Some of you may have noticed a lack of activity on Ben Co. recently. It is with great sadness that I have to inform you of the loss of one our truly great minds behind Ben Co., Puddles.

Born on the rough and tumble streets of Ruthven, ON, Puddles’ early kitten years were marked with drug use, cat gangs and “fluffing”. One day while harassing mice at the local Heinz factory, the Woodfern Street Scratchers Gang was ambushed by the rival Queensmen MC chapter in a brutal and bloody battle for dominance of the tomato exporting racket.

One local super citizen, “GE” witnessed the atrocity and whisked in to rescue Puddles and nurse her back to health. Soon Puddles was on the road to recovery in a caring household. It was a lavish lifestyle filled with milk, catnip and tender love. Aside from the great Cat Condo Fire of 2003 and the Aries Rebellion of 2007, no cat lived a better, more fulfilling life than Puddles.

Puddles is survived by her two owners and step-brother Aries.

We’ll miss you puds.


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One response to “Puddles”

  1. Bengwen says :

    You, sir, just made our weekend! Thanks, you little bugger. I’ll have a Molson Pilsner for you.


    Now I owe you 56 beers.

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