I’ve been taking more salt water baths


Nature is great.

So here’s the deal,  in order to reproduce in a tough environment, barnacles (yargh!) “have evolved the longest penises of any creature for their size — up to eight times their body length — to seek out and have sex with their neighbors.”

However, not all is sunshine and puppies: “..large penises can be a problem, what with waves crashing down on the surfaces where these crustaceans often dwell.  A too-long penis could flop around uselessly in such turbulence, drastically cutting down a barnacle’s chances for procreation.” 


(Image: Christopher Neufeld)

As Ian Malcom tells us, “I’m simply saying that life, uh… finds a way. “



One response to “I’ve been taking more salt water baths”

  1. shani says :

    how should a penis b long

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