I’ve been pondering about this for some time, and maybe some of our readers will back me up. But what is with construction equipment, backhoes, cranes and whatever that just makes me sit there and want to watch? Hell, sometimes I think about quiting my job, getting a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), buying a front loader and just driving around picking up dirt, and dropping it in different places.

Was it something in our childhood? We all had little Tonka Trucks when we were kids because mommy and daddy bought them for us. Girls got dolls and bedazzlers, boys got matchbox racecars and Bob the Builder.

toot toot!

Remember the little steamshovel thing that would be at one end of the sandbox? That thing was flippin’ awesome. “Oh no, G.I. Joe and Optimus Prime are stuck from a sand-valance, who on earth can save them? Oh if only there were some type of tyke, who had a steamshovel and the mental prowess to dig us out.”

To this day as an adult, I still stop and stare at heavy machinery in motion. There’s been a lot of construction downtown of recent, and I find myself just watching the bucket loader dig up some old asphalt. I want to go up to Steve (that’s what I call the one guy) and ask him, “what’s that lever do?” or “what happens when you do that?”

Big construction site with one of those big tall cranes? Great, I want to watch it move and lift stuff. If I were to climb up there, could I pick up that trailer and drop it on the building next door?

Well maybe at least my next big purchase can be a bobcat.


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4 responses to “Steamroller!”

  1. Ben says :

    I am reminded of the time we were wandering down 9 mile late at night and switched the direction of those big flashing construction arrow signs. I’ve always been dissapointed that chaos did not ensue. Sigh.

    When I’m rich I’ll buy you a steam shovel.

  2. Guy says :

    I’ve always been fascinated by heavy equipment too. A while back, when we started site preparation for our new house, it became obvous that a backhoe would be a huge help. I scoured all the local dealers, and went to a bunch of auctions before I finally found one I could afford on eBay. Since then, I’ve taught myself what all those levers do, and how to use them. Aside from the occasional broken hose, or flat tire, I’ve managed to get the job done without incident. I even rented a bulldozer for a day and taught myself how to run it in order to level out the driveway. You don’t have to buy a big machine to experience the thrill … just rent one! It’s a blast. Just make sure you have plenty of room and be careful ….

  3. jimsey says :

    Guy, you’re inspiration for me to go out and rent a Vactor 2100 and just start randomly pumping shit.

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