The invasion has begun!

It was a typical Tuesday night. A little on the slow side at the bar, but otherwise very normal. However, when I came home around 2:30, I found that some of the inanimate objects around my home had apparently taken on a life of their own! So, naturally, I broke out the camera. It was all fun and games until the fire hydrant started to attack…


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4 responses to “The invasion has begun!”

  1. jimsey says :

    two separate responses:

    1) its like that sprint commercial!

    2) remember the one springy-ride-toy you broke at ghery park?

  2. Ben says :

    Roosevelt Park, ROOSEVELT PARK!

    Best part of that was the sparks when the spring snapped. Why did we never save that hippo?

    Anyway, how’d you do that? It’s blowing my non-photoshop mind.

  3. Humberto says :

    Tripod, 100 ISO, wide aperture, flash, 30 sec. exposure, various LED lights, and a willingness to look like a fool at 3am.

  4. Ben says :

    Well shoot, I have that “willing to look like a fool part” down cold!

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