Is Toronto Transit Union throwing clogs in the machine?

I have had the great fortune in my first few weeks in Toronto to have the specter of a TTC strike raised already. How lucky can I get? Now, the Transit Union and the TTC are in talks. Pay special attention to the statement by Union President Bob Kinnear:

Kinnear added that the union is not contemplating a work slowdown, but would totally shut down the transit system if it concludes that labour action is necessary.

Great, wonderful, dandy. I’m all for positive negotiations to deal with issues. But I have my suspicions as to whether the Union is really sticking to this “no work slowdown” claim, however. In fact, I think they are throwing the proverbial clog in the transit machine.

Both my Friday morning and Monday morning commutes have experienced significant slowdowns for the following reasons:

a) “Problems with the signaling mechanisms”

b) “Passenger assistance button has been pressed’

c) “Emergency at a platform”

Now I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I typically don’t look for sinister motives behind actions. But it does seem odd that these various “issues” keep occurring at peak times while negotiations between the union and the TTC are ongoing. It smacks of saber rattling, to me.

In any case, I’m a newbie on the TTC, maybe these sorts of delays happen all the time. If there are any seasoned TTC riders, let me know.

But it makes you wonder. This also is a nice segue into some thoughts I’ve had on unions in general, but I’ll save that for another day when I’m sure the ghost of Walter Reuther isn’t floating around.


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2 responses to “Is Toronto Transit Union throwing clogs in the machine?”

  1. Mark says :

    a delay is better than the near-total absence of service

  2. jimsey says :

    in Chicago, they were very good at putting up ads on EL trains about how crappy their funding was, and how they needed more money. It was painfully funny when sitting on the EL, crawling along at 5 miles an hour.

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