Top 10 Things I Hated About Edmonton


Now that I’m safely ensconced in my friends condo in Toronto happily suckling from the teat of urbanism, density and an efficient public transit system, I think I can safely reflect on the 10 things I hated most from my time in Edmonton.

I know, I know…how could I possibly narrow it down to 10?  I’m that good.  So, here it is, the top 10 things I hated about Edmonton.

Note: Before you leave a rambling, swear-filled comment, maybe read the Top 10 Things I Liked About Edmonton post that goes along with this one.

Top 10 Things I Hated About Edmonton

 1.  Apparent Lack of Any Urban Planning…At All

Now, I know no city is perfect.  All major urban centres have gone through periods of rampant growth which throws any sort of coherent planning out the window, but Edmonton has really done it with style.  At various times during my stay in Edmonton I had asked long time Edmontonians why the city seemed to grow as an amorphous blob, and most times I received vague answers around “the landscape promotes this sort of growth.”

Oh really…the landscape dictates that you build a sea of big box stores on your main entry to your downtown core, or that you allow parking lots and Walmarts to surround apartment complexes without any thought to walkability?  I didn’t realized that those wide open spaces erased any concept of historical preservation, density, or urban planning.   I mean, Edmonton covers 680 some sq. km., larger than Chicago, Phillie, Montreal, or…yes, Toronto.  And the actual City of Edmonton population is around 730,000.  Obnoxious.

2.  Lack of Identity

Now, this is a tricky thing for any municipality to grasp.  And yet, all the great cities have managed to nail down their “feel.”  New York has done it, Toronto has done it, Paris, Chicago…hell, even London, Ontario has a better sense of self than Edmonton.

As the capital of Alberta you would think that the city could come up with something more creative than “City of Champions.”  Now, the attempts to rebrand as the “Festival City” are admirable, but a vast majority of Edmontonians seem to prefer resting on the bygone “glory” years of when Gretzky played there.  I mean, sure, hockey is big in Canada, but should a city that is trying to portray itself as an urban destination really rely on that as its selling point?

3.  Lack of Professional Sports

Bias alert.  I don’t enjoy hockey.  Never have, most likely never will.  I really tried to get in to it when we arrived in Edmonton because, well, there were no other choices.  Outside of hockey you have…the Edmonton Crackercats (Think Bad News Bears w/out Walter Matthau there to act all grumpy), Edmonton Rush (arguably more enjoyable than hockey, though), and, oh yes, the soon to debut Edmonton Chill…if only I’d stuck around enough for that!

4.   Conservatives

One of the big reasons I decided to move to Edmonton over Calgary was that I heard it was significantly more liberal.  This is a lie.  I would estimate that those of a small-L liberal mindset (you know, compassion for your fellow citizen, a desire to improve the overall plight of residents as a whole) compose approximately 10% of the population.  This is the province that had a record low voter turnout (42%) in the last provincial election, and the sitting Conservative government that refused to address skyrocketing housing prices, especially for rentals (“leave it to to the free market).  But, enough people are making enough money in the oilsands that there is no motivation for change.  I can’t handle that.

Saving grace on the political scene: daveberta.

5.  Oil City Roadhouse/The Ranch

I hate manufactured bars, and these two are the worst of the worst Edmonton has to offer.  I’ve never been, but I can still judge, because that’s what I do.  If you want to have a theme bar, great.  But please, for the love of Christ, don’t try and sell me cow-whores.  I know they are trying to corner the 18-19 year old market there in Edmonton, but even I get queasy with the flesh peddling.  And the next girl I see in a bustier I’m going to punch her in the face…no doubt in my mind.

6.  Bill Whatcott 

When I think of Edmonton’s social conservative scene this is who I will think of.  I respect people with different opinions, and I typically will listen for quite a while before smacking them.  But this guy is so far gone I don’t even know where to start.  In fact, it’s better if you just read his “campaign platform” from when he ran for Mayor of Edmonton.

7.  West Edmonton Mall

Apparently this is a big selling point for Edmonton.  When I asked people what to do shortly after arriving, going to “the Mall” was in the top 3.  I really don’t understand how you can use an enormous shopping mall as a selling point.  I try to avoid malls whenever I can.  I mean, my idea of fun is not cramming myself into an giant gerbil tube with thousands of others all trying to get an awesome deal on those novelty tshirts at American Eagle.  Speaking of punching people in the face…

8.  Lack of Tumbleweeds

I saw one…in Drumheller…and it wasn’t even tumblin’.  I really thought those suckers would be all over the place…you know, you’re walking along and all of a sudden you hear a whip crack, the wind blows, and Old Man Strathcona rides by herding his tumbleweeds to market.  What a let down.

9. Idiots in Big Trucks

Now, I know some people use trucks…farmers, construction workers, and the like.  But I also know that the vast majority of jackasses I’ve seen in Edmonton driving jacked up, chromed out, over-sized trucks with various decals of a) naked women, b) Bootleg Calvin’s peeing on something, or c)  “Go Oilers Go” are not using their trucks for work.

And why are all of these idiots so small?  I pull into the bank and there is a truck pulled across not one, but two handicapped spots.  I walk in and try and guess who it might be…sure enough, it’s this little 5’4 dude with a mustache who has to use a step stool to get into his monstrosity of vehicle.

 10.  Truck Testicles

I had never seen this “fashion trend” until I got to Edmonton and suddenly they were everywhere.

What is this guy thinking?  How twisted must your mind be to really think that hanging fake balls off of your truck somehow makes you look…cool…hip…smart…funny…or anything that might remotely be considered complimentary.  Is there a whole sector of the population that looks at these and goes, “My, what a nice accessory to that truck, I think much more highly of the gentleman who is driving it.”  No, of course not.  Everyone who sees this mocks the driver.  But someone who puts them on, such as our friend in the picture, must have some serious ED problems.


So, there it is.  No more Edmonton for me.  In fact, two days in Toronto has already dimmed some of my rage…kind of like Dorothy when she wakes up…almost as if it never happened.  Now I just have to rescue Gwen!


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201 responses to “Top 10 Things I Hated About Edmonton”

  1. jimsey says :

    there’s a market for tumbleweeds?

    I still miss kennedy.

    • T says :

      When I lived in Edmonton and travelled to the US I said to people I am from Edmonton. They said where is that? I said I don’t know.

    • Keithmaygard says :

      Guess she got tired of having to work for a living. Good go back to liberal town. We will just keep sending you lazy lib pricks money to survive after all you love spending money as long as it’s not yours

  2. Mark says :

    1. agree (sadly)
    2. yup (sadly)
    3. in our defense, how many cities can carry multiple sports? Look around Canada and only Toronto does marginally better
    4. i was hoping no one would remind me
    5. i’m too old to comment
    6. he was born in Ontario and has only recently made it to Alberta. i resent the fact he’s on a list that describes Alberta!
    7. but, for $10 you can ride around the mall on a Segway!
    8. this does nothing for your list :)
    9. i drive a puny geo metro. don’t get me started
    10. i’d never noticed those. i’m curious why you did?

    • Wilma Hancock says :

      From BC Now: June 2 , 2015
      1. Urban Planning? They are putting a hockey arena DOWNTOWN??????? Parking is already a scarcity, and right beside a college? Too much mosquito spray arrogant Edmonton, that arena should have been placed by the airport by the new ring road where a nice hotel could be built….
      Cow Dung & Oil brain

      2.Identity? – Cowboy hat, or rig pig hat… Besides the accounting industry stated that Alberta was placed on the top of the list for underpaying women… YeeHaw

      3.Sports? Why the hell should we pay for that?
      4. Alberta Finance put a stop to those conservatives… NDP now.. Nice change Alberta… I heard it flooded!

      5. Those damn girls are everywhere…… Keep them in Fort McNewfoundland
      6. They top Allison Redford platform… family….. before that they had a robot farmer… Should have kept Kline… he was real
      7 WEM? – they rest of Alberta has to pay taxes while corporations get burped…. Poor babies Why the hell would people want to skate in the summer and play soccer in the winter… Deal with the weather

      8. Tumbleweeds/ Go to a fitness facility I went to every one until Alberta Finance taught me what really was important.. Colors and the words to three blind mice

      9. Big Trucks? – Sorry, I hate mini vans and those electrical shopping carts
      10. Truck Accessories – the balls replaced the dice… Look who is driving …………….. Fred Flintstone himself had his mother sew a dingle ball sun shade over his golf cart… It is a fad that really was bad to begin with… It probably came with the crying fat guy hockey commercial.. Sad but true.

    • merigue says :

      If edmonton was the size of toronto in populous it would have almost three times the homicide rate. Why is that?

  3. Humberto says :

    You just hurt Jazz’s feelings

  4. Ben says :

    Mark, you might have a point on 3, but #6 is your problem now. I’ll just ignore the fact that he is from Ontario since it goes against my list. Oh, and you caught me on #8, I totally got lazy.

  5. Ben says :

    And for anyone who wants another good post on truck testicles or “bulls balls”, go here…the link to the Cornell study is really interesting:

  6. Mark says :

    #6 is NOT my problem other than I need to keep that guy moving west!

  7. Lachlan says :

    You forgot the part where 90% of the inhabitants are ignorant douchebags.

  8. Ben says :

    Well…I just figured EVERYONE knew that, Lachlan.

  9. Annette says :

    You’ve hurt my feelings! I’m crying so hard I can’t type any rebuttal!

  10. Pat says :

    I am waiting to see the Top 50 Reasons Not To Talk To Ben As He Moved To Toronto, The Center Of The F-in’ Earth to be published quite soon!!!

  11. Ben says :

    Well, “Pat”, if that’s your real name…I’m waiting for the…umm…Top 10 Delicious Margaritas Ben Drank At My House List. So there!

  12. jimsey says :

    Toronto is the center of the earth? Maybe the canadian earth….

  13. Pat says :

    I really think you drank more then 10 margaritas!!!

  14. Ryan says :

    Now firstly I totally agree with you on the truck thing… I hate those idiots. and the bars catoring to 18-19yos? they should be burned down. But you forgot to mention the fact that we have a CFL team also the fact we are still better then Winnipeg or Regina by far (in everything we do). And too the guy that said that Albertians are all Ignorant douchebags? well guess what we say the same about people from Ont here. Toronto is NOT the center of the universe and oh yeah… We have F1 and CASCAR racing here (that we so easily took from Toronto). Cant figure out our tranist system? Invest in the brain then please because other then the lack of subways (that is also being expanded currently) our bus network is very well designed for the sprawl we have. ALSO the main reason why are are sprawled so much be because our industrial sector is massive and we feed all of Canada with many raw materials and manufacutered goods for their enjoyment. Oh did I mention the fact that the Ont Economy is doing a nose dive to hell while ours is growing and GROWING? Your lack of insight into this city is appaling and we really dont want people from Ontario here anyways. People from other provances are the ones driving up our crime rate. Ide be quite content to see the oilsands shut down forever because I cant stand that polluting monster. Yet the locusts keep coming…. Welcome to the City Of Edmonton NO VACANCIES GTFO!

    • Karen says :

      Wow this comment just adds another point to the original post. Think that the life in AB represents the world. Narrow-minded Albertans.. I also live in Edmonton for a quite awhile looking for an opportunity to get the hell out. Ppl from all the small farm towns can form their own utopia that doesn’t even function thinking that Edmonton is the best place on earth…. Hahaha what a joke…

  15. jimsey says :


    Lets see:
    Idiots – Check.
    Nascar? Cascar? – whatever, check.
    Oil Driven Economy – Check
    Afraid of Change – Check
    Fear of outsiders – Check
    Inability to understand urban economics and sustainability (big industry=sprawl?) – Check
    Unhealthy, unfounded and inappropriate sense of civic pride – Check.

    Congratulations, you’re on level with Texas! It couldn’t be done without you.

  16. Ben says :


    Jimsey pretty well nailed this one (look up sustainability, I know it’s a big word), but there are a couple of things I wanted to point out, as well.

    Are you really holding up CASCAR and F1 as a source of pride? You might not want to do that, it kind of supports my argument.

    And, a point of clarification: I never said I can’t figure out how the transit system works in Edmonton. I just said it is terrible. Get it right. And I’m well aware the LRT is being expanded…just not in the right way (why build a second bridge on the proposed east/west line when you could go north of the river and avoid it? Oh, because of pandering to the idiots who keep sprawling out in the southwest.)

    Also, what raw materials, outside of oil, are you talking about? Bison? Truck testicles? Besides, the oil Alberta is producing doesn’t “feed all of Canada,” it feeds the refineries in the United States. Way to go.

    Oh, and that is a stinging argument at the end there, “City of Edmonton NO VACANCIES GTFO!” You really brought me to my knees.

    See, here’s the shitty part for Edmonton and Alberta in general. The boom will slow in the next 25 years. Provincial planning for this has been non-existent (i.e., diversification of the economy, sustainable urban growth) and cities such as Edmonton, which have massive infrastructure grids which need servicing, will begin to hollow out as both the city can’t afford to service outlying suburbs and people can’t afford to live there. However, I can promise that I won’t tell you to GTFO if you want to come to Ontario.

    The hell does that mean, anyways…Go Tickle Female Ovaries? A strange insult, but I don’t mind if I do.

    Finally, might I gently suggest you download the latest Firefox…it has this great built in spell-checker that could help teach you proper punctuation and word selection. (provances = provinces?)

    • CoffeeTime says :

      Why even make a list why you think Edmonton sucks? should I make a list as to why you suck? People work hard here and have a real sense of community, if you don’t like it stay away. I’m sorry you have no self image and need too think of yourself as a “blogger” that people even care about, but they don’t! Maybe don’t hang around a bunch of 18-19 years olds at a bar trying to get lucky, and explore things other then the mall, which really is a joke to most Edmontonians….Sorry you can’t take a joke! City of Champions has to do with the city’s sense of community after the 1987 tornado and other challanges it faced together not just Wayne Gretzky, try educating yourself a bit more before you insult someone’s home. Would love to meet you in person and discuss this at a nice coffee place on Whyte ave, I will pick you up with my “Rig Rocket” after I get my mulet trimmed and my step stool polished. I promise I will take my ” truck testies” off! After all it seems wrong that my truck has ball and you don’t! Edmonton and Alberta does have an identity, so your to self absorbed to realize it, you might have had more fun. Better next time hanging with the 18year olds

  17. Mike Oxlong says :

    Fuck you.

  18. Ben says :

    Dear Mike,

    Three things.

    1) Thank you for your valuable input regarding this debate. Albertans continue to impress me with their eloquence and intelligence.

    2) It’s quite possible you know my friend Ryan from a couple comments above. Tell him “hello” and lovingly pat his butt for me.

    3) I question the accuracy of your joke name.

    Hugs and kisses,


  19. angel says :

    Alright, as a misplaced BC-er (BC-ite? BC-inian? BC-liver?) who’s been in the hell-hole-disguised-as-a-city for almost 7 years I have to say, you definitely have some points. Some good ones even.

    #1 – this is obviously a sore spot with people who are born and raised here yet remain…how shall we say uneducated…about how cites can work. If you throw in the very lacking in effectiveness of our transit system our city looks like a big…screw up. Yes we have a lot of buses, but when it gets to -25 in the winter who really wants to take 4 buses to go from one end of the city to downtown? Certainly not me! Our train system is more than lacking, it is practically non-existent and every “extension” they have added or have planned is not doing much to solve these problems. I live in the south east of the city, in an area at least 30 years old, and for me to get to say….that big evil gerbil tube of a mall it’d take almost 2 hours. An easy solution would have been to have trains that went to said mall…but now I doubt we’ll ever see such conveniences…or smartness.

    #2 – I completely agree, “City of Champions” was fine when Gretzky and Messier were there to make it happen but as of late we haven’t been very championy…Festival City might be better if they renamed it to “Festival City in the Summer” because essentially from June until October we are a busy place…but once winter comes along…we all hibernate. The more recent one I’ve heard is “Cultural Capital” which, sure fine we have a variety of cultures represented but I’m sure other cities can claim the same (especially when you think that maybe somewhere like to T-O or Vancouver are more port-ish and would have a larger intake of “fresh meat” – lets see how fast I get roasted for that – than a city in the middle of a flat province)

    #3 has already been addressed, but lets just say its nice living in a “small” city that still provides some benefits of larger cities at a convenience – I don’t just mean sports wise either – having grew up a few hours from Vancouver it was still living here that I managed to get to a pro-sports game because it was *here* and didn’t involve a 2 hour ferry ride plus insane traffic plus insane prices…just the prices :P

    #4 – Alberta in general is disappointingly conservative…there’s no avoiding it, and it really depends on the who/what/where/why as opposed to which city you pick to call “home”. The voter turn out has been depressing since moving here and while you hear all about discontent with our government I’ve yet to see any true chance at the conservatives being kicked to the curb…I think it’ll remain that way until something actually happens…so we’ll see when that is.

    #5 – 90% of the bars in this city are aimed at that very age group…it’s depressing and even more so when you go in, see some drunk floozy trying to ride a mechanical bull while some ridiculous remix of a country song blasts louder than a jet plane and a bunch of men stand around in cheap dollar store type “cowboy hats”. Needless to say one avoids such establishments as much as humanly possible (read: ALL THE TIME)

    #6 – Whatcott is a waste of oxygen/space/bacteria/etc. ‘Nuff said.

    #7 – WEM is an overrated tourist attraction, convenient in that you can hit more than 3 stores at once, but also incredibly inconvenient because 4 or out 7 stores are just copies of one another and the other 3 are “specialty stores” I avoid going there as much as possible and probably average 3 visits a year, which are entire day ones to spend with friends/kids/etc who enjoy the mall while you drown the miserable-ness in copious amounts of caffeine – also…there’s only one Tim Hortons in a mall that is “the biggest in the world” – how UN Canadian can this place be?

    #8 – Erm…Tumbleweeds seem to belong mayhaps in a province a bit further east…that weirdly spelt one y’know? Sasquatch? Yeah…there :P

    #9 – 100% (and then some) agree, especially being a mom who has to constantly pull kids to safety as some big truck driving idiot jumps curbs in front of Save-On foods because parking further back was too far for their ‘roid monkey bodies to handle. It’s even better when I’m taller than the little shits too….

    #10 – see above and then add :WTF!! If I could get away with it I’d spend my days going around the city castrating trucks and then maybe even putting on bumper stickers that say “I got castrated!” or potentially just leave notes like the following everywhere:

    Dear Truck Testicle owners: Get a bloody clue/life/idea and get over your lackage of whatever made you think your truck needed balls…I mean the 5’ tires clearly weren’t enough of an indication that maybe, just maybe, you were compensating for something….

  20. Ben says :


    Thanks for the well written, well thought out response. Are you sure you meant to come to Ben Co.? I’m not sure how to handle someone who doesn’t swear at me!

    Seriously, all your points are dead on and well taken. Thanks for stopping by.


  21. Edmontonian says :

    fuck u ur momther sucks cock dickface

  22. Ben says :

    Hi Edmontonian,

    Thanks for supporting all of my arguments, couldn’t do it without you.

    Mind if I try and breakdown your odd insults? Great!

    I get the “fuck u” okay, that’s pretty clear, right along the lines of my good friend Mike Oxlong. I’m a little confused over the “ur momther”. I assume “ur” = you are, so I think you are calling me a “momther”.

    Is a “momther” like a meat thermometer? Are you calling me a meat thermometer? If so, that is kind of a neat insult.

    But, if you’re just trying to say that my “momther” prefers peni, well, I’ve had worse things said to me by my “momther”. Anyway, thanks for repping Edmonton.


    p.s. The email you provided,, can’t be yours, Jimsey snagged that years ago. He’s calling me a cigarette.

  23. Savvy says :

    Ben, I just had to say that I grew up in this city my whole life and a lot of your points are very vaild. But the comments made after the fact are quite humerous. It does just go to show how stupid really can be, but I guess that’s what happens when the majority of the jobs out here require no education what-so-ever after the ninth grade. The mall is very over-rated and most people do try to avoid it. The transit system is the worst in Canada as you really can’t go anywhere and when you are trying to connect from one bus to another the other bus always leaves 2 minutes before the one you’re on gets there, so when you have to wait an additional 28 minutes (which always turns out longer since the next bus is always late) in the freezing cold, you learn t hate buses and get your licence sooner. As for truck testicles…….well….. really, you don’t have enough balls of your own you have to make some sort of statement that you have something when you really don’t and probably never will. Always over-compensating, seems to be unwritten rule around here. You come to Edmonton to work as long as the money is here, but if that ever changes the first place most of us will be heading is to Ontario, that is if their grade nine education will get them there.


  24. Albertan Edmontontonian says :

    Ben, its sad that you hated much of almost everything you see in Edmonton. Yet, I am just curious why you decided to try and live here.

    Edmonton is still a growing and younger city compared to Toronto and Quebec.

    Why the heck did you move here in the first place before, not too much jobs out East eh?

    Edmonton and Alberta is a city/place for REAL MEN and TOUGH WOMEN, no girly men(like you) will ever be allowed… you have to be tough, there are a whole lot of jobs and you can earn really good money but it takes a whole lot of patience, courage and perseverance.

    Dont judge us for our funny looking trucks(because we CAN AFFORD TO MAKE THEM LOOK GOOD AND KICK ASS) and their balls(BECAUSE OUR TRUCK’S GOT ONE and you dont), our one of the worlds biggest malls(die with envy mofo), our the city’s theme(“city of champions”, t’was meant to boost everybody’s morale, not just celebrating hockey) and our bars(you should have gone to our famous gay bar in Jasper Ave, you are not color blinded right, you can easily see the gay flag).

    To hell with all of you sucker ass mamas boys and papas bitches, learn to respect our diversity as A DIFFERENT CITY OF DIVERSE CANADA.

    Sorry Edmontonians are not as HIGH CLASS SOUNDING and INTELLECTUALLY EDUCATED like who you pretended to be. :-)

    Hurt feelings? Suck it up hard and dont worry, its always MORE painful when its true.

  25. Jay says :

    Wow!!! I lived in Alberta for five years. Edmonton was a huge part of that. I did find some things I LOVED in Edmonton. There are some great people. There really are some great things to do. Edmonton is for sure a city that you must look hard to find the great things. Once you have done that, they are there.

    There are for sure lots of trucks. I have no idea what the hell they are trying to do with those anyways.

    It really is sad that there are people from Edmonton who think there is nothing better. Please, please, please, educate!! While it is great to love your city, it is not great to do it like Albertan Edmontontonian.

    I loved Edmonton!! I also love, and have lived in many other cities in Canada. Edmonton is not the King Shit. Please travel and have a look around at everything Canada has to offer before handing out inaccurate information. Edmonton was also very Gay friendly. So I really have no idea what Albertan Edmontontonian is talking about. It is mostly people from the very small towns in Alberta that talked/think like that. This is the same in many other provinces in Canada. Closed minded people were the outsiders in Calgary and Edmonton. Even if they still do not understand that they are.

    Alberta in no way holds Canada together. If you had a look around you would find just as much and more industry etc. in every other province. It is all of the provinces in this country that keep it together. What about fishing and agriculture to name a couple. Look up in Google what every province is up to. That is the one thing I did not like about many Albertans from the small towns. They were very sure that every other province was sucking them dry. Most of the sucking was being done be Ontario. It is so funny to hear that. I have looked first hand at many provinces. None of them are sucking anything out of you. Every one of our provinces has hard working people, doing a lot of hard work to keep you going also. Oil has not in any way kept us all living and breathing. Oil does not put food on all of our tables. We work at it ourselves.
    Edmonton is a great city with some great people. I love Toronto, and Victoria, Montreal and many, many other cities in this country also. I encourage everyone from Alberta to take a look and them for themselves. It not at all what you think.

  26. edmonton says :

    Thank god you left, you are bar none the most anoying person and the biggest princess in Canada. We dont need crap-stirring-pompous assholes like you in Edmonton. You can take your arrogant attitide back to the big choke, go downtown and enjoy a jam packed urban egocentrical attitude with you, we are better without you and trust me princess, we wont miss your whinning.


    I love Edmonton, and 1 more thing as much as i hate the truck nuts too i think you left because you thought you had big balls untill you met Edmontoinains.

  27. Ben says :


  28. Jay says :

    I think I will move back next week just for you. I have seen some Edmonton balls. I Love Edmonton and Its balls. There not bigger then any other provinces though. I love your attitude! It really sets a high standard for anyone who wants to visit. You make your province look bad. Actually I tell everyone what great place it is and tell them to have a look.

  29. Jay says :

    Here is just a tiny bit of info for those who think Ontario lives off your Alberta oil. lol

    Ontario’s 12.5 million people make it Canada’s most populous and dynamic province. Its share of Canada’s GDP for 2005 was 39 per cent and it is Canada’s leading manufacturing province accounting for 52 per cent of the total national manufacturing shipments in 2004.
    The Great Lakes: The Great Lakes are Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario. Combined, these lakes hold one-fifth of the world’s fresh surface water. The five Great Lakes, four of which straddle the border between Canada and the United States (U.S.), are the world’s biggest continuous body of fresh water. A Canada/U.S. commission jointly manages the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes Basin covers an area of 750,000 square kilometres; this basin includes eight U.S. states, most of southern Ontario and extends into northern Ontario. The Great Lakes support 33 million people, including nine million Canadians and eight of Canada’s 20 largest cities. The lakes provide drinking water to 8.5 million Canadians. The combined shoreline of the Great Lakes is equal to about 45 per cent of the earth’s circumference. The Great Lakes support 45 per cent of Canada’s industrial capacity and 25 per cent of its agricultural capacity, and contribute $180 billion to Canada-U.S. trade annually. The lakes sustain a $100 million commercial fishing industry and a $350 million recreational fishing industry and every year 1.5 million recreational boaters enjoy the Great Lakes.

  30. Jay says :

    Ontario is part of the North American manufacturing heartland and is well situated to serve major Canadian and U.S. markets. Examples of Ontario’s key manufacturing industries include autos, food processing, and computer and electronic products.
    * Ontario is North America’s 2 nd largest motor vehicle assembler, after Michigan.
    * Ontario exports more vehicles to the U.S. than Japan or Mexico.
    * Manufacturing contributes 94 per cent of the province’s total goods exports and 58 per cent of Canada’s total manufacturing exports. The U.S. is Ontario’s biggest trading partner: more than 90 per cent of exports are sent there.
    Ontario’s manufacturing sector employs 1.1 million, the second highest level in North America, after California.
    Manufacturing has contributed significantly to the province’s job creation in the past ten years. Between 1994-2003 Ontario led North America in manufacturing job growth with a gain of 270,000 net new manufacturing jobs (up 33 per cent) – more than any other Canadian province or U.S. state.
    Ontario has over half of the “Class 1” (highest quality) agricultural land in Canada and even more Class 2 and Class 3 land, both of which are considered very suitable for agriculture. Over 56,000 farms in Ontario, with cash receipts of more than $8.3 billion, account for almost one-quarter of all farm revenue in Canada.
    Ontario has many commercial poultry, hog, dairy and beef cattle farms. Cash crops including soybeans, corn, mixed grains, forage crops, and wheat and barley are significant agricultural commodities. Vegetables also account for a considerable share of Ontario’s agricultural production.
    While the largest fruit crop is apples, the rich agricultural lands and mild climate of southern Ontario also allow for the cultivation of tender fruits including peaches, plums and grapes, and specialty crops such as tobacco, ginseng, dry beans, and mushrooms. Wineries thrive in the Niagara Peninsula, Pelee Island, and the Lake Erie north shore areas.
    Ontario has an extremely competitive trucking industry. Some two-thirds of the value of all Ontario exports move by truck. Cross border truck trips have increased around five per cent a year for the last 18 years. In 2001 Ontario joined the International Registration Plan (IRP) with strong support from the truck and bus companies based in the province. The IRP provides blanket registration for trucks and buses as an alternative to individual (reciprocity agreements, and distributes truck and bus registration fees among member jurisdictions based on the number of kilometers carriers travel in other jurisdictions.

    • Harry says :

      If Ontario is so good then why does Alberta have to send so much money there (equalization payments) Dummass Ontarioians.

      • mbregar says :


        Thanks for the laugh.

      • Mr T 4 Torona says :

        Not educated, are we? Your shitty little province is landlocked. It borders Montana, a barren State. Its has a population of 4.5 million that is situated in an extremely isolated area. It “solely” has a resource based economy.

        The GTA alone, has an population of 7 million. Toronto is an international hub, whereas Calgary and Edmonton are literally considered to be third or even fourth rate cities.

        The population between Chicago, New York, DC and Montreal, (an area the size of Alberta), is 100 million. The whole West and Mid West has a population of about 20 million.

        The money that is used to fund the oilsands and traditional drilling industries comes from international sources, not from Alberta.

        Because the province does not have the population to sustain it’s resource based industry, the vast majority of workers working in that field hail from other provinces or even in some instances, other countries.

        Because its landlocked Alberta is reliant on other Provinces and States when exporting its products. It relies on the Federal Government for for trade and diplomatic ties with foreign Countries.

        Albertans lead egotistical lives. They don’t care about anyone but themselves or their immediate circle of friends and family. Alberta is a Classist society which means they judge on appearance. They don’t broaden their horizons because they never blend with “outsiders” who offend their egotistical sensibilities.

        Because people don’t blend, its not a culture that is conductive towards creative success.

        People become passive aggressive because they believe in Egotism. Meaning no on can correct you because you are always right, and that is that. This in turn leads to the arrested development of people who refuse to learn anything new because they are always high and mighty on themselves.

        Hands down, they are the most socially and culturally retarded people you will ever meet.

        Whats worse is because they don’t blend, they objectify one another. The rich don’t respect the poor. The poor are uneducated. The lack of respect leads to dishonourable behaviour. Its a lot easier to dehumanize someone with whom you’ve never cultivated any rapport.

        Albertans are boorish pigs. They rip people off. They have no conscience. They’ll backstab, lie and cheat. They use and abuse. I’ve never met such a shitty backward people.

        As I’ve already mentioned, they hate outsiders and because they are ignorant of the facts, they don’t even realize how much they depend on them. If you’re from another province, you’ll never feel at home because you’re not really welcome.

        Albertans vacation, but they don’t do much travelling.

        Because its a resource based economy the level of education is subpar. Again, their egos are so big, they never seek out anyone else viewpoints or opinions. People there have no imagination, no dreams, no big aspirations.

        There are probably more Albertans living in Ontario than vice versa.

        The reason people complain moron, is because for whatever the hell reason, they packed up their places and moved to Alberta and wound up getting treated like shit.

        Albertans are an arrogant lot because you’ve never been challenged. You wouldn’t last 2 seconds in Ottawa, Montreal or Toronto. Pfft… You need a goddam Phd just to apply at Mc Donalds.

        Another reason you wouldn’t hack it out is East because your face would be busted up by people who’d “put you in your place”. We don’t tolerate your “Me, Myself and I” Egotism.

        You’re so ignorant, you actually believe Alberta supports the rest of Canada? You’re so deluded, you also believe Albertans alone created that wealth?


      • R Mark says :

        Ha! How about Albertaninian. That work too?

  31. Jay says :

    There are 24 colleges of applied arts and technology, 3 agricultural colleges, and the Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences, amounting to more than 70 campuses throughout the province. Colleges prepare students for careers in business, applied arts, technology and health sciences. They also offer an extensive range of part-time and continuing education courses, apprenticeships and skills training programs. In 2004/05, a total of 59,419 students graduated from Ontario colleges.

    The Ontario College Quality Assurance Service oversees the quality of education at Ontario colleges.

    Admission to university requires six Grade 12 university entry-level credits. Ontario’s universities and university-related institutions offer a complete range of programs in the arts and sciences, as well as graduate and professional programs. Affiliated services of the Council of Ontario Universities help to ensure the high quality of university programs by conducting periodic reviews of the universities’ educational and research activities. Total graduates in 2002/03 at all levels (Bachelor, First Professional, Masters, and Doctoral) numbered over 68,632.

    Co-op programs, offered at several universities, provide alternating terms of academic study and work experience. The University of Waterloo was a pioneer, and is today one of the premier institutions in the world offering post secondary co-op programs.

    Ontario’s post secondary education system attracts students from all over the world. In 2004, there were close to 23,500 international students registered at Ontario universities. English as a Second Language (ESL) programs are available for students who need to increase their English language skills.

    Ontario’s colleges and universities are largely publicly-funded. University tuition fees for a two-semester full-time program in arts and sciences was approximately C$4,350.00 in 2006/07. Tuition fees for college post secondary programs were about C$1,820.00 for the 2005/06 academic year. Foreign students pay additional international student fees.

    Private career colleges
    In addition to the publicly-funded colleges and universities, private career colleges offer vocationally-oriented training in over 500 locations across the province. Though privately funded, they are registered with and regulated by the Ministry of Education

  32. jimsey says :

    ben co =

  33. Jay says :

    Sorry that was mostly for Edmonton, Albertan Edmontontonian, and Mike Oxlong.

  34. Ben says :

    Wow, Jay…that was, well, a lot of text. Thanks…I think?

  35. Lachlan says :

    I’ve had the great fortune to live in 3 major cities, and 2 different countries in my lifetime. Edmonton is by far the worst. The sad thing is, it could be one of the best. What makes it suck is, like I mentioned earlier, it is full of douchebags (as we’ve seen direct evidence of, by their postings). I think I have only seen 1 person defend this city, with any intelligent arguments.
    Teh problem with Edmonton, is that it is full of jobs that require no education, so that is exactly what you get…..a bunch of poorly educated fuckwits, who have no concept of anything outside of themselves and the oilers. If you mention anything outside of their world perception (which lets face it, is nearly everything) you get called a fag (because this is the worst thing in the world apparently).
    Edmonton is full of people who have no critical thinking skills, and therefore believe whatever rag media they subscribe to, tells them. They question nothing, and the ones who do are shouted down by the morons who believe the rhetoric by someone who shouts louder.
    It’s really like a small sister marryin’ town that grew into a city.

    Like I said, it’s sad because it really has the potential to be great, if only someone with any kind of forethought was here to implement it. Unfortunately, as long as the dregs have any sway, we’ll always be a cesspit.

    • CoffeeTime says :

      Speaking of “fuk wits” ehh….only thing thats uneducated around here are the comments made about Edmonton, Alberta and its proud people, sorry you haters need to vent at those who are doing better in life then you, I have had no need to move around city to city, Edmonton has everything i need and is great community for my family to grow. Go seek help for your anger and hatred towards others, not to mention your need to incite a response from us uneducated folk, we maybe simple but we are proud! I don’t piss in your house, PLEASE dont shit in mine…ehh

  36. reporter666 says :

    Hi Ben, I think these are funny, whether puttin truck nuts on your ride OR looking for
    THE ORIGINAL BULLS BALLS that you eat,

    I’ve got some funny pics and articles at my blog if you’d like to take a peek

  37. Darcy W says :


    I Just moved here from Calgary and after 8 months, I am so depressed here, the city is cold and there is absolutely no multiculturalism (unless you call the sole Asian population multiculural).

    There are rarely no ther people from other countries here! I came here for school at UBC and I HATE HATE HATE going to UBC (University of a Billion Chinese)! I am used to seeing and interracting with people from the Middle East, Africa, Brazil, El Salvador, Somalia, Ethiopia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Lebanon e.t.c, I miss having and knowing people from all cultures and backgrounds,

    I wish I had listened to people tell me not to move to HongCouver! I wish I had a time machine and I could go back and just go to school at U of C or U of A! Now it’s too late, I don’t want to go back with my head down in shame,

    I should have listened, Vancouver is a deceptive city, Beautiful at times yes, but within it, the people here are soooooooooo cold, materialistic and miserable, there’s no joy here, I am depressed and riding out 1.5 more year of school before I leave this Yuppie, lonely lonely cold and miserably depressing place! My next destination, either Alberta or Chicago, only time will tell. DEFINITELY NOT STAYING OR APPLYING TO JOBS IN HONGCOUVER AFTER I GRADUATE!

  38. A little offended says :

    I am disappointed to hear that you’re having such a bad time in Vancouver! Although I’m not exactly sure what more one could want from a city? In my experience, when I was in Vancouver I loved the buzz. Everyone was so friendly and nice and the scenic beauty of Vancouver is breath taking. I haven’t gone to university there, but I must say, it wouldn’t bother me that there where a million Chinese there! I find that comment rude and offensive. Canada for that fact, has a strong Canadian Chinese history and you will find many Chinese in Edmonton as well, particularly in downtown and many own restaurants. So if Chinese people are your problem, well maybe you should leave Canada, not exactly sure where you can go in this world for that matter of fact that doesn’t have a strong Chinese/Asian presence in one way or another!

  39. jillian says :

    It’s all pathetically true! Yet there’s so much more. The deal with the big trucks is that they lack in size not only in height but elsewhere as well and have to make it up.

  40. amanda says :

    Wow for a guy who didn’t like Edmonton, you spend a lot of time complaining about it. If you drink martinis and margaritas then maybe you shouldn’t have been in Edmonton in the first place huh? However the whole truck testies is a bit stupid.

  41. Dan says :

    I’m from here and I agree with a large portion of your list. 1,2,6,9 and 10 are on point.

    3) I don’t think Edmonton is a terrible sports town. Yes it is overly obsessed with the Oilers but if NHL is your thing, Edmonton is a fantastic sports town. We are also big on CFL. The Crackercats did suck but The Capitals (the team that replaced the Cats) offer a solid product at the beautiful Telus Field. There are also countless sports bars to follow sports. We also have some great MMA events here, especially when you consider Edmonton’s size.

  42. Dan says :

    AHHH I acidentently pushed post….add computor illiteracy to the list.

    4) While I dont suscribe to one ideology J think that it is safe to say that I lean to the left. While Edmonton is extremelly conservative, not all of the majority of the conservatives in Edmonton are of the gay bashing/ left media propaganda/slash all social programs, variety. Most of the conservatives here are not overly politically active. In my opinon their conservatism has more to do with the innefeciency of the left than backwards ideology. Unfrotunatly the Conservative have done a good job at selling the “we care about small buisness” line. You can probably guess why that is appealing in Edmonton. Lastly, Edmonton has some innovative and inspiring social programs. The work being done in the at-risk youth feild and restorative justice is amazing despite lackluster funding.

    5) Edmonton’s nightlife scene is abysmal. Undebatable. Oil City and The Ranch are the worst of the bunch. However, its not like crappy bars marketed towards young douche bags is an Edmonton invention. These bars exist in every Canadian city.

    7) Im not a fan of mall’s either but you have to admit that WEM is a good thing for Edmonton. The majority of people LOVE this mall. For a city as small as Edmonton having an attraction like WEM is remarkable

  43. Ben says :

    Dan, thanks for your thoughtful response. I’m constantly amazed by two things with this post: 1) the number of insightful comments it’s received and, 2) the number of jerks who comment on this. You fall in the former category.

  44. Tara says :

    I’ve lived in Edmonton for 26 years and agree with almost everything you have to say. For all of the individuals on this website that claim to be a proud citizen you are actually proving many of Ben’s points. Canada is a “freedom of speech” country and he can speak his mind all he wants therefor put your testicles back in your pants and leave them off of your trucks! City of what? Losers and want-to-be Eminem fags.

  45. Lachlan says :

    OK, this link was published in the Edmonton Journal, one of the better newspapers here.

    When you list magpies, poplar fluff, a liquor store and a water treatment plant as reasons to like a city in your “Let’s pump up Edmonton” piece, it’s painfully clear that the city leaves a lot to be desired. It’s too bad the year didn’t contain 54 weeks, because then we could have been treated to the gem reasons : #53 Cognitive Dissonance we barely knew ye & #54 No expectation to understand irony.

  46. John says :

    Well Edmonton thanks you for leaving please feel free to stay in Toronto, we don’t really want you here anyway. I can understand why you did not like it here but this is my home and i love it.
    If you like Toronto stay there.
    Also if you are a Liberal that’s great too, but do you know what makes a democracy great, choice. Its a multiple party system and i am sorry many people choose not to vote your way but its not really up to you to criticize a city due to it political leanings. The truth is the Liberal party does not hold Alberta in high esteem so why should we vote for them.
    I have been all over Canada and i have never found a city here i did not like they are all great, try going to Detroit and then list off Edmonton as so bad.
    Its too bad you can only see the negative and not the positive side to this city.
    I am also sorry that a lot of the people who responded to your statements seem to think everybody in Alberta are just a bunch of stupid hicks, take a look around the world and i promise you, you will see the ratio of stupid people to somewhat intelligent people is always going to be 5;1 that’s just people it has nothing to do with region just the species in general.
    For the people that say that we from Edmonton are so rude, do you think it might be something to do with people always talking trash about our home you would get a little surly too.
    Edmonton is young as far as cities go and all youth go through growing pains there is going to be something to criticize about every city in Canada. I am just sorry we don’t live up to your high standards.

  47. Ursula says :

    Oh my, its like you read my mind and put all my thoughts of Edmonton, down on paper for me.
    I am originally from London, UK but previously lived in Sydney, Australia. I was very disapointed when i arrived in Edmonton. I have been here for nearly two years and have hated most of my time here. The people are nice but the city is shit. I have nothing nice to say about the place and i can’t wait to be on my way again. We are just waiting to for my husbands visa to be approved an then we will be back to Sydney, where the transport is great, there are no box stores, chain restaurants, where the industrial areas are kept to one part of the city (on the outskirts) a place people are proud off living and there is more than a giant mall to visit. Edmonton is a terrible city to live in and will only seems get worse. I can’t wait to get the f%ck out of here.

  48. Lachlan says :

    I think I might throw my hat in the ring for the mayoral race, and use that as my platform – “The people are nice, but the city is shit”.

  49. travelgirl says :

    Hello everyone. I have lived in Edmonton for 1 year and 9 months, and am looking forward to my move in 5 days. I have travelled extensively throughout Canada and the USA, and lived in many places incl. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Calgary, USA and Europe. I came here for work and while here made a great effort to explore Edmonton and surrounding areas. I have been to all the festivals, partied with the rednecks,explored Ukranian heritage, dined in the ethnic restaurants, shopped at the farmers markets, seen all the malls, hiked the river valley, visited small towns and lakes, made friends with educated people and oil workers, locals and foreigners alike. I tried hard to find something about Edmonton to love enough for me to stay but despite all of my exploration and experiences here I have found Edmonton to be lackluster and void of personality and charm. Most cities have a vibe or an energy but Edmonton doesn’t have it, and if it does…it’s so dull you barely feel it.
    One thing that really bothered me about this city is the lack of walking communities and connectedness from one community to another. Also, living in Edmonton feels like living in the middle of nowhere. I put a lot of miles on my car and having said that, I will end with a positive note-this province does have good gas prices. :)

  50. EdmontonBornAndRaised says :

    I’m from Edmonton and I must say this city is really fucking shitty. Everything about it sucks, the weather sucks, the architecture sucks, the night life sucks, the food selection sucks, ed hardy sucks, ppl who wear ed hardy sucks, how most guys in edmonton think theyre gangster sucks, rich kids who come from good families think theyre gangsters sucks, girls who think theyre from hollywood and try to live their life like its an mtv show sucks, how everyone loves to talk shit and act like their shit dont stink sucks, ppl who think listening to rap music makes them hard sucks (rappers are entertainers, theyre the same as justin bieber cept they swear more. They dont move drugs and they dont care what happens to your life, they just want that $15 of yours), guys who take steroids sucks, the city council sucks, guys who act tough and only fight when they outnumber ppl but speak the “no beef” when theyre outnumbered sucks, random stabbings sucks, innocent civilians getting attacked/mugged sucks, the bounce sucks, wannabe rappers sucks, snow removal system sucks, smoking crack sucks, the scenery sucks, how walking at night is not safe sucks, ppl who make decisions based on what a rapper or scarface would do sucks, idolizing scarface sucks (shits a movie not real, the real scarface died of syphilis)

    I’ve had it with this city. I left a couple years ago to travel around the world then came back to find this city become even more of a dump. Ya Edmontonians will defend the city but most likely they havent been outside of alberta and see what other cities have to offer. People who cant distinguish rap /mtv/scarface and real life are pathetic. As for the city iself, it just doesnt have that spark, everything is so gloomy,plain, grey and cold.

    • Brandy says :

      Ya, I have lived here for twenty five years, and this city is soooo boring, gloomy, people are not lively, very dreary. I now, have Inertia.

  51. Sheryl says :

    When thinking of Edmonton hubris comes to mind, and it does not matter if the people are blue collar or white collar. Either been nowhere and know everything, or been a few places and still know everything.

    Indeed Edmonton is located in the middle of nowhere and this is reflected in the fact for most international flights one has to feed through Calgary or Vancouver.

    The essence of Edmonton, often referred to as Deadmonton, is a very large Fort McMurray, hardly cosmopolitan and very dull on every level; mediocre.

    Now there is talk of a new taxpayer funded hockey arena and the surrounding district (about a billion dollars) that somehow this is going to miraculously revitalise an entire city, especially the downtown “world class”. Some writer/moron even compared it to the Guggenheim Bilbao. People from all over the globe would be making pilgrimage to see the sacred arena district, where all would be overcome and have some sort of hockey and cultural epiphany . . . I nearly pissed myself.

    On the other hand this is pathetic . . . “Build it and they will come”.

    • Brandy says :

      Once the arena is built, the city will become harder to live in. It is built only for the pompous and the rich. There will only be more car pollution coming my way. Hoping and praying, I will not get cancer.

  52. mupto says :

    Ive lived in my fair share of cites/towns across Canada, even Toronto. No place has left a more bitter taste in my mouth that Edmonton.

    Ive found the people to be pretty well off the handle. Ive really never met so many people with psychological/behavioral/emotional problems. No one seems to have any coping skills outside of “gettin fu**in hammered” or cocaine or meth or all three. So many angry, aggressive people. Xenophobia is encouraged. So many internal divisions.. Everyone seems to hate everything, all the time..

    Hate towards other provinces, hate towards other races hate towards what side of the city you live on, have towards you if your not from Edmonton. It just goes on and on..And so many people with so much ego and attitude that is un-substantiated..
    So much community disconnect, its like living in a twisted version of high school all over again except with adults with the mentalities of teenagers..

    Ive had so many negative experiences in Edmonton I have stopped counting.. From going to the bank, to driving , to walking to work in the mornings, to getting food poisoned, fired from jobs with no notice, land lords not returning security deposits, the list goes on and on and on.

    • Brandy says :

      You pretty well, explained what living in Edmonton is all about. I agree that Edmonton is a VERY negative city to be living in. I can say this, because I have been living in Edmonton, for thirty LOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGGG YAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNN years.

      • Lachlan says :

        6 minutes before this last post of yours, you said you’d been living in Edmonton for 25 years… it 30 or 25?

  53. Edmonton sucks says :

    I’ve only been here 8 months and I’m already depressed and anxious to go home. Driving to work is a nightmare, customer service is terrible, and there’s no privacy. While I have met some nice people, the vast majority of my experience has been negative. I lived in Calgary, Jacksonville FL, North Carolina, and Anchorage and this city is by far the rudest. I compare it to the hicks of Kentucky, actually. I’ve seen women beaten in the streets, children being abused, road rage that involved the entire road! I can’t read minds, PLEASE SIGNAL BEFORE YOU CUT ME OFF! I’m sure Edmontonians will be more than happy to say goodbye if I leave…and I will feel the same way. I can’t WAIT until I can say ‘GOOD RIDDANCE ALBERTA’

    • Brandy says :

      No do not leave. You are truly giving them a reality check, for the real life of what it is like living in Edmonton.

  54. mupto says :

    Edmonton poisons you. Get out before it changes you negatively.

  55. Golden Bear says :

    Hey Ben,

    Have lived in Edmonton my whole life and am very proud of my city. Will be here for another three years, at least, as I finish my second degree. Found your blog while I was looking for the Top 10 Things to do in Yellowstone, and then decided to look for the same in Edmonton.

    I just want to say that your assessment of Edmonton is pretty fair, especially when you balance it with the Ten Things you Liked about Edmonton. There are a number of great things about Edmonton, but there are also a number of not so great things.

    To everyone who became filled with rage after reading this post, you need to learn how to be critical and honest with yourself. To everyone who has nothing positive to say about Edmonton, sorry you were so closed minded and unadventurous that you could never enjoy yourself. People on both sides need a good lesson in humility.

    Things in life are not black and white, they’re grey, like many winter days in Edmonton, but those always give way to summer nights where the sun just refuses to set, and it’s nights like those where there is nowhere else in the world you’d rather be.

    Edmonton is what you make of it, and I’ve made it all that I need and more.

  56. Ben says :

    Hey Golden Bear,

    Thanks for your thoughtful response, I really appreciate it! I’m consistently surprised by the amount of conversation this post continues to generate, even 3 years after posting. And I agree with your assessment of Edmonton – I fear many people who make their way here via searches don’t notice the companion post, “10 Things I Liked About Edmonton”.

    I have many fond memories of my time in Edmonton, and don’t regret living there for the time I did, but it just wasn’t for me in the end.

    To all others, thanks for your input (even the rather enraged ones)!

    You’ll notice this blog has been pretty quiet – most of my online input is concentrated via Twitter these days, find me here:!/benelling


  57. Calm_Blue says :

    Hi Ben,

    I’m originally from Toronto (I lived there almost 30 years). I then lived in Windsor, Ontario (and worked in Detroit) four years before moving to Edmonton. I tried hard to enjoy Edmonton, however during my four years there the only thing that really struck me as special was the Fort. Edmonton is not a city; it’s a big town. It possesses the drawbacks of a large city (sprawl, traffic, crime) with very few of the benefits (culture, entertainment). Likewise it lacks the charm of a small town, but it’s not short on boredom. While the river valley is nice, it pales in comparison to the Rouge River in TO (the world’s largest urban nature reserve) and falls short of TO in terms of bike and walking trails. The festivals are nice, however there are far fewer of them then I would expect for a town of this size. I found that there was so much more to eat, do, and see in Windsor (a town less than ¼ the size). I’ve travelled extensively throughout Canada and I was really surprized by (in a bad way) by Edmonton.
    I am surprized you didn’t mention crime. The murder rate in Edmonton tops that of Metropoloitan Toronto (a city nearly five times the size). While I lived there I witnessed muggings, was offered drugs several times, had my car broken into three times – my girlfriend had her car stolen twice (both times it was used as a getaway car in a robbery). I felt safer in Detroit.
    Of course it all depends on your living conditions. In Edmonton I was a poor graduate student living a rough neighbourhood. Today I’m a College Prof working in Fort McMurray. I quite like Fort McMurray! I wouldn’t mind leaving but I’m tied to my mortgage – a 40 year old attached home that only cost a half million ;). In any case, I like the people I work with and I have almost nothing to do (directly) with the oil sands. I think part of the reason I like this town is that only 50% of the inhabitants are Albertans; which gives the town a surprizing multicultural feel (Edmonton always struck me as the whitest city on earth).
    Anyway, everyone has their own perspective…but I certainly have no intension of returning to Edmonton (it pains me just to visit). Incidentally, the tumbleweeds are released downtown and roll through the streets promptly at 8:00pm.

  58. Ben says :

    Hey Calm_Blue, thanks for writing – always good to know I wasn’t totally misguided in my conclusions. And sorry to hear about your Ft. Mac mortgage…that’s rough.

  59. Samantha says :

    What a wast of time seriously if you think edmonton is not a good place then why are you spending so much time explainig why.! Really who cares. What do you love in life nothing? You look like someone who is complaining a lot look in the miror!

    • City of Anus says :

      Youre the one who has no life seeing as you are actually taking the time to respond to this.


  60. Daniel says :

    Edmonton was not named the city of champions because of hockey but because of black friday and what people went throughthat horrible day do your research moron…

    I agree with the bad city planning point it is pretty bad..not much to do in Ed and West Ed does get boring after going there a hundred times over since its the only thing to do next to bar hopping.

  61. Daniel says :

    and Toronto is not doing better since 40 %of its population is infected with HIV

  62. hose says :

    Top 10 things?

    1. the people
    2. the people
    3. the people
    4. the people
    5. the people
    6. the people
    7. the people
    8. the people
    9. the people
    10. the people

    • Destiny says :

      1. the people
      2. the weather
      3. the people
      4. the people
      5. the people
      6. the weather
      7. the weather
      8. the people
      9. the people
      10. the weather

  63. hose says :

    this morning, not having been awake for 20 mins, nor outside for more than 10 mins. i hope in my car and pull out down the alley.. i have this idiot from deadmonton on her bike riding on the sidewalk no less, stop on her bike in front of my car and give me a dirty look and swore at me for my bumper being slightly in the sidewalk as i was awaiting to pull out in traffic..

    everyday is like this.. just more idiots who get in your face.. im so sick of the fucking morons here..people just dont even know how to “be” they are so inept..

    so basically i have an idiot riding her bike on the sidewalk who feels so self important she needs to stop and point out to me that my bumper is in the sidewalk. any normal person could mitigate this by either walking behind the vehicle or by slightly offsetting their path…

    deadmontonians = seldom right but never in doubt..

  64. hannah says :

    Having lived in Edmonton for 5 years and recently escaped to the West Coast, I totally agree with most everything you say. One error to correct: The Ranch went out of business a year or so ago. It was replaced by a restaurant “the beer market” I think it is called. I only know this because we lived in Old Strathcona. That would be my other response. If you are liberal and live in Edmonton, Old Strathcona is the place to go and is a great place to live – the cultural center of the city.

  65. Brandon says :

    Youre a zoo bud. After living in Chicago and phoenix the past year, I’ve experienced true big cities, for our size our down town core is nice and the river valley can’t be beat. Especially there walking trails don’t know if you pulled your head out of your ass long enough to check those out. Also I know coming back home and being able to go to the 18/19 year old bars when i was on break from school with my friends was a great time. sorry your an old fuck maybe its time to grow up and get a family. The is always a good time. Also edmontonians are great people in general after living in the U.S. you learn to see what dicks some people can be. Im sure your just another fucking plug who thinks toronto is the center of the universe. I mean the raptors and leafs have really performed the past few years… and edmonton actually had the edmonton capitals for ball last year and the won the north american league championship. And there team featured quite a few ex MLB’ers. It wasn’t a team filled with slap dicks that for sure. I think you need to quit being fucking butt hurt about not being in toronto experience a little more of the world before you say such dumb shit. I know being only 18 i probably have more cultural experience then your bitch ass. I’ve been across canada u.s and europe. and enjoyed my time in all those places. I loved being in big cities as well like toronto or chicago theres an amazing atmosphere but nothing beats home and our river valley not alot of places around the world have that. so get a little more worldly experience and quit being so fucking negative you sound like a bitch.

    • m says :

      @Brandon. You sound seriously mentally handicapped, hopefully you got a invitation to visit a mental institution for christmas.

      • Ben says :

        Thanks for taking care of my moderation, m! Saves me the trouble of responding to…interesting…comments.

  66. Captain K says :

    Came to Edmonton about a year ago. Although I found some nice things here and it is much better in the summer, I agree with 95% of the negative points that were mentioned here.

    Nice to read that others had a similar impression of the city. Feels good to know that you are not the only one.

  67. City of Anus says :

    Horrible winters
    Terrible sprawl
    Drunken idiots everywhere
    Looks like the moon in winter
    Feels like Hamilton
    In the middle of nowhere
    No identity
    No culture
    No thanks!!!!

  68. Jordan says :

    Hey, dickcheese it looks like a car show with that lifted truck number 9? You can see the mustang with the hood up dickcheese

    • hose says :

      dickcheese? Hey, grade 5 called, they want their lameass insults back.

      Man the people in that city and mentally handicapped.

  69. Scott says :

    I may have to move to Edmonton from Ontario soon, there must be some good there…and I am a huge Oilers fan so that has to be a good start. If you live in the burbs and have a family does that make a difference?

    • Ben says :

      Hi Scott, thanks for taking the time to ask. I wish more readers would take a look at the companion post to this, which is the 10 things I LIKED about Edmonton:

      Well, in my opinion the ‘burbs of Edmonton are not a happy place. But I’ve always been a city guy. I just feel like living in the ‘burbs would cut you off from the good things Edmonton does have to offer. If you are interested in learning more about Edmonton, feel free to connect with via email and I’d be happy to share my thoughts.

    • been here too long says :

      There is no “burbs” really…. The entire civic layout of the city is a total nightmare. Be prepared to put THOUSANDS of kilometers on your vehicles. Also be prepared to buy a $400 000 vinyl sided nightmare of a house.

      If you like being inside basically all year round, and dont mind paying $600 000 for a house (after you add in mortgage interest, not to mention property tax :)) for a plain, over-sized, over priced house with no backyard or privacy, in a community of people who are xenophobic, egomaniacs who place every aspect of their own self-worth on how much they can accumulate within their lifetimes, then you will be in heaven.
      Also if you don’t mind living in a 1 000 000 000 man work camp(thats what edmonton basically is), with terrible weather all year round, none of the communities being walkable, no parks except the river valley. You will notice massive urban sprawl with a rapid transit system that goes to low traffic/no usefull areas of the city.

      If someone asked me to describe the most nightmarish city I could come up with, it would basically be a carbon copy of edmonton.

      If your a redneck and love guns, driving for MILES (cause driving on pot-hole riddled roads, with angry, sociopathic drivers is FUN for some weirdos), LOVE spending all year round INSIDE, want to spend FAR MORE MONEY on things than you would in NORMAL parts of the world, and pretend your getting what your paying for, and generally like to live in a dream-like, delusional state, then its probably and OK place to live for you.

      • been here too long says :

        O YA, not to mention no culture, the “festivals” are watered down versions of REAL festivals elsewhere. They only throw SO MANY festivals at you in edmononton, just for the sake of being able to say “we have more than anyone”, it just plays into the perpetual inferiority complex the majority of the people embrace..

        ALSO you have the morons that WORK in edmonton, but live in places surrounding edmonton (because edmonton sucks according to even the locals) like fort saskatchewan, spruce grove, st albert, sherwood park, leduc, nisku, which creates NIGHTMARISH COMMUTES.. They dont even treat these roads like the highways they should be treated as.. so much traffic, little to no dual lanes and NO LIGHTS AT NIGHT…

        I really cant believe a place like edmonton exists in the civilized world… it just seems so tremendously backwards, in ever sense of the word.. as do the peoples thought and behavior patterns..

        not to mention the “no zero policy” encouraged in schools, so you have generation after generation of idiots with attitudes running around…

        its like living in a out-patient insane asylum..

  70. best hgh says :

    Greeting real unfriendly website!! Man .. Attractive .. Wonderful .. I’ll bookmark your tract and take the feeds also…I am slaked to essay out numerous utile aggregation here in the assemblage, we’d same transmute out additional strategies in this regard, thanks for intercourse.

  71. truthservedcold says :

    What an ignorant fucking idiot. Have fun back in Toronto. Yeah, Albertans are the jackasses, right? Enjoy the transfer payments we make so that you can afford to pontificate on why we are so terrible. Goof. I’d be HAPPY to separate from people like you. Remember when we were murder capital of Canada?! At that point I’m saying to you Ben, “Come back to Edmonton, we missed you the first time”….

    • Edmontonsuckshard says :

      how can you feel special about something anyone in the world can access? You dont even have to move to Alberta to get a job, companies just fly you out there because no one in their right mind wants to live around so many raging morons.
      Ft, Mac full of non Albertans because they can actually work and not whine about it.
      It must just drive you NUTS the immigrants come and “steal your jobs” right? lol
      Just because resource extraction companies haven’t set up shop ALL ACROSS Canada doesn’t mean their isn’t extractable resources all over the place. Your province just happens to be be guinea pig number one. Then its off to Saskatchewan.

  72. Robby says :

    I have lived in Edmonton way too long. I absolutely hate it here and I am currently trying to get the hell out. My reasons?

    1. Cops don’t work anymore they let photo radar do the work. You know that obnoxious truck culture you mentioned? Well you should see it now. No demerits for anything just monthly “bills” in the mail that they pay for speeding and it shows. No one does the speed limit anymore and everyone rides your bumper (I have had people actually try to force me off the road). The city police go to the press once a year and say “We don’t know why folks are speeding but we’re gonna crack down on the bad ones”…and then things stay the same.

    I had some friends here for two weeks from another country and they asked me where the police were. All they saw was dangerous drivers and no cops at all. Not one….ever. There were people going down my street one night with bats and axes smashing vehicles. I called 911 and they arrived….three hours later. They let me know there was no one out there and I should not waste their time.

    2. They really did leave the word “planning” out of planning and development. Nothing makes any sense. They build a ring road but use the wrong type of material so they have to tear it up and re-pave. I know someone who walked away from the project because of the constant mistakes. Exits being built backwards so they need to be torn down and re-built (to the tune of a cool million) or they are attached to other roads but not the roads that needed the access. And lets not forget the roads. They cut 2/3 of their road budget for two years and let the roads fall apart. Now there are potholes all over the city that will destroy your vehicle. It’s like a non stop obstacle course. They are filling them with cheap fill, but they are all re-opening again.

    3. Dumb redneck mentality. I’ve seen intelligent people move here and just start acting beer guzzling stupid. I don’t know if it’s something in the water but it seems to be spreading. This probably leads to the truck and balls scenario you mentioned. It hurts my brain being here.

    4. Hey lets put our city in debt and ignore the infrastructure so that we can build an arena for hawkee…and lets give all the profits from the area to the oilers owner…and the parking…and not allow other places to hold events to compete. Brilliant….must be the water.

    5. Lack of identity. I spent a few weeks in Calgary this year. Much better than Edmonton and they seem to know where they are going and how they plan to get there. It’s not oil and gas crazy and it really seems to be coming into it’s own. Did I mention I saw police working when I was down there? And it’s clean…

    6. Dirty. Edmonton is a damn dirty disgusting city. It’s river stinks (take a ride on the glorious river boat to get a good up close whiff), the roads are always filthy. It’s buildings are brown….I’m sure they weren’t always that way. Everything that opens here glorious and new is eventually run down an fugly with filth.

    7. Angry people. Everyone here is pissed off…all the time. I came back from the northern states where everyone was warm and friendly and the first thing I witnessed getting back into Alberta was a guy cutting off another guy at a gas pump, getting out of his MANTRUCK and yelling at the old man “you took my goddamn pump”. Welcome home to Alberta were everyone makes a lot of money, is over-entitled and is pissed off. I find myself getting angry being here.
    Time to move on.

    • Amy Robb says :

      Hey Robby, I agree with # 7 of your comment. Everyone does look angry here. I`ve seen better smiles from the cracks of peoples assess.

  73. Chris says :

    The only thing I’d disagree with is this sentence “Edmonton covers 680 some sq. km., larger than Chicago, Phillie, Montreal, or…yes, Toronto.”

    It’s not exactly as it seems. Edmonton is for the most part a unicity ie the suburbs are within Edmonton. The other cities you mentioned have most of their suburbs in directly adjacent other cities. It’s an unfair comparison to say Edmonton’s population vs area is terrible when other jurisdictions simply have a border drawn separating the dense main city from the suburbs. Toronto’s density vs area would be much worse if all of the suburbs surrounding Toronto were included in the calculation.

    • Mike D says :

      How could Edmonton’s suburbs be INSIDE Edmonton?! A suburb by definition is another city acting as a bedroom community to a large city… so Edmonton’s suburbs are St. Albert, Sherwood Park and Fort Saskatchewan. If anything Edmonton’s density calculation is out of whack because of the undeveloped “rural northeast” which is part of Edmonton.

  74. Paul Bocian says :

    in point form
    -lived in Edmonton 26 years
    -born and raised
    -I see too many trucks that are over-sized and inefficient and ugly, 1 in every 2 vehicles is a truck
    -rich people with too much money and too little intelligence
    -lack of public interest in socialistic “greater good” principles from at least 80% of the populace
    -hubris in 80% or more of the population , look down on people for being different
    -have to own a get to from point A to point B even in dense areas
    -not enough cultural activity —theatre,classical,jazz music,hip hop / very few festivals that are of high calibre, and then only in the 3 summer months
    -freezing weather from October to the end of April
    -lack of attractions in the city-West Edmonton Mall and Whyte Ave. are pathetic

  75. Ursula says :

    Back in Australia now for 2 years and thankfully Edmonton is becoming a distant memory. Its too bad that we will have to return to visit friends and family. Thats not the bad part, its just having to go back to a place that i hate. There was one good thing about living Edmonton for 3 years and that was realising what i had back in Australia was better and that my life didn’t have to be surrounded by heavy industry and shopping malls. I understand that for whatever reason some people love Edmonton, but what i didn’t understand was those people who hate Edmonton, but still choose to live there. There is a lot of them. Its those are the people who need to think outside the box and try something different. It will leave more room for those who actually want to be there. I could never live in a place all my life that i didn’t like. Thats like going to a job that you hate, everyday for the rest of your life. Now that would suck.

  76. EdmontonTheLoserParadise says :

    Edmonton: The city of bullshit slogans made up to make you feel like a winner.

    I lived there from 06 – 10. Hated living there. The funniest thing about these guys who defend the negative points about the city with as much insult and sarcasm as they can, is that they just say the same old tired things, over and over again; parrotting someone else. “F you, lotsa people moving here” “F you, if you don’t like it, why’d you move here?” “F you, our trucks are driven by real men, F your city, faggot”.

    The good points though, the cost of living was great while I was there. The employment was good and the wages were great.

    The bad points though, were all that you mention but the biggest one for me, was the open prejudice I found from people there. I took a security gig and I couldn’t believe just how much people actually think that rumors about a job a person does, are true and worse, how it somehow gives them permission to attack a peron’s character by calling that person names, yell at them from accross the street and (believe it or not) trying to run them off the road. I had gotten so many “fuck you” smiles from people (you know when people you don’t know give you a shit eating grin? That’s the fuck you smile) while I was living there. What, just for doing a job to put food on my table? I was even at Mucho Burrito at 100 ave and 109 st (the Save on Foods plaza) and the guy serving the food behind the counter, starts trash talking the security guard who was there, IN the store, talking to someone, with the customer.

    If I was a Star Wars Jedi master, I’d use the force to pick the Rexall center up and then roll it right down Whyte Avenue on a busy Friday night, when all the “Get a trade get laid get paid” douchebags are at the bars. That would solve 90 percent of that city’s problems.

    It’s going to take the city more than riding on the coat tails of hockey, having a transit system that shuts down before midnight, a badass radio station with a stupid slogan like “The station with NO RULES” when they have to follow CRTC regulations and labour laws (what a stupid slogan), the highest murder rate per capita, shitty air quality from the oil sands, and people coming up with poor arguments for defending their city than that, in order to be taken seriously as a city at all.

  77. Luke says :

    Interesting find that I made tonight. I’ve lived in a few large cities around the world and returned back to Edmonton. I think every city is what you make of it. I live in downtown Edmonton and rarely have to use my vehicle to get around. Seasons don’t bother me as I embrace all seasons – having a passion in doing winter sports is a plus in this city. Every city has its interesting people that I might not identify with. What makes Edmonton home and great for me is that I have friends and family, access to the river valley, access to restaurants and cultural facilities downtown and near university and Whyte avenue. I think the reason some people “hate” something is because they might not have found the right fit for them. I know I’ve lived in cities like Brisbane where life in he suburbs can be up exciting like suburban Edmonton. Most of the comments here seem to focus on people’s lack of understanding of what is good for one person might not be for another. I value those people in Edmonton that have come to terms with the city and know it’s heart. I stay away from the negative people of any city that complain about a city – on many occasions I have said if you hate …..vancouver….calgary…edmonton….toronto so much….move. After that I usually don’t hang with those people because they are emotionally draining. The writer of he blog is an example of someone ranting as if opinions matter. Opinions are just that….more a reflection of the people.

    Just my two cents….in the future try avoiding the word HATE….it tells me more of you perspective of the world than what is actually there.

  78. A Liberal Calgarian says :

    I am a former Maritimer who currently lives in Calgary. I recently went on a road trip with my fiance to Edmonton, and I have to say – it’s absolutely horrid, and I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

    For a provincial capitol with a reputation for the arts, more liberal ridings than Calgary and a great university (well, compared to U of C anyway) I was expecting a cosmopolitan city with historical character buildings.

    Nope. The first thing I saw was a, outlandish white monster truck heading into Edmonton at breakneck speeds with a Jesus fish stuck to the back. When we stopped for coffee, there was a minivan painted up with angels and large text proclaiming, “JESUS IS COMING BACK!!! ARE YOU READY?!” Apparently Edmonton is ready, as I have never seen so many Jesus-fish in my life – and I live in Calgary. I went there with an open mind, because I’d heard that Edmonton had a better arts scene than Calgary – but it was the most awful city I’ve ever set foot in (and I’m a former flight attendant, so I’ve travelled a lot).

    The entire vibe of Edmonton is just wrong. It’s like it’s stuck in the 80s. I actually saw a woman with a mullet. I thought Calgary was bad for box stores – Edmonton has the box store honed to a fine art. Who needs landscaping when you can sport a giant parking lot?

    If I could move anywhere, I’d move to Vancouver or Victoria – they are by far the prettiest cities in Canada with a great social/arts scene. I am not a big fan of Toronto – I found it to be horribly unfriendly and somewhat snobbish, but admittedly I was only there for a week and was attending a classical guitar conference with my fiance (my fiance is the guitar player – I was bored out of my mind, but the classical guitar crowd here in Calgary are just as obnoxious). Plus my experience on the subway was a little terrifying (some dude was arguing with his own reflection, like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. LOL!).

    Though I never really warmed up to Toronto (I’m sure I would given enough time to pursue things I’m interested in – the service in restaurants was always outstanding and ), I’d live there in a heartbeat over Edmonton. It took me years to learn to like Calgary (only after the recent flood and seeing how people pulled together to help one another have I really gotten to love it) and become accustomed to the rampant conservatism here (being a liberal-minded, pro-science, free-thinking atheist vegetarian environmentalist in Alberta is a dangerous thing to be unless you’re smart enough to hide it. LOL!). I used to think Calgary was the worst city in Canada until I visited Edmonton. The people were unfriendly (even when we didn’t tell them we lived in Calgary! LOL!), the drivers were obnoxious and it oozes conservatism and red-neckery. My fiance asked me if I wanted to see some landmark downtown, and I said, “Nope! I’ve seen enough of this fucking place! Get me the HELL out of here!”

    If I could live anywhere in Canada, I would choose Vancouver or Victoria (earthquakes be damned!) for their great arts scene, weather and natural beauty, but you couldn’t pay me enough to live in Edmonton. That city oozes obnoxiousness, new money and conservatism, and though I have wonderful friends that live there, I just can’t take the vibe of that city. Calgary might be a workaholic’s wet dream, and Calgary might be left wanting in terms of arts and culture, but I’d rather live here than in Edmonton, because at least Calgary is trying to move forward (and we have the best mayor in Canada in my opinion). It’s a shame, I expected Edmonton to be a more liberal and artsy city – instead, its landscape is blighted by box stores, jacked-up trucks and a downtown core that looks like it’s seen its peak in 1986. No thanks.

    I agree with everything you said, Ben – except I think you held back a bit. LMAO!

  79. Sickifshittypeople says :

    I know this is an old post but I was so happy to see other people hate Edmonton. We moved here a year ago and we absolutely hate it. I keep hoping it will get better but it never does.

  80. Patti says :

    Ten things I hated about Toronto:

    1. overcrowded transit all the time
    2. exuberant housing costs
    3. stagnant smog
    4. the painfully hip hipsters of parkdale
    5. the rat race. people always asking first and foremost ‘WHAT DO YOU DO, WHERE DO YOU LIVE. HOW MUCH DO YOU PAY RENT’. everyone is hustling so hard, constantly preoccupied with the bottom line and the hustle. it’s no way to live.
    6. all the guys in little condom toques that sit atop their heads
    7. all the guys with pretentious, phoney, immaculate beards.
    8. Blundstones and Hunter rain boots everywhere you look.
    9. Blundstones and Hunters on everyone’s over sized pets that they insist on owning while they live in homes that are only 500 square feet and that don’t have backyards.
    10. that there is nowhere to be alone and find nature for a few hours.

    by the way, Edmonton does have an identity but you wouldn’t see it because its not being bought and sold to you at all times like it is in huger cities.

    • morecleverthanyou says :

      Listen, I can hear your one and only braincell screaming alone in the dark.

      • redevil1987 says :

        again you prove what turd you are.

        She listed tons of relevant reason ( to be exact she gave us 10 of them, in case if you can’t count). Don’t worry I will count it for you. I am always happy to help underprivileged kids so that they don’t need to show more of their brainless rage on insignificant forums.

        again your response to her comment is a complete crap. Probably a good reflection of the personality.

        not even one relevant statement. Nobody even takes your opinion under consideration. Good luck on your future job interviews. I am assuming you are unemployed or working with crackheads.

    • Alex says :

      Typical answer from a simpleton…can’t expect much more.

  81. Johnd909 says :

    This kind of game gives a real experience of building a farm and planting trees. ckeaacckdgde

  82. redevil1987 says :

    at leat half of the points you have made makes no sense.

    I agree on trucks and malls, and maybe some kind of self identity. But thats it.

    • morecleverthanyou says :


      “at least half of the points you have made makes no sense.”

      Its not other peoples problem that your too stupid to understand plain English.

      edmonton sucks on every conceivable level in this consciousness. deal with it crack child.

      • redevil1987 says :

        you are the most pathetic person on this forum. Congrats.

        At least make one sentence that could support your main (foolish) logic.

        “edmonton sucks on every conceivable level in this consciousness. deal with it crack child”

        wow really, is this a slogan or some type of banner from your political campaign

  83. Joseph says :

    I live in sherwood park just outside edmonton. My family moved here from toronto and i’m in grade 10 age 16 and i’m old enough to see edmonton for what it is. Edmonton is in my opinion the most useless run down redneck hockey loving racist pickup truck loving redneck racist white trash overly polluted poorly made extremely boring lackluster hick town full of foul mouth over patriotic redneck white trash pile of gorilla shit to grace gods green earth.
    Now I know that sounded childish but thats as true as ot gets.
    1 is the people don’t have any good qualities. There a bunch of retarded rednecks who think they are better then the rest of the world. There extremely racist too. I am italian which is Mediterranean so I am kinda darker and I get no respect because of that. Its a joke here. Who the fuck cares about your color? The day before I entered a 7-11 store wearing a scarf colored after the italian flag because of world cup and some white trash redneck fucker gave me the dirtiest look ever. He was about my age and because im cheering for my team that is bad. And then theres the extreme hicks. They drive the biggest most pathetic over sized piece of shits on the road. Most rednecks are poor in america but here in edmonton they got lots of $$$$$$ and im not lieing. These people spend anywhere between $80000 to $120000 on their hill billie mobiles. Who would pay that much to modify a vehicle thats made to carry around manure? And those hanging testicles aint that cool either. Usually these trucks also have desiel engines with all emission controls off and straight pipes so they sound like vacuum cleaners and fire out black smoke which is annoying when your walking down the sidewalk and a random truck comes along and fires a shit ton of smoke into your face. Another annoying thing is people who drive by in there vehicles and yell something rude to you. Walking around sherwood just isn’t worth it. Biking is even worse. You better have a $1000 bike or prepare for the worst bashing possible. In sherwood park you must ride with caution if you have a budget bike. So the only other way to get around is your car but thats bad too. If you have a small car or a european car your branded as a “queer”. Everyone has a pickup and its dreadful seeing them everywhere. No diversity in cars but people are even less diverse. White trash and thats it. Worst is they are as generic as people get. They all have the same lame ass hair cut. Same lame ass baseball hats. They all wear the same clothes and worst of all though I dont mean to be mean but they all look and act like inbreds. Its either there inbreds or just uneducated and deformed by the refinery. Guys are pretty bad but girls are not much better. Though they are pretty they act all snobby about it. They think there the best. Just like guys here girls are racist too. If your not white then your nothing and i’m not white. Back to girls is there rude and arrogant and only like people who look like these “inbreds”. They think there above the rest of this world and its just not true there actually the lowest form of female. People of both genders annoy the crap out of me just as much as their pickups and country music dose. I dont mean to be rude if I did but im just telling the truth. Yesterday I was hanging out with one of my friends and what was there to do? NOTHING!!! No places to go and no activities to do. Went to tim hortons and then my house and thats it. And then theres sports. In edmonton and surrounding areas people seem to like hockey. Its even worse that hockey players say they always got girls on there dicks. Then they go to say if play or like any other sport your a “fag”. And if you dislike hockey then your treated like a dog. Its stupid but its true. Then theres “hockey moms” who think putting their stupidly named big headed son in hickey makes them good people. You boy suffers enough living with you dont force them into hockey. And they also take their husbands pay while he works down in the oil sands and spends it on stupid shit. Its like the even worse redneck version of the already shitty suburban living. Then theres housing. Its a joke. All you get are a bunch of 2000 sq ft $700000 generic tract mansions. Every 5th house looks exactly the same. Once I took a walk down the road and found my exact house 5 houses down the street. The only form of character are the old houses which are smaller but nicer. Now not all of edmonton is bad. Some parts have nicer more diverse people, Less of. A hockey following and better vehicles and housing. You got to travel a bit but once you find one of the good parts of edmonton find out where you are and live there. My review of edmonton gives it a 0/10 but some of those good areas dont feel like edmonton but more like calgary get a 7-8 out of 10.

  84. Joseph says :

    I also forgot to mention the police are irresponsible and they don’t pull over big redneck trucks that ride over curbs and go far above the speed limit.

    • Noru says :

      I know the author posted this list back in 2008, but I thought I would add in my own view as well seeing as other people are still commenting on this.

      First, the bare facts. I was born and raised in Edmonton. I’ve spent most of my life there. I have also travelled extensively, lived in Singapore, and I am currently living in a small city in Japan.

      Now onto my opinion.

      I do agree that the urban planning in Edmonton is bad. They have a grid system with the city centre being 100 ave and 100 street. This probably worked well when Edmonton was smaller, and it does make it convenient in certain areas to navigate the roads, but Edmonton has outgrown this. The newer areas are insular suburbs and feel really disconnected from the main city. They have a cookie cutter feel, but that’s not unusual because they were built so recently and very fast.

      Also, public transportation is terrible! One job I worked at took 20 min to drive to, but if I took the bus, it took me 1 and half hours or more. If you live outside the main downtown area, you definitely need a car to live.

      As for sports, Edmonton is Oiler crazy, but many cities have one or two teams that they love the best. There are many other sport options, but they are more grassroots and not big budget affairs.

      The nightlife is lacking in Edmonton. Edmonton is a big city that feels like a small town. And, West Edmonton Mall is good if you want lots of different stores within easy access, but it is not an attractive building and not really special. It is what it is called, just a mall.

      As for the muscle trucks, they bother me. Some people really do need trucks for commuting to work (in the oil industry because of the tough back roads) or for their farm. But there are many who own gas guzzling shining machines who take up too much space. I really don’t like the superficiality of showing off your money like that.

      All this aside, there are good points of living in Edmonton. There is an art community, especially theatre, but it is not as easily noticeable from the surface. There are things to do, but advertising is lacking, so it is a bit harder to find. The river valley is lovely to walk and bike. There are also lots of jobs and a pretty good economy. The education system and libraries are good too.

      Will I live in Edmonton in the future? Maybe/maybe not.

      After experiencing many other cities worldwide I do find myself missing certain things that Edmonton doesn’t have. Edmonton is too quiet for my taste. When I live there I miss a pedestrian lifestyle, and an easy outdoor culture. I also miss good public transportation and more.

      What bothers me most though, out of everything, is the ignorant and condescending attitude of some the comments on here. Of course there are more negative comments online. It’s common with a lot of topics. And some people have very good reasons for disliking Edmonton. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

      But, don’t label everyone in Edmonton with the same broad brushstroke. Calling Edmontonians ignorant, mean, and stupid makes you seem ignorant, mean, and stupid as well. Edmonton, like any city, is full of many different people. Most of the people I know there weren’t even born in Edmonton, and quite a few moved to Edmonton recently from other parts of Canada. So by calling Edmontonians ignorant, mean, and stupid, you are also calling other nationalities and Canadians that too.

      I personally think Edmonton is an ok place to live even though Edmonton has the misfortune of growing too fast to accommodate itself. While I do agree it is definitely not a top city and there are some negatives living there, it is by no means a bottom city. Once the population growth is more stabilized and infrastructure catches up, I think it will be a better city.

      • Noru says :

        As for Joseph, I just want to clear up that this comment is not directed completely at you. I wanted to leave a comment for the whole blog entry and pressed reply to your entry. I apologize.

      • Dan says :

        Noru,let me first say that your opinion on this blog is the most intelligent one I’ve read so far and that you hit the nail on the head describing Edmonton…for the most part.
        Like you,I was born and raised (and still leaving in) Edmonton.In the last 15 yrs. I’ve come to the opinion that the one thing that’s holding Edmonton back from reaching it’s true potential and becoming a great city is current city council (most of them anyway),especially Mayor Iveson.This council and the one under Mandel before it are the worst I’ve ever seen at running the city. Very seldom do I see glints of common sense from them. Here are some reasons why I have this opinion

        -they are out of touch with the tax-payers concerns
        -they are big dreamers and spenders,spending tax money on boondoggles like the LRT and not on core services like road maintenance
        -0 fiscal prudence and 0 accountability and that is why city taxes have gone up 70 % in the last decade

        We don’t need and can’t afford to have people like this running things.

        Here’s hoping I win the lotto max jackpot !

  85. Liz says :

    Oh no…I was sad to find this list. But happily, these are all of the things Edmontonians hate about the city as well. Sorry you missed out on our best; better tour guide next time. :)

    • reacherdreamer says :

      I lived in Edmonton from 2009-2011, and during that time tried to love it and carve out a happy life there. I was far from happy, though. Even though quality-of-life issues like transit (I lived car-free) obviously affected my happiness, I realized that my greatest unhappiness came from being an “outsider” in a city that does not embrace “outsiders”. Now, the term “outsider” is not exactly the most appropriate as it connotes being born in a place versus not born in a place. The inside/outside culture of Edmonton is far more detrimental; there is an “inside” track for those who think the same, act the same, and do not push outside that box. Everyone not willing to shut up and do the same is an “outsider”.

      I live now in a city that has its own problems–what city doesn’t?–but the biggest difference is that here I can be respected for my unique contributions, and the goal is to do my part in my way to continue to make my community a healthy and happy place to live.

      Because Edmonton tends toward insulation because it is fairly remote, the hurdle it must jump over completely is this mentality. This type of mentality stifles the kinds of input and ideas that ultimately give a city well-rounded character, depth, and cohesive planning and development. And, unfortunately, this kind of mentality provides the opportunity for corruption and abuse of power; corruption and power trips are never erased completely, but out of all the places I have lived, corruption was by far the worst in Edmonton. (My home city list includes Chicago–notorious for its long history of corruption!–and Edmonton was far worse!)

      There were things I liked about Edmonton, and I encountered really kind people who were frightened to take any step that might make them an “outsider” as well as some truly terrible, awful souls who had been granted power they abused, and in so doing created a very toxic environment.

  86. Ben Sharpe says :

    You are such an ignorant Torontonian cunt. Please don’t ever come back.

    • R says :

      You are the perfect example of what Albertans are like. This is how you all talk. You’re in denial your city sucks chode. And exactly why the rest of Canada does’t like you people. And Torontonians hate you guys just as much as you hate us. So we’re good than.

  87. MrTantamount says :

    I know this is an anonymous forum. But why do I and many others on here — when we give very positive-toned constructive criticism on Edmonton (or how to improve our city) receive hatred-laced racist,xenophobic,homophobic, immensely cruel and even psychotic responses on this blog post Ben (from Toronto) made? It doesn’t make people who live in Edmonton or Central or Northern Alberta look good when they write such things. I will give you just one example of many using copy and paste.


    “Ben Sharpe says : December 28, 2014 at 2:10 pm

    You are such an ignorant Torontonian cunt. Please don’t ever come back.”


    On my YouTube channel when I gave criticism of Edmonton that was constructive and balanced a trifling coward hiding behind a computer using the alias of “Eric Bronsan” wrote these furious & hatred-filled words.



    “Dude, it’s pretty obvious who you are. I might agree with you on somethings, and I definitely disagree with you on others. However, you are likely an unpleasant, arrogant, unappealing, pseudo-intellectual jerk. You say that it’s lonely not being a blue-collar conservative in Edmonton? Leave your house and stop being an asshole. If the first thing you judge people on is their political beliefs, you’re going to have a hard time making friends no matter what, and even people who share your beliefs are probably repelled by your hostility. Your constant negativity is also ridiculous. Don’t like Edmonton? Fine. Don’t like Edmontonians? Fine! But I don’t think that’s your problem. It’s that you don’t like people and it’s not because they’re assholes to you, it’s that you are an asshole to them. You find yourself lonely because you drive people away. Fix yourself, and you’ll find the problems around you become a lot less pronounced (if they existed in the first place).”


    “Well Mr. Bronsan. You were right about me being an asshole to other people and alienating them. But that , in truth, hasn’t been totally factual for years. Not since 2007. But, even then I wasn’t that bad of a guy. I have only a minor criminal record, provincial or federal, no gang affiliation. I’ve never been posted on “The Dirty- Edmonton”. Life is give and take and other people have been less than hospitable to me themselves in the past. It’s not just a one way street. I’m no saint, but I’m not a bad man. I have no friends locally- this is true. I would have to have friends or at least ( I don’t work) work associates in order to truly alienate people. You, yourself, are being extremely judgmental towards me. You’ve never met me and certainly don’t know me. The videos that I have done in a comedic style have comedic license. They are scripted and acted. How you would you like it if I called you names? Am I unpleasant,arrogant and unappealing. Sure, in my worst moments. I speak objectively and unbiased on things like Edmonton having bad public transit, many people driving over-sized vehicles and most people in Edmonton not believing in climate change and voting for either the PC’s or Wildrose. Many social science studies proof this. Those are facts. I leave my home all the time. I walk many hours a week for physical exercise.You don’t have a facebook profile under the name of Eric Bronsan. Not one match in the world on the facebook search engine. I assume you are using a “pen name” as Bronson not “Bronsan” would be much more likely of a real surname. You have contradicted yourself. You harp on me for being judgmental yet you’ve called me, “hostile”,”negative” and an “asshole”.Like you just haven’t jumped the gun on judging me. You’ve made massive assumptions about my personal character. I’ve volunteered at the Bissell Centre for hundreds of hours in the past. How is that for character? If we spoke about this in person over a friendly cup of tea maybe you would have a more humanistic and kind-hearted view of me as a man.


    Wow, you are full of yourself. Really, you have nothing better to do than google my “fake name”. You know why I do that? Because I have a life that isn’t dependent on making youtube videos no one watches. Also, I couldn’t care less about what you don’t like or dislike about Edmonton. You are an insignificant speck that will never have an impact on the world (most people are) and you try to make up for it by acting as if your words carry more weight than they really do. Do I sound judgmental? Good, because my guess is you have no one in your life to give you any feedback what so ever, positive or negative. You don’t work, which is fine I couldn’t care less what you do with your life, yet you rail against the “blue-collar” working people of a city that is too good for you. Also, I can already tell why you don’t have friends, and it’s not because other people are bad. Simple logic will outline this for you: Edmonton’s population is over 1 million. You have NO friends. What do you think is the reason you don’t? The fact that out of 1 million people, there is no one worthy of you or compatible with a wide variety of beliefs or interest? Or that YOU actively repel people with your narcissism. If you think you are unique, you’re wrong. People like you are a dime a dozen. Willing to dish out criticism but not take it. You are just self righteously criticizing others while living off the fruits of their labour. By the way, there is an enormous amount of well educated, thoughtful people in Edmonton, I know, I call them my friends and family. I might be a liberal, but guess what? I have friends that are PC, Wildrose, climate change deniers. I do because normal people don’t bring political beliefs up in their first conversation. Normal people don’t assume they are better than others simply because they have a different set of beliefs. Normal people don’t care about always searching for conflict (as it is clear you love doing). Edmonton has 1 million normal people. You are the outlier, and that’s not a good thing. If you think there is a single successful person in history that was not able to relate to normal people, you’re wrong. Happiness, friendship and success don’t come from sitting in a troll cave judging other people. It comes from being nice to the people you come across, checking your ego at the door, and doing your best to help out. Oh, and no, I won’t be meeting you for a “friendly cup of tea,” and I’m not interested in being your “social associate.” Why? I’m not a pretentious loser. Maybe one day you’ll take some initiative to not be so antagonistic but until then, I’m not interested in interacting with someone like you at all.



















    You are a useless human being. You don’t have any “fans” dude, stop deluding yourself. The “bigotry” against you is NOT UNFAIR. You deserve criticism, but you will never accept it. Also, don’t say you like hip hop, you’re so fat, you probably aren’t hip, and you certainly can’t hop. I’d throw trash like you in the garbage, but you’re too heavy to pick up.”

    Okay I will ask, all of you on this blog post,

    1. those that love their home city Edmonton
    2. those that are ambivalent towards Edmonton and live here
    3. those that live here out of economic necessity
    4. those that don’t live in Edmonton
    5. new Edmontonians
    6. those that live in Edmonton and dislike it
    7. Ben (from Toronto) ; the creator of this blog

    , can we please have better civil discourse than this?

    • xxx says :

      you’re really stupid, and twice as ugly. it’s clear you have no purpose on this planet and your existence is pointless.

  88. R says :

    Moved here 5 years ago with wife and son from Ontario. god I miss it and appreciate it so much after being here this long. Edmonton is meh. not a horrible place but after a year of living here I was done. 4 years later and I feel like i’m going to lose my mind.

    Don’t very much like a lot of the people who are from here either. Most of the people I like aren’t even from here. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that was shaped like the province of Alberta and it said “Fuck off. We’re full already”. In a nut shell that describes Albertans, from my experience working and living with them.

    I was told before coming it was more cultured than Calgary. Maybe but I’d still pick Calgary over this place any day. Edmontonians over hype this place with claiming festival city and all that shit. True festivals happen, but there’s still more and better festivals in other cities in Canada. Edmonton has very little going for it.

    As someone’s already said here, it will change you for the worst. I’ve become somewhat more of a bitter person after 5 years here. I’ve tried to find the positive but the few good things it has going isn’t enough. i was hoping it would grow on me after 5 years. It hasn’t. Can’t wait to get out of here next spring.

    Anyone thinking of moving here permanently. You’ll regret it. Plus apparently they’re full already.

    • rosered says :

      This article made me giggle. Sorry folks, but only pretentious douche bags could say they like living in a city, be it Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto or Winnipeg. Us rural farm folks have a good laugh at city folk, no matter what city they happen to live in. Rude, obnoxious, criminal, shallow people seem to flock to our cities. How anyone can sleep through the blaring, roaring, rush of the never ending traffic is beyond me. How anyone can think a city is an ideal place to live boggles my mind. And quite honestly, us country/small town folk have very different ideals than our misguided brethren that clog up our Canadian cities. We like to be able to rely on our neighbours and ourselves, we wave and smile when we pass other drivers on the road, and we generally help those in need of help in our communities. The problem is that cities destroy tight knit communuties and replace them with self centered ideals. Everyone should know their neighbours, if you don’t its likely you live in a crappy crowded city. And quite honestly Toronto was one of the most crowded, ugly (rusted green sheet metal barricades and gross toll highways anyone?) disgusting and criminal cities I’ve ever had the displeasure to visit. Vancouver was just as gross but so much more welcoming and pretty. If you, Ben, think of Toronto as a safehaven, I feel incredibly sorry for you. Poor born and raised city folk, your pussification knows no end. Get a few real experiences under your belt, rope some calves, fish and hunt, hike, snowmobile or just otherwise enjoy Alberta’s natural beauty before you judge an entire province on what is admittedly an ugly, industrial and completely neccesary city. Ontario was beautiful, Toronto was NOT. ;)

      • Rob Mark says :

        haha. Didn’t know cowboys were so open about giggling. Thought only 12 year old girls giggle. Sorry but this is another reason I hate being in Alberta. Very narrow minded and judgmental people from here. You’re pretty much saying a majority of Canadians are douches, cause that’s a big population. And there’s a lot of pretentious douches who live in the country too. That’s great you rural folks have a good laugh at us city folk. you don’t have anything better to do I guess. Must get really boring our there in the country so why not talk about other people and how they’re not like you. You see, judgemental. we city folk don’t even give two thoughts about you rural folk and what you can and can’t do. We could care less. We’re too busy living our lives. What you’re saying is rude and shallow. Lots of nice non-criminals living in cities. But again, judging. As for the noise and traffic, I guess if you lived beside a highway, but that’s a small part of cities. I love that in cities like Toronto you can go out at 12am in the summer and walk around and be surrounded by other people enjoying the city as well, and not be drunk. i doubt it’s the same for small towns. I’ve lived in small towns before and visited many and you can’t do anything fun after 8pm except eat and drink. i hated that I would work 9-5 and by the time I got home from work I couldn’t do any shopping and get things i needed because everything was closed. I would have to get my necessities during my lunch hour. it’s very annoying. But that’s what Edmonton is pretty much like. Nothing open after 5 except bars. What an awesome exciting life style. So much diversity.

        Rural people are friendly and city people do keep more to themselves, but does’t mean we’re not friendly. I help my neighbours all the time, and vis-versa. We also help those in need in our communities. I don’t know where you get info that tells you city people are not caring of each other. But if you live in the suburbs than yeah it usually is more cold and people don;t care about each other. I think that’s the part of cities you’re referring too. Suburbia. Which is why I hate Edmonton because that’s most of the city. No one walks and interacts with each other except for when they need to do their mundane tasks. kind of like the small town experience at the local Wal-mart. It’s depressing. And i disagree agree everyone should know their neighbours. Because if you do something wrong or embarrassing everyone talks and finds out. And in small towns you have to fit in and follow the norm otherwise you’re considered weird and you become alienated. IN the big city you can be whoever you wan’t and know one cares. And it’s easier to find like minded people.

        Toronto is an amazing city with so much too do 24/7, that does;t always involved getting drunk. For example I wish I was in Toronto right now and to watch the pan am games. Or go to a good concert, or enjoy thousands of different restaurants and bars. Or go to a Blue Jays game, or raptors, or leafs. i could seriously go on. You can feel sorry for me, but I feel sorry for you because you;re missing out. My grandpa has farmed his whole life and most of his exciting days was spent on the farm and going to bed ad 8pm. There’s some perks to living in the country but I would be so bored I’d blow my brains out. i love fishing, never hunted and probably never will. But if I were in Toronto i could drive an hour in any direction and find some good fishing. Fishing in Alberta sucks. you have to drive to hours to the mountains to do any decent fishing. you’re pretty much in BC by than. I’ve been all around Alberta, yeah it’s got some nice parts and you can find beauty anywhere you go. But being able to wave hi to people and look at open fields all day isn’t gonna keep me sane.

        Enjoy the country life.

    • Alex says :

      Can’t agree with you more. The number of ignorant people living in this city is absurd. I’ve spent most of my living in Toronto and Ottawa and wow was this city a shocker. A year in and I’m ready to go! It’s a different world out here, and one I hope to get away from very soon. I have never encountered so many teen/early 20 something mothers. If you’re from a small town this is most certainly, “Simpleville,” and you’ll like it just fine. Otherwise stay far….far away!

  89. Matthew Smith says :

    have lived in edmonton for about 26 years and everything here is true, the urban sprawl is ridiculous, the new high density style homes are hideous, the city looks like a giant work camp with its cookie cutter homes. Go to the Hamptons or any of the newer subdivisions and its like a crappy US town from the 50s with model A or B homes all along the street. The night life is terrible, Im lucky I have a good group of friends that house parties are just a better way to have fun than a bad nightclub with overpriced smirnoff. We would take weekend trips to vegas and end up spending less than if we balled out as hard in Edmonton. They know people want to leave and thats why they also tax the living hell out of flights leaving the country. Its a joke…

    The people are good though, yes there are rednecks, yes there are rig pigs but thats due to the job market. It wasnt even like this 10 years ago but Edmontonians are friendly people for the most part and most of the racists keep to themselves. But for how expensive it is to live in Edmonton if you are an average Canadian, which I am, means basics like groceries are expensive. I traveled to Hawaii and for a place that has to import everything, the prices there were cheaper than in Edmonton. I’ve never seriously considered moving away but I’m now looking at options to live in a smaller city where property taxes aren’t going toward wasteful spending like an arena that will benefit a billionaire. People who think sports stadiums actually help the economy are deluded after all the economic studies done throughout north america that prove the contrary. Don’t forget the horrendous public transport and the fact that the LRT intersects some really busy roads that ends up causing huge traffic jams every day. The lack of planning is what really hurts the city and all these spur of the moment decisions are making Edmonton worse.

    A big issue resides in the fact that a lot of Albertans have never even left the province, let alone the country to actually experience what other cities have to offer. They think the city is amazing because they have nothing to compare it to. It’s just going to be a forever mediocre city filled with a lot of idealistic people.

  90. MrTantamount says :

    Okay. I have previously commented on here giving some of opinions on Edmonton. I live in Greater Edmonton , St. Albert (pretty much part of Edmonton geographically now almost surrounded on all sides by City Of Edmonton land and soon will be). People have dissed me on here because I have a competitive weightlifting channel with some views and smaller cult following. So , in my 28 years of living in the area ….. I feel Edmonton is what it is. It certainly isn’t for me. But due to me being on A.I.S.H. (welfare disability) for anxiety and depression I don’t have the opportunity to move to Vancouver or the Toronto area. It wouldn’t be financially possible. Edmonton is a great city for a more , reserved blue collar kind of person. Regardless of race or ethnicity. It is decent as well more people with medical or technical diplomas or degrees. It is not a very good arts city. I saved for years and went to London,England for 3 weeks about 2 months ago. Edmonton certainly has relatively low cost of living. Terrible arts scene. I am comparing it to Toronto,Vancouver,New Orleans,Atlanta,Paris (France) and London,England. Places I’ve been to before. All of them except for London,England before I was on A.I.S.H. (and had some employment at the time). As for Edmonton versus Calgary. Calgary is the better city. A much more progressive mayor in Mayor Nenshi.
    And the C-Train has much more track laid than the Edmonton L.R.T. . Also Edmonton’s local public sector unions in anything from policing,to E.M.S.,to nursing to municipal government jobs are corrupt and full of nepotism. So are many of Edmonton’s small to mid-sized private industry employers. If you are middle class Edmonton is a good option to live in. It is cheaper than Montreal,Ottawa,Vancouver,Calgary and Toronto and has plenty of those careers I mentioned above. If you are poor (like me) or upper middle class to wealthy it is a much less desirable place to live. I can speak for the poor. It has only one mainstream homeless shelter (Hope Mission ; which does a lot of great work and all Edmontonians should proud of) and a very long winter. Whereas Vancouver or Toronto have literally maybe 50 homeless shelters (or more) each. They do have more homeless but this doesn’t justify Edmonton having one mainline homeless shelter only (for adult males and females , 365 & 24/7) There is apparent racism against Native peoples in Edmonton. Some of this racism done is carried out quietly and discreetly.
    There is a decent sized University in Edmonton with excellent faculties in the Sciences,Nursing,Dentistry,Pharmacy and Engineering. Arts take a major back seat there. Edmonton has terrible public transit and logistic problems with expanding the much needed L.R.T. . It should have been built out all the way to Millwoods ,Sherwood Park,West Edmonton and St. Albert 10 to 15 years ago. With the advent of alternative energy sources and huge over supply / glut of oil internationally Edmonton’s economy will go down in the future. It won’t totally bust but become more like a richer version of Winnipeg. The fact that high traffic retail development is being focused on big box stores you have to drive to…. that hurts both downtown and Whyte Avenue.

  91. Paul Bocian says :

    Edmonton has many wonderful people. It is the city council,the mayor,the local private industry CEO’s (Daryl Katz for example) holding it back. Calgary faces many of the same problems as Edmonton. I see Calgary as a slightly more white collar and more desirable place than Edmonton. But not by much. Alberta itself as a province is growing and changing. But it is miles away from becoming cosmopolitan even to the degree of Greater Vancouver. Alberta is landlocked and bordered by places with very sparse populations. Western Saskatchewan,Eastern B.C. and Montana. Whilst Greater Vancouver and Victoria are near Spokane,Portland (Oregon) and Seattle. Toronto is within a 2 hour flight or less of Greater Montreal and basically every city in America’s North East and Mid-West. Geography holds Edmonton back ; so do the long winters. To improve Edmonton as a more desirable place has to do with the city aesthetically,artistically or physically. The L.R.T. should be built out sooner than later. More “Go-To” places should be built in downtown. This includes even the new arena or “Katz Platz” as I call it. People in Edmonton in general want to live spread out in the suburbs and the real estate development market reflects this. They also want to drive everywhere (instead of walking,cycling or using public transit). This is the mentality of at least 85% or more of Albertans. Part of Albertan history and culture. I will move to the Greater Toronto Area some day. But for now I live here.

  92. Alex says :

    The number of self-entitled ignorant red necks living here is ridiculous! Alberta is the Texas of the US. Wasteful and ignorant province. If you are from a large city and used to people having intellect and class this province is one to avoid.

  93. Alex says :

    For your interest:

    Description of average male in Edmonton:
    1) Overweight
    2) Drives a truck
    3) High school education or less
    4) Wears a ball cap
    5) Listen to country music
    6) No sense of style
    7) Uses the words “seen” and “saw” interchangeably
    8) Ignorant and loud
    9) Smokes

    Description of average female in Edmonton:

    All of the above expect # 4

    In addition:
    1) Most likely has two or more children by the age of 24
    2) Unmarried

    • R says :

      And they can’t drive for shit. I thought driving in Toronto was bad but Albertan drivers amaze me everyday with stupidity. And some Saskatchewan drivers too. They might be worse.

    • ford says :

      I am moving from Vancouver to Edmonton because of the job.. I seems a very nice people look like more worst people…
      most of the people can’t even control their temper… will explore anytime….. that is the sad things. I have more argue in here and people are rude… I mean really rude.. when I finish my contract I will move out of here asap..

      • Trevor mill woods says :

        Maybe we don’t like you because you can’t put a simple sentence together dummy

  94. Mike says :

    preach on brother.

    I’ll add “rampant homophobia” and “douchebag idoltry”.

    Lived there for 4 years. Found that if your a guy and your style sense means you dress respectfully, then complete strangers will either give you the ” fuck you” shit eating “Bro, check out that faggot” smile, or drive past you and call you a faggot. Translation: If you aren’t in a pair of jeans, T-shirt and wearing a baseball cap, then their inner homophone will rise to the surface.

    Well I guess there is the reasoning of “Protest strong enough and people won’t suspect you’re gay”.

    So I suppose Edmonton’s got the highest population of gays in Canada.

    Maybe the ” get a trade, get laid, get paid”, “yeah I’m working on my second divorce”, ” I’m better than you because I got me a REAL job” Edmontonians are just angry because there aren’t enough gay bars in the city.

  95. Revo says :

    I have lived in 12 States, and 3 Provinces- By far the most expensive place I have ever lived. Plus the housing is so bad, I have a 450 square foot Apartment, for 1000 per month. Had to wait 1 months to get into it, because there just isn’t housing available. Plus parking costs money, everywhere. The Gross Provincial Funding must come from Parking- average cost at the University is 1.25 cents per 15 minutes- $5.00 per hour. On the streets it’s closer to 3 or 4 dollars per hour. Even in a home where you have to park on the street, you have to buy parking permit to park at your own home, or you will be ticketed. Gas Price fluctuate from 91 cent per litre to 1.14 per litre over night, with little warning. The taxes on Vehicles from other Provinces or the US are so high, in some cases it’s better to buy a nice used car. The Pot holes are big enough to fall into, while in your car, the troglodytes live down there, I can only assume. The average night out for 2 people, at a dive bar, a movie and maybe a cheap dinner- aka nothing fancy, will cost between 200 – 250 dollars.
    The cheese here is awful. If you like cheese, don’t live here. It’s crap.
    The Provincial “Sin” tax on Alcohol, Tobacco, and Gas, yes, on Gas, because that’s an addition, not something you have to have to get to work, get’s jacked up at the drop of a hat. In the first 6 months I live here, it was raised 4 times.
    Reconsider Moving here. The comment on SPorts teams, they had a Lacrosse Team that won the NLL CHampionship 2015- two weeks afterward relocated to Regina because the Owner of Rexall/New Oiler’s Arena refused to have them in the new facility. A lot of politics here to top off the expensive cost of living/low pay rates. Toronto, Vancouver, Even White Horse, Yukon is better compared to this.

  96. Surrounded by idiots says :

    Why are there so many sick children and sick adults in and around Edmonton? – Every time I look at a newspaper or watch the news there is another sick kid we are supposed to feel sorry for… WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE SO SICK?!??!?!?!??!??!?

    Why are there so many suicides, murders, stand-offs, sexual assaults, apartment fires for such a small city? 800 000 people is small. The amount of crime in and around Edmonton is staggering..

    I hate living here so much.

  97. Surrounded by idiots says :

    Psychologist referral in edmonton = some random idiot calls you and tells you to go to a walk in clinic.

  98. Alberta Redneck says :

    “Ben” Sounds like a fagot that came to Edmonton to make money because he was only getting Big Black Haitian down in Toronto.

    Did you fall asleep in traffic dick head? We have money to buy trucks and more money to lift them and put the realistic size of Alberta’s balls so Fagan like you gets scared and run back to the Haitian anal iaton. Stay in Toronto and waist 4 years of your life in traffic! Pay 15 % on the dollar and work for 35k a year.. we laughing hard to all your east cost slaves down there. In another year or whatever Edmonton will push for the Stanley cut. And because you don’t watch hokey makes you a 3 times star loser..this is Canada fuck face that what we play here if you are not happy BEN you should shut the fuck up and go live in Haiti. Ungrateful fag!

  99. Nima says :

    Shoot, I accidentally pressed enter and entered the post above. Please delete. Anyway, I agree 100%!!

    I grew up in a developing country and been on 3 continents. Edmonton is THE WORST major city I’ve ever been in! By far! Agree with everything you said. In every country, and in every major city, you have problems. But these problems are compensated by positives. Edmonton doesn’t have any. Conservative people, disgusting looking city and infrastructure and awful ass backward everything. The whole province is like a post apocalyptic wasteland that’s trying its best to re-develop after discovering the cure to whatever caused the apocalypse. It’s like they know that they need to re-build after the doom that caused the city to go to waste, but they have no idea how.

  100. andy says :

    Get the fuck out of Edmonton. Totally mismanaged bullshit. Edmonton raping the economy and it’s residence.

  101. ecoalberta says :

    1) I think the poor urban organization is not particularly due to incompetence; it’s due to corruption between officials and developers.
    2) I’m not sure what it means for a city to have “identity”. There’s about 1 million people in the capital region, and they have a lot of different opinions, dreams, and attitudes.
    3) I don’t follow sports, but apparently the Edmonton Eskimos are a first-rate CFL team. They won the Grey Cup last year.
    4) For decades, Edmonton had the only ridings in Alberta that consistently elect Liberal and NDP MPs.
    5) Nobody’s forcing you to go to that bar. There are plenty of craft breweries and gay nightclubs for the discriminating hipster.
    6) Bill Whatcott got 1.1% of the vote, so he’s not representative of Edmontonian attitudes. Pamela Gellar, Donald Trump, and Bill O’Reilly all hail from New York, but that doesn’t define the personality of the city.
    7) I once posted a list of 10 or 20 things to do on a visit to Edmonton, and West Edmonton Mall didn’t even occur to me. I’ve only been there 6 or 7 times in the last decade. Having said that, it does have a first-rate waterpark if you’re travelling with kids.
    8) I don’t know why you expected tumbleweeds. Edmonton’s biome is aspen parkland; it’s not a spaghetti western.
    9) I’ve criticized the trucks many times myself. Our carbon tax is only 6.7 cents/L, so those will probably be around for a while.
    10) Truck nuts are terrible, but as far as I know, they’re not particularly an Alberta thing. Google doesn’t suggest an Alberta connection.

    I think one reason new arrivals hate Edmonton is that so many of them moved here to make money. It’s no wonder that they don’t feel at home if they only came for a paycheque.

    Granted, Edmonton has a mediocre ballet company, a pathetic stand-up comedy scene, and an appalling zoo. However, our live theatre scene is fantastic and its schedule is packed. You can’t throw a stone without having it bounce off three improv groups. Some of our festivals (Street Performers, Fringe) are among the largest in the world. Our living history museums (we have several in the capital region, although Fort Edmonton Park is the most active) rival the best in the world. Edmontonians are also open-minded risk-takers: many Canadian or international chains like Wok Box, Booster Juice, Planet Organic, and the Running Room had their first store in Edmonton. In just the last two years, we gained 11 escape room companies and a plethora of board-game cafes. It works in reverse, too: US chains planning to spread into Canada often put their first store in Edmonton (e.g. Victoria Secret, Bath & Body Works, and Calvin Klein).

    • Paul Bocian says :

      Edmonton is a fine city for most of it’s residents . Most Edmontonians aren’t expecting their city to be Vancouver . Let alone Montreal or Toronto . In the past I have made some negative comments towards Edmonton on this blog post . I regret the negative and cynical tone . I comment on other blogs more and I haven’t posted on here in awhile . I have come to terms with Edmonton . I’ve lived in the area for over 29 years . It’s not world-class city , but it’s home . One day I hope to get the economic opportunity to move to the Greater Toronto Area .

      I won’t do unwarranted boosterism of Edmonton . I won’t bash Edmonton unnecessarily , either .

      Edmonton is a very ,very blue collar city . It is economically diverse outside of just oil & gas related jobs . The economy in Alberta right now is very bad . The worst I have ever seen it in my 29 plus years .

      I hope Edmonton does diversify it’s local economy even more as the U.S.A. , Russia , Western Europe , Oceania , China , The Middle East , Africa , South America & India become more energy independent .

      Edmonton has the potential to be a city of 5 million people if it does . It will take time , though .

      I stand by my assessment of Edmonton having poor public transit . The L.R.T. should have been spread out to West Edmonton Mall , Mill Woods , Castledowns , St. Albert & Sherwood Park 5 years ago . It will probably be another 40 years at least before they get all of those stations completed .

      • Paul Bocian says :

        I typed very quickly . My post may have some syntax , grammar and spelling errors .

      • BLP says :

        not 40 years… 15. Edmonton is 15 years behind in everything.Especially health care. They’ll give a 2yo a punch biopsy for a runny nose.

  102. Paul Bocian says :

    I typed quickly on my last post so I will redo a few things :

    – Edmonton in no way can be compared to Vancouver , Montreal or Toronto . All of those cities are so different from Edmonton that no realistic comparison can be made . Montreal and Toronto are world-class cities . Vancouver is more of a tourist “destination city” than a major world city . Edmonton and Calgary will each surpass Greater Vancouver’s population in less than 20 years . Possibly in just over 10 years .

    – The larger cities in Canada that are most similar to Edmonton are Calgary , Regina , Saskatoon and Winnipeg .

    – Edmonton has a much more diverse local economy than Calgary .

    – The province of Alberta as a whole will struggle in the future economically if it continues to focus so heavily on fossil fuels . I believe that Alberta will eventually move away from being an oil and gas economy . Clean energy , biomedical engineering , tech engineering , electrical engineering , computer / software engineering , food service industry jobs (from the level of a MacDonald’s worker to the millionaire owner of 20-plus franchise sit-down restaurants) , warehousing , government jobs ( whether municipal or provincial — I include such jobs as teachers , doctors and nurses in this category ) , agriculture , tourism and infrastructure construction jobs are Alberta’s future hopes .

    – I retract what I said about Edmonton reaching 5 million people . It could reach 3 to 3.5 million , though .

    – Edmonton’s public transit is terrible . Awful . It is a debacle and a disgrace . Many people in Edmonton live in suburban type housing . Regular Mass Transit directly to these areas is very rare . In this one respect Calgary beats Edmonton . For all of Calgary’s negatives it has this one public amenity over Edmonton . All Edmontonians deserve a modern transit system that covers the entire city . IF YOU ARE THINKING OF MOVING TO EDMONTON YOU SHOULD OWN A CAR IF YOU WANT A CAREER / JOB THAT PAYS A LIVING WAGE ($25.00-$30.00 PLUS AN HOUR) . Many guys I grew up with went into the trades . Every single one of them owns a car and drives . In fact I am the only person older than 25 years old that I know ( that isn’t on Welfare or A.I.S.H. [ I , MYSELF , AM ON A.I.S.H. AND ONLY ONE PERSON I’VE EVER MET ON A.I.S.H. HAD A DRIVER’S LICENSE ] ) that doesn’t own their own car and drive . You have to to hold down a decent job .

    – People often praise Edmonton as being modest , down-to-earth and unpretentious . I agree with that assessment . An urban area of 1.35 million people that seems like only 400,000 people . Edmonton covers a huge land size . Really it is a massive city in land size . Calgary might be the only Canadian city bigger in land size . Because Edmonton is very spread out it seems like it has a lower population than it really does . Edmonton feels like Saskatoon or Regina in a lot of ways . Or Winnipeg . Some differences being the oil and gas culture in Alberta , a larger and more diverse population in Alberta and the lack of a Provincial Sales Tax . Manitoba is less conservative . Saskatchewan can be more conservative .

  103. C says :

    Feel free to NEVER come back!! 😄👍

  104. curley russel says :

    It’s the PC Goverment’s fault, they ruined Alberta!

  105. singey bihn says :

    This city is a shithole

  106. BLP says :

    My name is also Ben. I have lived in Edmonton for a few years now. I’m originally from Ontario. I don’t agree with most of what you listed. I believe Edmonton is a GORGEOUS town with so many AMAZING THINGS to see and do. It is, HOWEVER, populated primarily by the biggest pieces of redneck, right-wing, racist, sexist, cheap, white, middle-aged, male shit. And they all drive giant, spotless, $100,000 trucks, bitch like children about carbon taxes and blame Rachel Notley for the weather. I don’t feel safe letting my family drive on the same roads as these selfish, careless, NEVER signalling morons who will HAPPILY run anyone off the road. It’s really that bad. Just spend 30 seconds on the Whitemud or try one of the roundabouts in the city. Not signaling on a multi-lane roundabout at rush hour is something that idiots and psychopaths do. Edmonton’s got those in spades. Rant over. EDMONTON IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE IT JUST ALSO HAPPENS TO BE FULL OF THE BIGGEST ASSHOLES IN CANADA. I’m moving to BC as soon as possible. Seriously if God’s going to smite a town, it’ll be this one.

  107. Skeeter Skeet says :

    What a surprise, another butthurt libtard… Edmonton is a shithole yea, but the fact that you think people actually care about what you have to say is laughable. Stay in that shithole Toronto, Noone likes you here anyway

  108. McJesus says :

    Edmonton is shit. A poor excuse for a city. I moved here 5 years ago and the past years have been the most difficult of my life. Every winter I feel like blowing my brains out, but I don’t want my parents to know that I died in a shithole Alberta city called Edmonton. They would never forgive me. The people here are dumb and oblivious. If there was ever a modern equivalent to Plato’s cave, Edmonton would be it. Life is too short to suffer in Edmonton. I am so happy I’m leaving. Fuck this place.

    • Trevor mill woods says :

      Lmao you should take your ball and go home you little bitch hahahaha

      • McJesus says :

        I just don’t understand how people say they work 10 or 12 hour days like it’s something to be proud of all the while the city still looks like shit and projects are still behind. LRT metro line to nait is a ….trainwreck, and the walterdale bridge is delayed, again. Let’s put a pile of silver balls by a freeway so people can marvel at the wonders of our city and call it art.

        “man every time I see a cyclist by the road I just want to run it over with my truck” – overheard at school.

        “I was in millwoods the other day. Holy fuck, its fucking pakistan out there. People were looking at me like wtf. I’m glad I live in Spruce Grove” – my foreman.

        Take a risk, it’s the most Edmonton thing you can do.

      • Trevor millwoods says :

        Hahaha Mcjesus Every time I drive past those silver balls they make me think of your wife and how when your working up north I’m bouncing my balls off her chin;)

  109. Trevor mill woods says :

    Wow so many Edmonton haters, our transit sucks because nobody wants to take the bus here, why would you? I didn’t just work 10 hours so I could sit on bus for 45 minutes, if your taking a bus in Edmonton you’ve made some bad life choices Alberta is a fiscally conservative province not morally conservative by any means, we just hate it when the government pisses money away. Most people don’t care if 2 dudes get married or some girl gets an abortion that’s there business.
    West Edmonton mall is really more of a indoor district than a mall, its got a casino multiple night clubs, comedy, sports bars good restaurants,2 hotels, and by far some of the best shopping in Canada, we can afford it;)
    Edmonton is not for everybody, if you come here you should be prepared to work your ass off your not going to get by working at Starbucks part time, If you are a hard worker the possibilities are endless. Edmonton is a tough city very blue collar and we’re proud of it, if you come here run your mouth in a pub the way you do on here somebody will probably punch your teeth out but don’t worry he’ll give you ride to the hospital because he was raised with manners and what’s with everyone calling us racist, drive around any part of the city and you’ll see every colour under the sun for the most part everybody gets along. I would love to see the kkk or a group of skinheads walk through Mill Woods they wouldn’t last a minute. I will agree that the big trucks with cow balls hanging off them is totally stupid, but it was a fad because you really don’t see it anymore .
    The thing about Edmonton is we’re not trying to compare ourselves to Toronto or Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax, Winnipeg Edmonton is just Edmonton and that’s it we barely feel like we’re are part of Canada at the best of times so when you bash us it just reaffirms it and we’ve learned to embrace it because if people out east hate us we must be doing something right.

  110. Alex says :

    My brother sent me this link, he lives in Edmonton, and always talks about how much the rest of Canada hates Alberta so much, I told him it just isn’t true but I stand corrected lol when we went for visit a few years ago we landed in a blizzard, it was the middle of march wtf. So two minutes out of the airport I put my rental in the ditch we weren’t in the ditch more than a minute when a massive truck pulled over and three guys jumped out to see if we needed help, the driver could have pulled us out but said it would probably damage the car, so him and one of the other guys dug us out with a small shovel and a wooden board that was in the back of truck the other guy went and got coffee for everbody. After thirty minutes of shoving he pulled us out with no damage to the car. Did I mention we’re not WHITE.
    When Fort Mcmurry was burning last summer I was talking to my brother and he didn’t seem to worried because as he put it people here will always help each other out in Alberta, and it reminded me of my first hour in Edmonton. Much love to the people of Edmonton!

  111. John says :

    I lived here for 2 years now. I am a person who makes his own mind up about things. If others are saying shit about someone or a place I would like to experience it myself before I make my mind up about it. From what I’ve experienced. What is said in this forum is true. People, you are not alone with your thoughts about this place.

    and Trevor from Millwoods your comment
    “The thing about Edmonton is we’re not trying to compare ourselves to Toronto or Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax, Winnipeg Edmonton is just Edmonton and that’s it we barely feel like we’re are part of Canada at the best of times so when you bash us it just reaffirms it and we’ve learned to embrace it because if people out east hate us we must be doing something right”

    maybe you don’t feel like you’re apart of Canada because people here don’t act like Canadians. You act like Spoiled Teenagers who think they’re better than everybody else.

    PS, when all you could say about a City is Work(school), Drink and going to a Mall, you know your city is just a bunch of Teenagers.

    • Trevor millwoods says :

      Hey John people here don’t think there better than everyone else they just think there better than you, so why don’t you loosen your man bun have a beer and relax;)

  112. Norm Gruhn says :

    your post makes no sense. Toronto? One of the worst planned cities in teh history of cities. Traffic planners form all over the world do helicopters tours over your freeways to learn how not to funnel traffic in/out of a city.

    You criticize free markets. Yes, rent is dictated by the free market. You cant dictate rents at a city level. Clearly you are a renter with no skin in any game and likely on welfare.

    • Yup, the douchebag population of Edmonton is still high. says :

      Doesn’t change the fact that the people in your city are a bunch of xenophobic, knuckle dragging assholes.

      “Get a trade, get laid, get paid, dude! Oh yeah and if some dude’s by himself and he’s dressed better than someone not wearing an Edmonton Oiler’s hockey jersey, then it means they’re a total faggot”.

      That’s the mantra that comes out of most of the dumb asses in your city.

      Bored in Edmonton? Well just go down to Whyte Ave or the Oil City roadhouse and start a fight with a cop, just for kicks. No cops available? No problem, just fuck with any security guard you want.

      The city’s nice and easy to get around in and the rent was amazing but you guys have some serious rat and vermin problems, aka: the people who live there mixed in with the city being the murder capital of Canada.

      Plus it takes ten blizzards before your crews even crawl out of bed to plough the streets in winter.

    • Yup, the douchebag population of Edmonton is still high. says :

      Also: 103.9, the station with no rules, sucks ass too. All they play is radio edits with scary curse words censored out.

      I will give you guys this: Pizza 73 kicks ass.

      Turtles Pizza? Not so much.

    • R Mark says :

      Yeah cause that’s all Toronto is, traffic. Nothing else happening in Toronto. Doesn’t offer the great driving in Edmonton, cause apparently for you rednecks driving and drinking is pretty much all there is to do. And hanging out front of Tim hortons or Canadian Tire on week nights.

  113. randal says :

    op you are a liberal nut sauce chugger and shot be beaten to death with a baseball bat

  114. whosafat says :

    Edmonton is Alberta’s shitty asshole

  115. R Mark says :

    10 years later and nothings really changed. Edmonton is still lame.

    I’ve been here 7 1/2 long years. The money of course, compared to cost of living back home in Toronto.

    About 4-5 years ago I saw potential in Edmonton and thought it could be a great city maybe in the next ten years. Nope. It’s a little better due to a hockey arena and more LRT. but it’s still boring. People are still dicks. And I will gladly be leaving this place finally within the year.

    Edmonton is nice if you like the quiet boring life. I’ll admit that. It more for the folly, farmers market, cross country skiing type people. I find that stuff dull as hell so definitely not for me. But if you’re that wait than sure, it’s a good place. Or meeting up in the Canadian tire parking lot with your pickup truck buds.Something that’s also very Edmonton.

    I’ll be out of here soon enough. All the best Edmonton.

  116. Jim Johnson says :

    Fuck the Albertan Dream!

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