This was passed on to me by my friend and current condo-mate.  Just a warning:  the freaking song will get stuck in your head all night.

Check it out here.

And not a bad likeness of a young Barack.


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7 responses to “Barackula”

  1. Mark says :

    dang thing doesn’t want to load…

  2. Mark says :

    let’s see if i end up in the spam pit again

  3. Mark says :

    let’s try with my blog address

  4. Mark says :

    let’s try a comment using my blog address

  5. Mark says :

    Another Mark from Akismet said I should be able to comment so I am polluting your blog with pointless comments to see if it is true.


  6. Mark says :


  7. Mark says :

    this makes seven meaningless comments in a row for me – time for a new post so someone with a brain can take the spotlight. :)

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