Alberta Election 2008 – Conclusions


I don’t even want to talk about it, I’ll just give you two sets of data to compare.

Popular Vote – by %

Conservatives – 53%

Liberal – 25%

NDP – 9%

Alliance – 7%

Green – 5%

Actual Seats in Legislature – Out of 83

Conservatives – 73

Liberal – 8

NDP – 2

Alliance – 0

Green – 0

Does this seem disproportionate to anyone else?

In any case, good riddance Alberta, you can have your 4 decade long dynasty of incompetence and shortsightedness.  Enjoy.


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5 responses to “Alberta Election 2008 – Conclusions”

  1. jimsey says :

    That’s what I call Democracy InAction!

  2. Powell Lucas says :

    Ah, how the socialists whine whenever the vote goes against them. Pluralities are O.K. if the NDP or Liberals come out on top, but Conservatives must, not only, have a majority but must have a majority in direct proportion to the number of seats they garner.
    Good riddance is right. Now I know why I left Ontario 30 years ago. I couldn’t handle the over regulation and political correctness then and I sure couldn’t handle the whining now.
    Powell Lucas

  3. Ben says :

    Powell Lucas,

    Thanks for stopping by. I have no issue with the fact that the PCs won. In fact, I expected it. What I DO have an issue with is that 42.2% of eligible Albertans voted, and of that 42.2%, only 53% elected the PCs, who in the end control 87% of the legislature.

    While it may be easy for someone of your intellect to immediately assume I’m as small-minded as you, I would be raising a stink regardless of who got into power. The simple fact is that FPTP sucks as an electoral model across all of Canada.

    But, until that changes, Albertans such as yourself can continue to engage in celebratory masturbation. Just don’t come whining when the oil really does run out.

  4. jimsey says :

    Celebratory Masturbation? I’d hate to see what happens when the oilers when the cup.

  5. Mark says :

    It’s so sad. What a joke.

    Oh, and I was one of the 22% so I hope you will miss me. :)

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