anyway, the first leg of our cross-country journey is complete.  Greetings from the homicide capital of Canada!  Just a tip…you might not want to stay at the Howard-Johnson’s in Regina.

Thoughts so far:

– I’m pretty sure that the Yellowhead Highway makes the surrounding part of every city it goes through look like a post-apocalyptic nightmare of concrete and big-boxes.  Edmonton, Lloydminster, Saskatoon – none come out looking pretty from the Yellowhead.

– I’m bummed we didn’t stop at the Historic Telephone Museum in Manville, AB.  That is something I’ll have wished I did when I’m on my death bed.

– Our cat stopped meowing somewhere outside of Lloydminster, thank the lord.

– Saskatchewan is kind of boring at night.  I mean, it’s not a thrill a minute in the light, but at least we could see the fields.

What’s next?  Manitoba and beyond!

BONUS GAME:  First person who can tell me where this picture is wins a prize!


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6 responses to “Cross-Canada Shenanigans – Edmonton to Regina”

  1. Ben says :

    I suppose a hint may be in order…the big red thing is a clue.

  2. jimsey says :

    Out of all places why is the historic phone museum there?

    Oh, and you are so in Lloydminster

  3. Mark says :

    Ben: I’m blown away that Regina is the crime capital. It seemed like a really lovely, quaint little city when I was there in September.

    Jimsey: I imagine one the member of the legislature for that riding was owed a favor.

  4. jimsey says :

    where’s my prize? I demand your first born!

  5. Ben says :

    Mark: Yeah, it depends on how you want to interpret the data, but per capita Regina has the most homicides of any Canadian city. And since I only saw the Howard Johnson, I can see why people would kill there.

    Jimsey: Keep this up and your prize will be that panther I found in Lake Superior Provincial Park.

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