Mouth Watering

put it in your mouth

Can someone please explain to me the new trend among beer makers to come up with the most disgusting swills in the world? First in the mainstream was Miller’s Salty Brew, “Miller Chill”. Then Anheuser-Busch said, “oh no you don’t Miler! I bet we can make your stomach churn even quicker!” And Budweiser Chelada was born. A-B succeeded admirably in that department, especially in the vomit inducing, esophagus destroying department.

Now comes along A-B’s counter to Miller Chill, creatively titled, “Bud Light Lime“. If this beverage is any worse than Chelada, I will be astonished just buy how disgusting a mass-manufactured beverage can be. While I’m at it, whatever happened to “Bud E”? Or “Natty Up”?

So in lieu of these unfortunate offerings, I give the world the gift of the Palomino Joe. I guarantee it to taste better than all three aforementioned beverages combined (oh wait, that’s not a bad idea, mix them all together, can’t be any worse).

Palomino Joe

  1. Begin with one Miller Lite Bottle
  2. Drink about 3 oz.
  3. Order Shot of Wild Turkey, pour contents into Miller Lite Bottle.
  4. Take slice of lime and insert it a la you would for a Corona

Voila, your first Palomino Joe. Enjoy responsibly.


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10 responses to “Mouth Watering”

  1. Mikhail says :

    Jimsey, I think we were on to something the first time we ever ordered “the worst shot you can make up” at Dante’s. I’m pretty sure the R&D departments for Miller and A-B got lucky in scoring a job and now sit up in their “labs” creating new cutting edge beers by throwing as much crap in a bottle that they can think of. Could’ve been us.

  2. Ben says :

    I keep trying to volunteer as an A-B Lab Rat but they say I don’t meet the minimum qualifications…apparently that one time I drank a Grolsch totally makes you undesirable to try garbage like this.

  3. jimsey says :

    Mikhail, Honestly sometimes it seems like the R&D is just like a bunch of 17 year olds in the parents liquor cabinet mixing up caracao, gin and jaegermeister.

    Ben, unfortunately Grolsch is owned by A-B.

  4. Ben says :

    Damn it!

    I mean to say…umm….urine?

  5. Mikhail says :

    Did somebody say Crownerade????

  6. Humberto says :

    I could go for a nice, tall Sitter’s Pumba.

  7. Ben says :

    Do they even make Tropicana Twister anymore? Cause that’s essential.

  8. Gwen says :

    In an age of disgusting beer concoctions, why not try this instead:

  9. jimsey says :

    Gwen, Isn’t a Mojito supposed to be more clear? Looks like someone bottled their urine. Then again, Ben already admitting to drinking urine before….

  10. Wilson says :

    Nice information, many thanks to the author. It is incomprehensible to me now, but in general, the usefulness and significance is overwhelming. Thanks again and good luck!…

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