Huzah! Spring is here! And early in spring with cool evenings and low humidity usually makes for good nighttime photography. Here’s some snippets. I think I’m changing up my photo hosting away from picasa. These are hosted on flickr, and I’ll blog about that later.

For larger resolutions and a few alternative takes and edits, click here

My subject for the night was Cleveland’s bridges. More specifically my most favorite bridge of all, the Center Street Swing Bridge

Aww, I just wuv this wittle guy.
springnight 025

God, I hope homeland security doesn’t catch wind of this photo. That’s the base of the guy, he pivots on it.
springnight 015

Cars zipping by on its grated….road? bed?
springnight 031

Also featured is the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge (Blue) and the Old Superior Viaduct (Stone)
springnight 023

Want to steal and climb on….
springnight 020

Background: Old Rail Bridge Middle: Cleveland Shoreway Foreground: Superior Viaduct
springnight 018

Swing Bridge with the Stonebridge Condos Development.
springnight 015

I can never seem to get this shot in a satisfactory manner. Its the quintessential Cleveland skyline shot. I tried a slightly different angle than most people, but it still didn’t yield a great happy result.
springnight 010

That’s All! Stay tuned for me, I’m feeling good about being an active photographer this spring!


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4 responses to “Spring!”

  1. thebatgirl says :


  2. Ben says :

    Old Man Google called and is pissed you don’t think he’s good enough for your fancy pictures.

    I do like the viaduct, though. You keep on snapping, snappy.

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