Yes, just What Would Jimsey Do?

One fine March Saturday morning. I went out for my walk and morning cup of coffee. Now my building has FOB access only. There’s a call box, but it only “calls”, you can’t buzz someone in. As I approached the door to my apartment I saw the following:

A young gentlemen in his Mid-20s was stepping out of the building with a Wall Street Journal. Seems harmless enough, no?

Problem is, he was wearing a T-Shirt, a pair of shorts and a unlaced work boots. Mind you this is still during Winter in Cleveland. With the Wall Street Journal, he used it to prop the door ajar, and he took off running down the street.

Ultimately I was faced with a moral dilemma. He seemed “normal” enough. Was he a tenant? Where were his clothes? Why didn’t he have a key? Where was he running to?

I could have: A) Replaced the paper in the door to let him re-enter or B) Remove the paper and said sorry charlie.

A) Would have seemed the good person thing to do, assuming he had a legitimate reason to be propping the door open. However, living downtown, I’m leary of any strangers getting into my building. Its downtown, there’s sketchy people, and some not-so-stable-looking-roofing-disabled.

B) Would have been the appropriate thing to do if I had serious concerns about my building. Or if I wanted to be a dick. I’d probably open up my window and watch just to laugh at him, maybe throw a few eggs his way.

So I ask, what would have you done?


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3 responses to “WWJD?”

  1. Ben says :

    Ah, the ages old “do I act like a dick and close the door in someones face or be nice and be responsible for some little old lady getting jacked” dilemma.

    I feel your pain.

    Personally, I’d go with B. If he was legit, he’d either have a key or know someone who had a key or he left his keys in the newspaper box.

    Since the first two don’t seem likely, what with him already being inside and whatnot, maybe he left his keys in the newspaper box. If that’s the case, he’d get back in eventually, even if it meant begging change to open the box.

    Better to cover your ass (and belongings) than assume he’s not going to rob the joint.

    BTW, thanks for moving my stupid potato post down. What a failure.

  2. jimsey says :

    i think Schopenhauer wrote extensively about man’s urge to be a dick vs. mugging old ladies.

  3. Lachlan says :

    I would have been a dick and locked him out, and then jacked some old lady in the building. That way I would have had all bases covered.

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