Hail to the Chief!

Those of you who know me already know this, but for you newbies, I am a HUGE fan of our 43rd President of the United States. HUGE. So much so that I wanted to bring an important movement in San Francisco, California to your attention.

I know what you’re thinking: how could a city full of dirty hippies be spearheading something to celebrate the administration of George W. Bush? Well, it’s simple. A group of like minded individuals have gotten together and formed the Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco with the goal of commemorating Bush’s tenure in the White House by naming an important Californian landmark after our fair president:

The Presidential Memorial Commission is proposing an ordinance initiative for the November 2008 San Francisco ballot, to rename the Oceanside Wastewater Treatment Facility the George W Bush Sewage Plant. We believe this is a appropriate and enduring legacy, for no other president in modern American history has accomplished so much in such a short time.

So head on over here and lend your support to this worthy by joining the movement! And then sit, meditate on the Bush presidency and deliver a gift to W.

Somebody is upset I didn’t reference him on this. I’m not going to say who. But if you’re astute you can figure it out. His name starts with “J” and ends with “imsey.”


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3 responses to “Hail to the Chief!”

  1. lachlan says :

    That’ll teach him to not hail to the Chimp

  2. jimsey says :

    Grrr! I so sent you that link last night, and now you upstage me by posting about it!

  3. Mark says :

    jimsey, the guy obviously has no morals.

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