“Vagina” inappropriate – try “cooter”


A L.A.  high school newspaper sparked “controversy” when they published their Valentine’s day edition (or a more corporate version here) under the title “Happy Vagina Day” and included a drawing of a vagina taken from an anatomy book.

The editor-in-chief of the paper, Richard Edmond, claimed he was “trying to raise awareness of violence against women with a lead story about playwright Eve Ensler’s ‘Vagina Monologues.’ ”

The school’s administration has deemed the word “obscene.” This is an accreditation year for the school, which is why such a commotion is not surprising.

So, let me make sure I get this right.  According to the school administration, the word “vagina” is obscene.  So logically, “penis,” “breasts,” “labia,” and “testicles” would all be banned words, as well.

I guess the alternative will be that every anatomy course in L.A. schools will have to use “cooter,” “kootch,” “meat curtains” or “swimsuit area” in place of “vagina” and “wee wee,” “pee pee,” “one-eyed trouser snake” or “St. Ignace the Dragon Slayer” in place of “penis.”

Maybe the administration would find this site useful.

Yeah, because what high school kids really need is more confusion around sexual reproduction as they go through puberty and another means to stigmatize and repress sexuality in women.  Brilliant.


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3 responses to ““Vagina” inappropriate – try “cooter””

  1. Humberto says :

    I’m a big fan of “va-jay-jay”

  2. Humberto says :

    Oh, and for an amusing listing of euphemisms for the male genitalia try this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGRPFUYUUdQ

  3. jimsey says :

    I think its extremely important that the school make using not only proper words awkward, but also the general discussion of sex, so that when the time comes to bump uglies, they will have received all the information that they really need to know from pop culture and be fully prepared.

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