Alberta Election 2008


Well, all you Albertans should be wiping the sleep from your eyes and heading off to the polling station now. I, like many others, am not hopeful that any meaningful change will occur when polls close tonight.

As the Globe and Mail reports, this election has done little to capitalize on voter discontent around rampant growth, massive increases in the cost of living, and the environmental degradation that has occurred under the Alberta Tories (37 years and counting…).

Janice Brown predicts that the Tories will pick up 70 to 72 seats. I can hope for less, but in the end it appears that most Albertans are still either too dumb, lazy, or conservative to vote for any party other than the Conservatives.

While I had some faint hope that the influx of new Albertans might make a difference it appears that most people are more concerned with milking the hot economy for all it’s worth rather than making a political statement.

Good riddance, I say. Time to head somewhere where there is some semblance of a democratic process.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote, though, so find your polling station. At the very least Alberta can avoid having a record-low voter turnout. Maybe.

And keep your eye on Ben Co. for my Top 10 best and worst of Alberta.


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One response to “Alberta Election 2008”

  1. Ben says :

    How creepy are Janice Brown’s predictions? I should take her to Vegas with me.

    And yes, yes I did just comment on my own post. I love myself that much.

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